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Chapter 2245: 2245

Jun Wu Xie could not get any answer would never be able to have the answer . After that girl had spoken her last words, her eyes lost its lustre and her hand fell lifelessly onto Jun Wu Xie's body .

Death had taken her away so quietly .

She had not said much before her death, only one sentence .

Live, no matter what she had wanted Jun Wu Xie to live on!

"Damn, what an annoying waste . . what an eyesore . " Luo Qingcheng narrowed her eyes as she looked at that fallen person with undisguised disgust and scorn .

Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes but that didn't mask the chill in her gaze . This girl who had refused to divulge her identity had saved her again and again .

"Luo Qingcheng . "

Jun Wu Xie said her name in a slow and deliberate manner . Although her voice was not loud, it drifted into the ears of Luo Qingcheng .

Luo Qingcheng furrowed her brows .

"Today, as long as I leave with my life, in the future, I will definitely scrape your flesh off your bones and exact revenge for today . " Jun Wu Xie raised her head, in her cold eyes, there was a strange sense of calm within .

"Today, if you can't kill me, in the future, it would be me seeking your life . "

That pair of eyes had an unspeakable chill in them that even made Luo Qingcheng stunned momentarily .

However, after a short while, Luo Qingcheng's lips twitched slightly as she looked at Jun Wu Xie in ridicule .

"Have you gone crazy? How could you leave with your life? You are going to die soon, it is a pity but I do not have any interest in wasting too much time on a waste like you . How about letting you have the taste of your own words? How would it feel to have your flesh scraped off your bones?"

With a sneer, Luo Qingcheng's slowly landed on the ground and when she lifted her hand slightly, the Spirit Ring flew back to her palm . She raised her chin up arrogantly as she looked at the sorry figure of Jun Wu Xie .

"This time round, you would not be so lucky to escape . You should feel glad that I can't be bothered to torture a weakling like you . " She looked down at Jun Wu Xie with disdain as a smile filled with contempt curled up on her face . The Spirit Ring in her hand suddenly turned into a streak of light and flew towards Jun Wu Xie!

It was at that moment when the Spirit Ring was about to fly out, a black mist suddenly caught up with that bright streak of light and forcibly suppressed it!

Luo Qingcheng's heart was shocked as she turned her head and looked in the direction of the source of the black mist .

In the midst of the bloody sea, Jun Wu Yao stepped on the fallen bodies and had looked coldly back at Luo Qingcheng . Those eyes seemed as if they were able to freeze people in an instant .

"Ye Jue!" Luo Qingcheng stared at Jun Wu Yao who had suddenly paved a bloody path . That encirclement before had already been turned into a sea of blood, his current strength had been sealed but how could he still be so powerful?

Jun Wu Yao's cold eyes swept over Luo Qingcheng and his gaze landed on Jun Wu Xie . The moment he saw the appearance of Jun Wu Xie, his heart winced in pain, he felt as if his heart had shattered in pieces . He even stopped breathing for a second .

How could his Little Xie'er suffer like that?

His Little Xie'er should never ever encounter such brutality and pain .

Unprecedented anger lit up in Jun Wu Yao's eyes as he returned his furious gaze burned onto Luo Qingcheng . His breathing became extremely light .

"You deserve to die . "

Luo Qingcheng's entire body turned stiff, although her strength was clearly higher than that of the current Jun Wu Yao whose power had been sealed, but somehow when she was being stared at by him, she felt as if she had been shrouded in death .

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