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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 172

Published at 14th of November 2016 08:23:39 AM

Chapter 172

Chapter 172 -> Retribution

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If it wasn’t for such weather, Long Wan’er’s body containing immortal arteries wouldn’t have shown such a terrific effect after its activation . However now, the storm had turned very violent while the spiritual energy also shook off the fetters and had produced an extremely strong resonance all of a sudden .

In the world, the power of nature was the most fearful one, even a formidable Immortal Cultivator couldn’t dare easily raise his weapon against it, not to mention Long Mo’ran .

Once he approached close to Long Wan’er, immediately was drawn into the hurricane tornado and then the whole person was rolled up and thrown high into the sky . The white gown figure, such as candles in the wind, quickly disappeared without leaving any trace .

Under the cover of spiritual energy, the tornado which arose from the centre of Long Wan’er’s body, finally calmed down, making her long skirt float in the air gently, just like a fairy!

Although she was in an unconscious state, still was constantly transforming the spiritual energy into Zhenqi within her body, to promote her cultivation .

A burst after burst, several eruptions spread from her body, altogether seven times in succession and it happened to just correspond to her seven hidden accupunture points present within her body . Each time one of her accupunture points was unlocked, it caused a hurricane with a more extended circle on top of her head .

Ye Feng had foreknowledge, carrying Taiji Palace’s uncouncious masked youth along with completely drenched and shivering Shu Shu, he left the small fishing village immediately and ran one kilometre outside the village in the woods .

Seeing that the situation was far from good, other martial artists also scattered in all directions to flee!

“What’s the matter?”

Both middle-aged men of God Fist Gate, who had 40 years of Cultivation, didn’t notice anything until this time . But when they realized the situation was extremely bad, one of them immediately rushed out of the house .

Originally, they were personally guarding Luo Feng’s security, even if there was a little sound or movement outside, they still didn’t dare to leave him arbitrarily . However now, the noise caused by the hurricane was noticeably loud, along with the tides rising wave after wave, making both of them feel surprised and alarmed .

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Therefore one of them went outside the house, but instantly noticed the edge of the hurricane tornado right against his face . He didn’t have enough time to respond and was drawn completely into it .


Panic-stricken, he shouted loualy, but soon disappeared, his stature was instantly carried away to somewhere .

“What’s going on?”

Another person heard him yelling and felt a cold shiver in his heart . Promptly, he ran to the second floor’s window and looked outside, however shockingly he saw a vertical tornado soaring in the sky, rapidly approaching, making him totally unable to react and was thunderstruck on the spot .

What was this?!

It wasn’t strange having a tornado in such weather, but even if there was a tornado, it shouldn’t emerge in this small fishing village, it was quite shocking .

He quickly collected his mind, then looked toward the central part of the village, where he actually saw a young girl wearing a long skirt, was quietly floating in the midair, connecting the mighty hurricane tornado, as if it was centered on her and was continuously spreading .


Just when he was in a shocked state, a sound of gunfire rang .

“Not good!”

His heart skipped a beat, immediately he turned around, but instantaneously his facial expression turned pale .

Actually what he saw was already unconcious Luo Feng was almost roasted to the coke, the fresh blood was also gurgling out of his temple at this moment . Actually, someone took advantage of the opportunity to open fire at him, making him fall into the lap of death again .

Who was it!

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Luo Feng died, as a personal guard, it was absolutely difficult for him to run away from this blame . Now, even if he returned to God Fist Gate, he was bound to face a severe punishment .

However before he could respond, the hurricane tornado broke out once again and spread about half the size of this small village . The intense wind pressure blew away the house he was in, even the trees were uprooted and rolled up to high altitude!


Panic-stricken, that man screamed out loud just like how his partner did before and then was also thrown into the sky .

All those martial artists, who couldn’t escape from the village by now, were soon caught in the hurricane just like those two men . Along with various bricks, rooftiles, plants, sand and junk items, they also started dancing within the tornado .

The lightning and thunder were still going on, the weather near this small village was constantly getting worse . However, in this chaos, the NSA’s Thunder had some people already assigned to carry out the evacuation of villagers . Indeed it was a very right choice he made, or else the people’s death and casualties were hard to count on fingers .

A sort of judgement day scene!

A long time, after a series of seven violent erruptions, the hurricane tornado gradually dissipated, leaving behind the entire village in complete disoder . At this moment, trapped in the hurricane, Long Mo’ran waited for his people who had completely disappeared, meanwhile also noticed that there were several houses which had completely collapsed .

Moreover, Ye Feng also waited for a moment, then immediately took a stride and went to the field . There he gave support to Long Wan’er and hugged her in his bosom .

“Nan Fang!”

At this instant, he proliferated his Soul Search Technique and found that actually under a collapsed house, Nan Fang was biurried, which made him somewhat dumbfounded .

This guy was indeed quite tactful, while the village was trapped in a chaotic situation, he took advantage of this confusion and quietly sneaked into the house to grab an opportunity and fire a shot to kill Luo Feng, retribution! But unfortunately, he didn’t get time to escape and was pressed under the collapsed house .

However, there still remained a last trace of Zhenqi in Ye Feng’s body, so at this time, he again stirred it up and congealed out the golden Zhenqi sword, so that he could use it to cut the stone into pieces under which Nan Fang was suppressed .

“Ha, ha ha ha!”

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Even though he was badly crushed under a huge stone and was spitting out blood,  he was still laughing out loud after getting rescued .

Finally, he was all relaxed, not only he took revenge, but also removed his Clan’s unwanted scum personally!

Father, mother, younger sister, younger brother ………

Are you all right over there?

In this torrential rain, Nan Fang laughed his heart out since he couldn’t control his overflowing happiess . However, along with a smile, there were also two lines of tears rolling down his face . Gone people could never come back, even though he had avenged today, still, he had no way to see his family members again .

“Leave here quickly . ”

Ye Feng could clearly understand his current feelings, however now was not a good time to express his emotion . Therefore, he kicked him so as to kick him out of his memories and regrets : “You should be hiding in the magic array, currently our state is not good, running into an enemy again would be the worst encounter now . ”


Nan Fang recovered at once and felt that whatever Ye Feng said was right .

Shu Shu, wearing Ye Feng’s black jacket, quickly ran over to have a look at Long Wan’er who was still unconcious, and then anxiously asked: “How is she?”

“She is all right .

Ye Feng said gently to comfort her: “We first find a place to hide .

After saying that, he looked at the masked youth of the Taiji Palace who was not very far away .

“I’m going to take him along with me, walk quickly . ”

Nan Fang stepped forward to support that unconscious boy, then he looked back and saw around the distant seaside, there was a huge group of people who were running everywhere since they knew that they had to immediately leave this place .

In this stormy weather, people’s vision had been reduced several times, visibility was extremely low! However, it didn’t have any affect on Ye Feng’s Soul Search Technique’s sensation .

“That white bearded old man of God Fist Gate’s has come back . ”

Ye Feng’s heart felt a cold shiver, he immediately held Long Wan’er from her waist to pick her up and then along with the people, he left that village .

…… . .

“Nandou God Fist”, Xu Xiaoyu was burning with fury right now .

He went out to seek for the masked man, however actually he didn’t find any figure, how could this make him satisfied? Such a talented man Luo Feng was, but he was thrown into this condition . If he didn’t take revenge from his enemy, then how could he maintain God Fist Gate’s prestige from now on!

Leading the people, he returned to the village fianlly, but even from far away, he could see the situation in the village didn’t seem quite right .

When they arrived outside the village, they saw the whole village was upside down, which blown away their minds and they were glued to the spot in astonishment, while their jaws dropped . It was truly unbelievable, what would have happened here?

Bang .

A figure suddenly fell from the sky, directly in front of Xu Xiaoyu .

Xu Xiaoyu lowered his head and instantly his blue veins popped out on his forehead, wasn’t that Luo Feng? Moreover, his temple also had a muzzle, what was all this about? Didn’t he assign two guards to protect him personally, then how could such a thing happen?

The surrounding lightning, thunder, rainstorm, all were constantly rising, even the mighty sea waves were getting more and more dangerous now .

Perhaps because of the hurricane tornadoes, finally, a burst of around ten meters high tsunami rolled up towards the coastal region of the small fishing village to engulf everything ……… .

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