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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 173

Published at 16th of November 2016 11:55:57 AM

Chapter 173

Chapter 173 -> Head of the Clan returns alive

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The East China Sea coast soon set off the monstrous and mighty sea waves everywhere . Consequently, several small island reefs were suddenly submerged in it, while the already destroyed small fishing village also welcomed the tsunami with its open hands . Simultaneously, the entire coastline also rose a few meters up and became a vast body of seawater, full of mighty waves, surging continuously .

Xu Xiaoyu, along with the people of God Fist Gate, quickly left the coast while carrying Luo Feng’s corpse along .

Towards the northern side of the village, several martial artists gathered there in the woods . While looking at the raging waves sweeping outside the woods, they started talking in whispers about the incident which happened just now in the village and which was really extremely mind-baffling .

How could Long Wan’er actually trigger that kind of hurricane tornado, which even engulfed Long Mo’ran and carried him away somewhere without leaving any trace?

Moreover, as for the masked man, while facing Long Mo’ran, didn’t he have any fear?

Long Mo’ran’s personality was already publicly known for being indifferent, so there was nobody who could dare talk about it much . However his strength was also similarly recognized and was already considered as the most formidable figure in the entire martial arts world .

But even so, that masked man wasn’t the slightest bit afraid of him . Wasn’t it really strange?

Everyone looked around, but neither could find Ye Feng’s figure nor could his people, this thing made him appear even more mysterious .

“Returning to the county in such monstrous waves, besides, without having 40-50 years of Cultivation, still thinking of going to the sea means purely courting death . ”

“But tonight the big Coral King is  …… . . ”

“Nonsense, you want your small life or this big Coral King? Roll back with me . ”

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Continuously similar conversation was going on among the martial artists while looking at the constantly rising coastline and it was true to have this feeling of being “powerless and incompetent” ……

“After all, where was Long Mo’ran carried away?”

When Xu Xiaoyu heard these rumours, his mood was finally lifted up . He thought that it was the best thing happened ever and that was Long Mo’ran was finally killed, because God Fist Gate wasn’t on good terms with him .

Unfortunately, his thought didn’t become a reality .

“The head of our Clan has come back, he is right there!”

Among the Long people, Long Qing had very sharp eyes, he quickly noticed him and pointed at him who was not far away from the sea shore .

Long Zi accordingly also gazed towards the pointed direction and really saw a white gown silhouette, swimming all the way from the sea and was about to approach the shore finally, wasn’t that Long Mo’ran?

A group of people ran hastily to support him .

The head of the Clan had returned alive!

This was kind of a good news for them since they had also started thinking that in case Long Mo’ran died like this, then, what would they do . However, fortunately, even after getting badly drawn into that dreadful hurricane tornado and then after being thrown to such high-altitude, he still survived, such a powerful person he was .

Long Zi and Long Qing supported him and finally brought him back to the shore . However, he was in an exhausted state, accompanied with a huge embarrassment which was clearly visible on his face . In addition, his body was completely soaked, hair was all messy and shockingly, his sword had also disappeared from his scabbard, which was hanging around his waist!

“Head, your sword?”

Long Zi’s complexion immediately changed, Long Mo’ran’s sword was regarded as the top grade in sharp weapon’s category . Moreover, it wasn’t only belonged to the superior level in Long Clan, but was also treated as a symbol of status!

“Hmm . ”

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Long Mo’ran’s dense face which was completely covered in water droplets, exposed a look of unforgettable hatred . However now, to avoid this embarrassing situation, he waved : “All return, start the preparation to grab the big Coral King tonight!”

“Head, such a big storm ………”

Long Zi somewhat hesitated, this kind of catastrophic situation was there, still, he was wanted to return and grab the big Coral King . Then in that case, perhaps, lots of Long people would die facing this disaster!

Confronting this sort of natural disaster, even the martial artist were totally powerless .

“I am the head of the Clan or you are?”

Long Mo’ran snorted coldly, then, floated away .

Long Zi shook his head since he saw himself standing in a very helpless position . However, he was forced to give up . Leading his Clan’s people, he immediately followed him .

In such a heart-chilling storm, Long Mo’ran wanted to sneak into the seabed and snatch away the big Coral King . Only those martial artists who had over fifty years of formidable Cultivation and at the same time were well prepared, could only think of returning safely .

And among the entire Long people present over there right now, apart from Long Mo’ran, there were just two more such elders who had such level of Cultivation . However, the people of God Fist Gate, Tang Clan, Heavenly Sword Palace and other martial arts school also had soaring Cultivation and were extraordinary warriors as well .

“It seems the intention of our Clan’s head is to deploy the rest of us to constrain the other strong parties …… . . ”

Long Zi thought about this and felt a little discomfort in his heart . As the matter stood, this thing would surely cause lots of sacrifices . If he really wanted to plunder the big Coral King, then, then in that case, if the ordinary martial artists of Long Clan stood with their ordinary weapons, against the martial arts experts in order to block them, how could those experts show mercy on them?

However there was no way out, Long Mo’ran still held the position of the Clan’s head, therefore, Long Zi had to listen to his words at all cost .

At this moment, on the other side, Hummer H2, which had started from Yanjing, once again broke down on the road .

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“After all, what’s the matter with this car? Why isn’t it getting started?”

Inside the car, Ye Wentian was all flustered and exasperated . Under normal circumstances, he would have already reached the East China Sea by now, however, he took the car, which made him still stuck in the halfway!

“Grandpa, don’t be anxious . ”

Although Su Menghan repeatedly comforted him, but actually, she was smiling proudly in her heart . This way, she should be able to get some more time for Ye Feng to carry out his work in the East China Sea freely, right?

“I’m not anxious . ”

Ye Wentian started fuming with anger : “Little girl, you did this deliberately, didn’t you?

“And how is that?”

Su Menghan immediately put on a look of suffering from injustice and being miserable on her pretty face .

He saw that and all of a sudden became depressed and completely speechless . While facing his own granddaughter-in-law, he really couldn’t vent his temper at all!


Similarly, at this time, on the third side, away from Xiangshan County, outside the nearest airport, Xiao Yue, wearing a red skirt, was sitting in a Red Olympic-styled sports car, while her beautiful black eyebrows were tightly wrinkled .

She couldn’t think why her younger sister Xiao Qi, who had casually inquired about the whereabouts of the masked man, would actually book a flight ticket early in the morning, to fly over there immediately .

“It’s not good, I must not let Xiao Qi contact him again . ”

By now, Xiao Yue’s heart had taken a decision, throughout her life she had always very much despised those men who straddle the fence .

Her gorgeous eyes glanced at nearby parked a silver Mercedes-SLS AMG sports car . Even though Shanghai City was an international metropolis, but still this car appeared a very eye-catching model there . And now it’s being here was, even more, attracting people’s attention .

The person sitting in that car was Wang Shaodong .

Wearing sunglasses, Wang Shaodong threw a smile at Xiao Yue . Actually, he was somewhat enjoying the people’s shocking vision outside the airport .

“Hey, handsome . ”

While departing from the airport, two very fashionable women, having top-notch charm and looks, greeted Wang Shaodong . On looking at their appearance, it seemed that apparently, both ladies wanted to hook up with him .

Unfortunately, he still wanted to get his hands on Xiao Yue, so he couldn’t accept their greeting, thus he completely ignored them .

Those two women turned their eyes and looked at Xiao Yue sitting in a red Audi car nearby . Her matured appearance, as well as her pretty face without makeup all of a sudden made them feel inferior to her and they hastily departed .

Although they were not ugly, even in this crowd, they were really attracting people’s attention . However, if compared with Xiao Yue, the disparity between them was noticeably enormous .

Wang Shaodong wanted to win over Xiao Yue and he had the valid reason for this . Since he knew that she wasn’t the kind who used to rely on make-up, to disguise herself as a beautiful woman .

“Xiao Qi and Lin Shiqing want to come over, it seems that the identity of that masked man is really very susceptible . ”

Actually, she didn’t care about the outside situation, rather while holding her soft cheeks, she tightly wrinkled her eyebrows and indulged herself in a deep thinking mode .

Obviously, she knew Lin Shiqing but hadn’t seen her for a long time .

Suddenly, she turned a little curious, when Wang Shaodong would see Lin Shiqing, the first beauty of Yanjing, who knew what kind of expression he would have then? Certainly, she would have a glance to see his expression . However, what a pity, Lin Shiqing was such a woman, who couldn’t be seduced by a young guy of Shanghai like him . She hoped that quite soon, he would know himself a bit more……… .

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