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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 175

Published at 18th of November 2016 08:45:51 AM

Chapter 175

Chapter 175 -> Imparting Immortal Techniques

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Time rolled on, Ye Feng rested for more than two hours and finally restored almost more than half of his Zhenqi in his Dantian . Afterwards, he immediately cast Holy Cure Technique on his chest to cure the injury caused by the sword .

The second layer of Romantic Sword Technique – Flowers fall, autumn frost, could make a person’s meridians immediately frost, surprisingly its effect was also pretty good, even Ye Feng was forced to spend some time to recover .

If he didn’t guess wrong, then the third layer of this sword technique would certainly have a much more intense freezing effect . After all, “Frost” word was used in its name, but unfortunately, Ye Feng hadn’t yet experienced it .

“Considering Long Mo’ran’s Cultivation, Ye Feng feared that he couldn’t die that easily . In that case, he might come to compete for the big Coral King today in the evening, perhaps once again  …………… . . ”

He thought in his heart that he should wait till the evening to set out again . However, before that, he must do a good preparation first, to ensure his safety .

Suddenly his Soul Search Technique detected something and he felt that unconscious Long Wan’er finally woke up .

Consequently, he got up and immediately ran towards her, where he noticed that her both eyes were open . now However she was still hiding under a quilt, probably she was in a shocked state and was like completely unable to understand what the current situation was .

Wasn’t she in the small fishing village when she had discarded her Dantian? Long Mo’ran reneged on his promise, so didn’t he kill them all? Then why was she lying here like this in such a room?

She could clearly feel that the meridians within her body were flowing with a very strange force and her former practised inner qi seemed to be a bit different now . However this strange strength wasn’t running according to a certain specified line, instead, it was following a chaotic way, aimlessly flowing in her meridians just like the beginning of the world in general .

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Although she had already carried out ‘Open Hole Process’ through her body of immortal arteries and she also had more than 10 years of cultivation, but still since she hadn’t actually practised any Immortal Technique so far, so naturally, her Zhenqi would act like this .

Not good .

She suddenly realized that her body seemed to have nothing on it and was lying completely naked?

All of a sudden she panicked, wanted to get up quickly and examine what exactly happened after all!

“Wan’er, are you awake? Do not you worry, it’s me . ”

Ye Feng ran upto her and said in a soft voice, then he supported her stature and embraced her in his bosom : “Don’t worry, everything is all right . ”

At this instant, her beautiful eyes opened widely and saw that Ye Feng was similarly totally naked just like her, making her cheeks suddenly become all red .

“What happened?”

However, all of a sudden she responded as she thought that certainly, something strange happened in the village regarding which she didn’t know yet, which might have forced Long Mo’ran let them off safely . Otherwise, as per her opinion, it was absolutely impossible for them to escape the murderous intention and violent treachery of her father .

It was natural to think like that, anyway, now she was with Ye Feng, hence nothing mattered to her anymore .

Her hand made an effort and suddenly pulled him into the bed!

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Ye Feng was helpless, this young girl, how could she still be so aggressive?

On the bed, under a quilt, wrapping his arm around her soft and smooth stature, Ye Feng slowly narrated the whole incident which had taken place in that small fishing village, however, it took him a lot of time: “…… . . So, now you are an Immortal Cultivator, as for the previous Long Clan’s Core Techniques, you can’t use them anymore .

“Immortal Cultivator, who?”

Her elusive eyes revealed a trace of surprise .

The more she listened to the words said by Ye Feng, the more she felt inconceivable, was she really the legendary body of immortal arteries? Did her body really have seven hidden acupuncture points to store a huge lot of spiritual energy? Did this spiritual energy really erupted from her body and caused a huge storm resonance, which later on produced several hurricane tornados and blew away Long Mo’ran to somewhere unknown?

These were not important issues, the most important thing was did this world really have Immortal Cultivator?

She believed that Ye Feng wouldn’t deceive her!

If such being the case, then it wasn’t at all unusual and surprising if Ye Feng could cast Invisibility and release a fireball . So, it seemed that these were Immortal Techniques .

“Now, just like you, can I also cast Invisibility and release a fireball?”

She asked that being a little sceptical .

“Well once you comprehend them, then certainly you can . ”

Ye Feng smiled as he clung onto her and kissed her on her face fiercely, then moved towards her ear : “Come, now I teach you .

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Literally speaking, Immortal Cultivation was similar to the martial arts Cultivation, even the use of Zhenqi and inner qi was almost the same except for minor differences . He believed that considering Long Wan’er’s talent, she could easily comprehend Immortal Cultivation in no time .

If compared with Su Menghan, obviously Long Wan’er’s foundation was much more practical and profound . She already had 12 years and 6 months of Cultivation during this starting phase, which was probably higher than Ye Feng’s current ten years of Cultivation!

In the ancient tomb, since Ye Feng had no alternative, so he quietly stole away her spiritual energy equal to her one year of Cultivation .

If he wanted to impart Immortal Cultivation to her, then certainly he must start with Core Techniques . However, he thought that better he should teach her Star Tomb Tactics first .

Although he knew a plenty of Immortal Cultivation Techniques, however, he was most familiar with Star Tomb Tactics only . If he practised its Core Techniques, then absolutely nothing would go wrong . However, what most essential issue was all those Immortal Techniques he was familiar with, needed Star Tomb Tactics’ practice first, to become capable of using them .

In the world of the Immortals, before achieving 20 years of Cultivation, there were several common Immortal Techniques, such as Invisibility, Red Inflammation, Holy Cure Technique and so on . But after 20 years of Cultivation, there remained just a few common Immortal Techniques . Talking about Su Feiying, her Immortal Techniques were mostly revolving around Star Tomb Tactics .

Several Immortal Techniques which were generally used by the high-level Immortal Cultivators, were of various kinds, so two persons could never be exactly the same based on their skills .

Regarding the operation of Core Techniques, Long Wan’er already had ample experience, because of which very quickly she grasped Star Tomb Tactics and also finally started the orderly revolution of her Zhenqi within her body, the small revolution, the big revolution, every moment her Cultivation kept on growing .

Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, Invisibility, Red Inflammation, Holy Cure Technique, immediately all these techniques were one by one imparted by Ye Feng to her . However, the point was, how long she would take to understand her own talent .

He thought that in this East China Sea’s flood, he would teach her Dragon Turtle Holding Breath Technique, so that even if she got trapped in the sea, she wouldn’t get drowned so easily and could hold on like this for at least one or two days .

Long Wan’er displayed these Immortal Techniques one after another to record them down in her memory . Her snow-white body, just like an octopus, looked very soft and greasy on his body . Naughtily she smiled: “Now I separate myself from Long Clan, but then you, if you ever dare to abandon me, I’ll straightaway bring your identity as an Immortal cultivator into the light, hee hee .

He already knew that she was just cracking a joke, hence wickedly said: “If you dare speak it out, then I’ll grab your buttocks and will beat it to the pulp .

“Scoundrel, you dare hit me!”

Her cheeks turned red and she immediately got up from the bed and sat on his waist, however then, suddenly she thought something : “Yes, aunt …… . . ”

“Relax, she’s all right and is also here . ”

Ye Feng comforted her, then, swallowed his saliva, this little girl was really daring, how smoothly she slipped away and bravely sat on his waist, still not afraid of his beastly nature which might eat her up completely any moment?

He was just waiting for the right time to teach this little girl and make her become aware of its ferocity . But it seemed that if he would wait for the right time, she would continue tempting him all day long . Not even the Ironman could bear it, ah!

However, at present, the crucial point was he hadn’t told her the most important thing yet .

Those who attained ten years of Immortal Cultivation could easily congeal out Soul Search Technique, which was again the biggest disparity between the Immortal Cultivation and the martial arts Cultivation! Once she mastered this technique, she could easily grasp the surrounding all sounds and movements, then she wouldn’t need to hide from any ambush

“Next, I teach you a special ability . ”

Ye Feng pushed the little girl’s body down since he didn’t want to let her play dirty tricks with him, at the same time, he started explaining the function of Soul Search Technique .

The more she listened to the explanation, the more amazed she was : “What, you cheat people, how a person can be like a radar!”

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