Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 363

Published at 29th of March 2019 05:44:39 AM

Chapter 363: 363
If those girls who had been defiled by Chen Yaorong knew that Chen Yaorong's final outcome was to be thrown out to feed the spider like this, they would definitely be so happy that they would cry out loud and give him a big thumbs up .

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Hearing that the miserable scream coming from outside the stone door only lasted for a second, Ye Feng thought that it was enough .

Celestial Art, Stars Fall!

Su Feiying held the Supreme Yang Work that Ye Feng threw to her, and the Innate Qi dissipated . Countless dark blue arrows pierced through the hole in the stone door and into the corridor outside, turning the black spiders into ashes one by one .

These black spiders were all small in size, but every single one of them were as big as a wolf dog . If they were placed on Earth, they would definitely scare a bunch of people to death . However, compared to the gigantic black spider that Ye Feng was fighting against, these things were not really anything . They were not very strong either .

"Let's go . If we're careful, big fellows might appear . . . "

Su Feiying held onto Ye Feng's arm, wanting to jump out through the stone door's hole .

"Hold on . . . "

Ye Feng pulled Su Feiying's soft hand, and turned his head, to the furious Chen Jianxiong and the dumbstruck Martial Arts Cultivator, he reminded them, "There is still a big spider out there, if you guys still stay here, it will definitely become its lunch . "

Without even needing to say anything, it had already caused Chen Jianxiong and the others to feel a chill down their spines .

Run with Ye Feng!

Almost everyone had this thought in their minds .

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Seeing Su Feiying releasing so many dark blue arrows, it was just like a technique of immortals, making them to have a deeper understanding of Ye Feng, Su Feiying and their miracles . They were guessing, since this wasn't Earth, then was Su Feiying also someone that came from outside of Earth?

To be able to use such a magical method like that of a fairy, this conclusion was almost obvious .

They no longer dared to stay where they were . None of them dared to stay behind to face the four to five meter tall giant black spider . One by one, they stood up and ran toward the hole in the stone door, enduring the discomfort of the teleportation .

Ye Feng and Su Feiying did not wait for them to get close, and took the initiative to cross the cave entrance, leaving Sacrifice Hall, and arrived at a dark and cold wide corridor .

The smell of burning flesh assaulted his nostrils, it was the result of Su Feiying's Stars Fall killing a large group of small spiders .

Who knew if there would be a giant spider here? If so, where was it now?

Ye Feng and Su Feiying were constantly considering this question, but they were already prepared to use their respective Stealth Spell! They did not want to avoid the detection of the giant spiders that might exist, but to avoid the line of sight of the Martial Arts Cultivator s behind them .

After becoming invisible, the two directly returned to the Sacrifice Hall through the hole in the stone door, and watched helplessly as the group of Martial Arts Cultivator s passed through the hole in succession .

The people rushing in front wanted to find the figures of Ye Feng and Su Feiying . After all, only by following the two of them could they feel safe, but they quickly discovered that the corridor outside the stone door was illuminated by the faint glow of spider corpses . It was empty and narrow, with a distance of at least a few hundred meters straight into the distance .

That person immediately sensed that something was amiss, but before he could even react, the Martial Arts Cultivator behind him had already followed . Furthermore, they pushed him away, and more than thirty people rushed in!

"Something's not right!"

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Someone immediately cried out in alarm, but when they realized this, it was already too late .

A huge black shadow hung down from the ground above them . It had a spider silk that was as thick as an ordinary person's thigh hanging down from the ground . Eight solid black spider legs had pierced into their bodies .

Screams sounded!

"Let's go . "

Ye Feng and Su Feiying looked at each other and nodded . They knew it was time .

Fishing in troubled waters, leaving this place!

In the end, the two of them passed through the hole in the stone door and used Speedy Shadow Trail at the same time .


The two of them left behind a series of vivid phantoms as their real bodies dashed towards the other side of the corridor at an extremely fast speed .

With their current condition, getting rid of the gigantic black spiders was undoubtedly very difficult . Even if they could, it would take a lot of time . Most importantly, without bait, their divine senses would not be able to detect where the giant black spider was .

He could only sacrifice those people …

Ye Feng thought, and turned around when he had the chance . He felt that this gigantic black spider was even bigger than the one he had killed before, and the main thing was that the poison sac on its tail was the size of a mini van, looking extremely bloated .

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Ye Feng did not have much time to observe them, the most important thing right now was to leave this place .

According to the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring's instructions, the treasure that contained a dense amount of Sky and Earth aura was right at the end of the corridor . No matter what, he had to get it as soon as possible!

Other than the two of them, there were a few others who followed them and escaped in this direction, including Chen Jianxiong .

Even in this strange situation, Chen Jianxiong could grab hold of any opportunity to protect his life . Compared to his life, everything else was secondary .

His movement skills were not bad, with the support of a hundred years of cultivation, his speed was actually not slower than Ye Feng and Su Feiying .

Behind everyone, the Martial Arts Cultivator cried out in pain, but they quickly quieted down as if the giant black spider had suddenly disappeared .

"Not good, it's targeting us . "

Su Feiying's face sunk as she grabbed onto Ye Feng's arm .

Because the two of them had killed those small spiders together, the gigantic black spiders had naturally made them their first target . In this situation, Su Feiying only had one choice .

She grabbed Ye Feng's arm, obviously not because he wanted to find a sense of security, but to save Ye Feng and bring him along .

Celestial Art, Stellar Transposition!

The gigantic black spider could appear beside them at any time, so Su Feiying didn't have any time to hesitate .

Forget about this dangerous Ancient Temple, even in the desert, using the Revolving Star Passage Technique was extremely dangerous . However, Su Feiying could only use her Innate Qi to protect himself now that he had recovered with great difficulty .

Ye Feng's Void swordsmanship could not teleport people, but he could use Stellar Transposition .

The two of them began to turn illusory!


A giant black shadow landed not far in front of the two of them . Its eight long and hard spider legs were nimble and nimble as it ran towards them .


A hard spider leg pierced over, piercing the left leg of Su Feiying whose body was not completely unreal . The next moment, the tail of the spider leg moved as a wave of violent and fatal poison entered Su Feiying's body .

Su Feiying groaned . With the activation of the Innate Qi, she finally activated Stellar Transposition .

Ye Feng only felt that his surroundings had become warped . In an instant, his teleportation ended, and the moment he opened his eyes, he saw a rock that was emitting a sacred light appear before him . At the same time, a dense amount of nature's spirit energy completely surrounded him .

Heaven Stone!

This was a precious material used by the Cultivation World to build its own transportation array . With this thing, he would be able to activate the transportation array from before and then return to Earth .

But he did not lose his mind from the joy of discovering the Heaven Stone . After being shocked, he immediately used his spiritual sense to scan his surroundings, but before he could sense anything, he felt Su Feiying's soft body suddenly falling into his embrace .