Chapter 3.1


“Is this your attitude towards your grandfather?”


Yun Luo Feng laughed, her lips raised and said: “When you were guarding the frontier, did you ever care about me, your granddaughter? When I suffered from humiliation, who stepped up for me? When someone schemed against me, hoping for someone to stand out and protect me, where were you?”

If General Yun Luo wasn’t guarding the frontier, would the former Yun Luo live such a miserable life? Or even be framed and ruined.

So she held resentment in her heart towards this grandfather, who left home when she was four and afterward never came back.

Because of this body’s former owner’s resentment, she would use such words in front of this old man’s face.

However, once Yun Luo Feng finished saying this; she felt her whole body relax as if something broke free. She knew that this bodies original owner wanted to say these words. So the remaining trace of the original bodies regret had disappeared.

The young girl’s tone that carried heavy accusation made the full of  fury Yun Luo calm down. His old body that had become paralyzed in the chair, carried a bitter smile on his face.

He knows, throughout the years he owed his granddaughter so much.

Particularly what she just said, like a heavy whack from a punch, ruthlessly striking his heart, made his heart unbearably tight. In the end, all he could do was heavily sigh.

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