Chapter 3.2
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Since ancient times, both devotion and being filial are difficult. Loyalty and family are also the same; for his loyalty towards His Majesty, he let go of his only 4-year-old granddaughter and went to the border. Once gone, he was gone for ten years. She who couldn’t cultivate, what kind of life did she live for the last ten years?


But, once he returned he indiscriminately accused her because of the rumors and blamed her.


“Feng’er…….” Yun Luo lifted his hands which were full of calluses and shakily stretched them toward Yun Luo Feng, in the end, he weakly put them down. “Grandfather wronged you and also wronged the whole Yun Family. Your parents sacrificed themselves for the country; Grandfather didn’t care for you.”


At that moment, the originally high-spirited General Yun Luo seemed to have aged a few years.


Before, he was really angry, and hated that iron couldn’t become steel! But he seems to have forgotten that she was parent-less at 3 and he himself left home when she was 4. From young, nobody had disciplined her; could she even possibly meet his big expectations?


He vaguely remembers that year when he was leaving. The four-year-old little Luo Feng pulling his clothes crying for him to not leave.


In the end, for the safety of the people of Long Yuan country, he heartlessly left her.


“If there’s nothing else, then I’m going back to rest.”


Yun Luo Feng sleepily blinked her eyes and lazily spoke.


Seeing the indifference on the young girl’s face, deep in Yun Luo’s eyes there was a touch of guilt. He opened his mouth to say something, but all the words felt blocked in his mouth and couldn’t voice out a single sound.


“Go then.”


Finally, he lightly sighed and weakly dismissed her with his hand. These two words seemed to exhaust all his strength; as he collapsed with his eyes closed.


At this time, General Yun Luo no longer seemed to be high-spirited like he was on the battlefield. More like, just like the wind blowing out a candle, the old man seemed so frail. Making Yun Luo Feng feel like she couldn’t bear it in her heart. In the end, she said nothing. She turned around and left the study room.


Once the white silhouette disappeared, Yun Luo opened his eyes, with a bitter look on his face; he stared at the empty space in the study room and said: “Qing Ya, was I really wrong?”

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