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Published at 18th of June 2019 09:29:51 PM

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Scare at the hotel

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  "The spells are on the wall . "Rong Qi said, looking at me apologetically .

  But when I looked up, I found that all four walls of the room were empty . "Where are you talking about? I can't see anything on the wall . "

  "The spells are set to be invisible to normal eyes . They can only be seen with ghost tactics . "

  Rong Qi said lightly . His figure has begun to fade . I could not know if he was suffering, but I saw his face gloomier than ever .

  Then, he raised his hands slowly and used his ghost tactics .

  The scene in front of me was just like a wave of water rippling suddenly . Then, I could see clearly that there were spells on the wall . I stepped forward to tear them off urgently .

  But when my hands touched the spell, it turned sore and painful at once, just like hit by static electricity . Even so, I, without flinching, tore all the spells off .

  My whole arm was numb, when I tore them all off .

  "Let's go . "

  The pain in Rong Qi was a lot less . He took my hand and was about to get out of the hotel . When we walked to the door, someone broke in with a huge force .

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  It was a ferocious-looking man, who held a pistol with a silencer, aiming at my head in the dark .

  To be honest, it was the first time I saw a real pistol in my life, and I was stunned . The feeling of death made my flesh creep .

  "Ping . . . "

  The gun, which had been silenced, fired a bullet, without making much noise .

  I thought I was really doomed this time . But the next moment, I was surrounded by ghost air that seemed to be slowing down and distorting the whole space .

  I noticed that the bullet coming at me slowed down . Then, I dodged it with ease by tilting my head .

  I knew it was Rong Qi who saved me .

  In the meantime, I saw the face of the man with a pistol flashed a bit surprise and then turned cocky and treacherous .

  Before I realized what his look implied, a Taoist priest appeared behind him in a blink .

  He took the chance that Rong Qi was occupied and poured a bowl of black dog blood to him directly, and then stabbed in Rong Qi's chest with a mahogany sword .

  "Rong Qi!"

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  I was petrified .

  I knew Rong Qi was powerful enough to dodge the sword . However, since he was saving me with his own ghost tactics, he couldn't spare any energy to defend himself . "Ah . . . "

  Rong Qi groaned, and his body began to give off weird black smoke . His ghost body was melting, as if sulfuric acid was poured on the human body .

  I thought Rong Qi was going to die . However, he did not retreat blindly because of pain, but maneuvered a strange seal in his hands and summoned all his power back in a flash .

  As soon as he raised his hand, the man with a pistol in front of him and the Taoist priest were both lifted simultaneously .

  These were two living persons . How did he pull that off?

  The Taoist priest was terrified, with his eyes wide open, as if he had never expected that Rong Qi would be so doughty . And the next moment, the Taoist priest and the man with pistol lost consciousness; both of them fell to the ground softly .

  "Go . "

  Without wasting a word, Rong qi took my hand, and we stumbled out of the hotel, which made the lady at the front desk suspicious .

  "Take me to a spooky place with the intense energy of the dead . "

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  Rong Qi said weakly .

  When I looked back, I found that his figure was almost as weak as a trail of smoke . It was obvious that the sneak attack of the Taoist priest had caused great harm to him .

  "Hold on . "

  I felt a little anxious somehow .

  Standing on the street in the middle of the night, I spent a lot of effort to hail a taxi and jumped in with Rong Qi . "Sir, can you take us to the mass grave in the suburb?"

  "Of course . . .


  The driver was a middle-aged man, who was at ease until he heard where I was going . He looked back at me, with wide open eyes, and found that I was a little girl .

  I explained with a smile, "Sir, don't be nervous . I have a classmate over there . He fell ill at midnight, so I have to go take care of him . If it's inconvenient, you can drop us off at a crossing nearby . "

  It was a slip of the tongue that I said "us" . The face of the driver turned pale immediately . Fortunately, he abided by professional ethics and dropped me off at the roadside in the suburb .

  Then, he fled in panic .

  I looked at the dim light of night and let out a heavy sigh . I had to walk with Rong Qi to a mass grave nearby that was said to be very spooky .

  In fact, it had been abandoned for a very long time, and there was no grave visible .

  I could see vague light in the nearby tube-shaped apartments . This was definitely a desolate and creepy place .

  "How are you doing?"

  Rong Qi had been very silent on the way; his face, pale as it was, was very terrifying . I knew he was always narcissistic, paying a lot of attention to his appearance .

  Apparently, he was in a difficult position, uncollected .

  "Sorry for getting you into trouble, and, sorry for mistaking your intention before . . . "

  Rong Qi took a look at me, whispered . Instead of the sharp-tongued smart ass before, he was more like a frightened little white bunny .

  Of course, the little white bunny was my own understanding . He looked really harmless . Even if being a ghost, he was a ghost pleasing to the eye .

  "It's all right . By the way, what did you do to those two persons?"

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