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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Interception

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  Rong Qi hung his head and said, "I was hurt . I couldn't do anything to them . They just passed out . "

  I couldn't help but secretly heave a sigh of relief . For some unknown reason, I was particularly afraid that he might kill people, "How about the wound on your body?"

  "It's alright . I can recover in a few days . They can't kill me . It's just I didn't expect that the Zuo's Family would eat their words . I can't believe it . Where did Zuo Shi'an get the balls to break the faith with me? Is he not concerned about . . . "

  Rong Qi did not finish the sentence . Obviously, he had something on Zuo's Family .

  The wind was chilly .

  Although it was summer, the night in the wilderness was very cold . I ran out of the hotel in a hurry without an overcoat, and now I felt chilly .

  Rong Qi looked at me apologetically .

  "How about you go back first? I don't mind staying here for tonight . But you'll fall ill, if you stay any longer . "

  Yes, we were different . He could stay anywhere he wanted, but I couldn't . I should have left without a second thought, but now he was fragile .

  I was reluctant to leave him alone here . However, as he said, I would have to go to the hospital tomorrow, if staying here all night .

  "Are you sure you'll be ok by yourself?"

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  "Don't forget, I am not a human . "Rong Qi smiled, but his pale and feeble eyes revealed a bit of sadness he would never admit .

  I bit my lips; I had no other choice but to leave .

  But as soon as I turned around, I heard him reminding, "Miaomiao, tomorrow morning . . .

  Please come to me as early as possible . "

  I looked back at him .

  In my eyes, Rong Qi's sharp-tongued, narcissistic and nagging exterior hid a powerful and doughty soul .

  But at this very moment, he was weak and helpless, curling up in the wilderness, with his pale face . He urged me to leave .

  But I knew he didn't want to be alone . Otherwise, he wouldn't have dragged me to the hotel .

  I didn't have any other strong suits except being a big softie, especially in front of a good-looking and pitiful male ghost .

  I heaved a sigh and nodded heavily, assuring him, "Rest assured . I will come to pick you up as soon as the day breaks . Have a good rest . "

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  "You must come early . "

  Rong Qi reminded me once again, gazing at my back pathetically .

  Oops, I felt like being a single mother who abandoned her own son . Rong Qi was very fragile, as if he might be blown away by a puff .

  I turned to look back repeatedly at every step . In the end, I had to make up my mind and walk away speedily . Nonetheless, I was still very anxious when thinking of his pale and weak face .

  He didn't like being alone, but there was no one by his side at the moment .

  It wasn't until I reached the nearby highway that I realized that it was impossible to hail a taxi in the middle of the night . Shoot . Anyway, I was always lucky because I always do good deeds . It's good karma .

  I saw a police car coming when I lost my cool .

  I wouldn't dare to stop it, if it wasn't a police car . Although I had a mediocre look, it was too late at night and sex maniacs might run amok .

  I waved my cell phone excitedly to the police car as soon as I saw it .

  The swift gleams of the waved phone attracted the attention of the police car straight away, and it slowly stopped .

  The officers on the police car might have been suspecting me as an unscrupulous hijacker at midnight, who was thwarted by bad luck to run into a police car .

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  "Little girl, what happened?"

  The window of the police car was rolled down, revealing the face of a middle-aged police officer .

  I explained briskly with a smile, "Well, I am in a hurry to go back to school, but I can't find a taxi here in the middle of the night . Can you give me a ride?"

  This middle-aged police officer was apparently easy-going . Seeing that I was a young girl, he was willing to help me out, "Get in the car . It's too dangerous for a female student to walk back to school at midnight . Please don't do it next time . "

  "Thank you . "

  I opened the door and sat in the back seat . I found that there were two policemen in the car . The middle-aged officer was sitting shotgun and a young officer was driving .

  They both looked very friendly, living up to the expectation for civil servants .

  "My name is Su Miaoer, studying at S College . How may I address you?"

  The middle-aged policeman turned around and smiled . "Call me Wang . "He said .

  The young officer was also very easy-going, "My name is Qin Xiangdong . Is your home in the neighborhood?

  This area is not safe enough for walking in the middle of the night . "

  "I won't do it again . "

  We had some small talk then .

  I took a careful look at the road in front of me and suddenly found that a woman in red clothes holding a red umbrella appeared abruptly at a crossing not far away in the wilderness at midnight .

  She waved her hand at the police car, as if she wanted to ask for a ride .

  "Why are there so many people on the road tonight?"

  Qin Xiangdong, who was driving, a bit puzzled as he was, muttered . As a responsible civil servant, he was ready to pull over to pick her up .

  "Ding ding ding . . . "

  But the ghost bell hanging on my satchel started ringing automatically without wind . The woman in red was definitely not a human .

  "Don't stop . . . Keep driving . "

  Before I could say anything, Wang, who was sitting alongside the driver, turned pale and growled to him .