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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 When you meet a ghost, don't look back

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  Qin Xiangdong was obviously following Wang's lead . Wang asked him to keep driving, and he immediately accelerated the car, without taking another look at the woman in red .

  At the same time, I was relieved to know Wang was far more experienced than Qin Xiangdong in driving at night .

  But it's not over yet .

  At the very moment when the car was passing by the woman in red, she stopped waving and bumped against the police car with a run-up .

  "Ah . . . "

  Qin Xiangdong felt a chill running down his spine, and his face turned ashen . He, without recovering from the fright yet, looked at Wang for further instructions .

  Wang was also a bit undecided at this time, because the hit felt too real . Even I had the feeling that we crashed against a human .

  "Don't stop . Keep driving . "

  But I knew woman was definitely not a human . So, when Qin Xiangdong was hesitating about stopping the car, I said at once .

  But by this time the car had slowed down .

  Apparently, Qin Xiangdong didn't listen to me . I was a little anxious, "Please don't stop . That woman is no human, and you will get us all killed if you stop . "

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  Wang took a look at me .

  "Ah . . . "

  Qin Xiangdong screamed, because he saw a grinning ashen face on the dark car glass . It was exactly the woman in red, and she was muttering .

  "Why don't you give me a ride?

  Why . . .

  I want to go home . . . "

  Separated with a ghost by only a layer of glass, the young police officer did not pass out . I was quite impressed by his psychological quality .

  I hastily took out a piece of spell from the satchel, applied it onto the windshield, and shouted loudly at the same time, "Go back to where you are from . Scram!"

  The spell instantly ignited itself without fire, and the face lying on the glass fell down, with a cry of surprise .


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  Wang made a prompt decision .

  Although Qin Xiangdong was frightened, his hands and feet were agile . He stepped on the gas, and the car whizzed by the ghost .

  Wang, who seemed to be shuddering in retrospect, and wanted to look back . I quickly covered his curious eyes and said with a smile, "Wang, do you know you should never turn back when you meet a ghost?"

  For an ordinary ghost, the human had to look back three times, so that the ghost could have the opportunity to ingest the human's soul . Normally, there were three soul lights on the shoulders of a human, and it would be difficult to ignite when they were extinguished .

  Then, the energy of the living human body would be weak, and the ghost would take advantage of this moment to break through .

  For a powerful ghost, he could take your life, if you looked back even once .

  Wang was also under an obsession of the ghost just now . As soon as I reminded him, he pulled himself together almost instantly . He nodded his head in shame and dared not look back . Then, he asked, "Little girl, you really have a thing or two up your sleeve, huh?"

  I forced a smile, "I just know a little . "

  "No wonder you dared to go out in the middle of the night . "Wang said with a smile, which eased the tension .

  However, Qin Xiangdong's face was still whitish . Just three minutes after the car started, his face was even whiter . He saw the figure of a woman in red on the roadside ahead again, who was holding an umbrella and waving at the car .

  The scene and the section of the road were exactly the same as before .

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  "What should I do?"

  Qin Xiangdong's voice was a little trembling .

  On the contrary, Wang was very calm . He lit a cigarette and said, "Don't stop, just keep driving . "

  The police car whistled past the ghost in red, and this time, she didn't crash against the car . Nonetheless, it did not mean that the crisis was solved once again .

  "If I'm not mistaken, this is probably the legendary death cycle?"

  I said calmly .

  The so-called death cycle was a process started from entering the environment of the ghosts, and then gradually misguided by ghost tactics, until death .

  This kind of circumstance was a little bit like walking in circles in the countryside . Taking a pee would solve the problem perfectly . However, the death cycle was way more troublesome . If it was not cracked as soon as possible, I was afraid that tomorrow morning, news about a police car falling into a deep ditch or bumping into a big truck and no one survived would make the headlines .

  As expected, a few minutes later, we met the same female ghost in red, holding the same umbrella at the same crossing . This time I saw a malicious smile on her ashen face .

  "Don't look at her . Keep driving! Miss . . . "

  Wang looked at me, hoping that I could figure out a way . After all, he had seen my tricks just now .

  We were all in the same boat now, and if I couldn't break this death cycle, no one could escape . Thus, I took a small bag out of my satchel .

  Since learning this trade from my uncle, I had been carrying this waterproof bag almost all the time, especially at night .

  Wang looked at my movements in bewilderment .

  "This bag,"I explained, "is filled with grains which are good things for expelling the evil and pry for blessings . Besides, they had been offerings in the temple to deal with evil spirits especially . "

  As I said, I rolled down the window of the car and scattered the grains along the road . I did it in a very slow and careful manner, just like a solemn ritual .

  Finally, when I arrived at the deserted crossing where the female ghost in red always appeared, I took out a handful of beans refined in dog blood from my satchel .

  With a crackling sound, the mixture of grains and beans were cast to the ghost in a blink .

  My sneak attack worked out, and the figure of the female ghost shadow quivered heavily in the night wind .

  "Move, now . . . "

  Qin Xiangdong stepped on the gas forcefully, and the car was accelerated again to an even higher speed . Until we got far away from the crossing, he asked nervously, "How is it?"

  "Just keep going if you want to know . "I was not sure at that moment either .