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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Handsome Ye Qun

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  But things were clearly going in the right direction . As soon as I said that, he drove right past a big truck, and I was relieved to see the big truck .

  Because we were in the death cycle just now, we couldn't see any vehicles at all, just like being isolated .

  "We made it . "

  Wang heaved a sigh of relief and looked at me with gratitude .

  Just when the atmosphere in the car was gradually warming up, Qin Xiangdong, the doomsayer, suddenly said quaveringly, "Captain Wang, there seems to be another one in front . "

  Come on!

  I really couldn't handle another one . Following the direction Qin Xiangdong pointed to, I saw a person standing by the road .

  Looking at the proportion of the body, he was a tall man . When we got closer, I found that he was a handsome man .

  Behind him was another one, who stood upright, just like a javelin .

  Why did he stand at attention by the roadside at midnight? I gave that a thought, and suddenly found that his upright figure was very weird .

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  "It's human . Pull up . "

  Wang said with a lingering fear, after confirming that he was a living person .

  The police car stopped slowly . The young man who stopped the car bent down and said with a smile, "Good evening, officers! My car broke down . Could you give me a ride?"

  When Wang saw that it was a kind and handsome young man, his sense of justice broke out again . He waved his hand and said, "Come on in . It's too dangerous in the middle of the night . "

  "Thanks . "

  After the young man expressed gratitude, he opened the door and got in . However, the upright figure just like a javelin behind him was still standing there, without moving .

  "A Da, come in . "

  The figure, straight as a javelin, stooped into the car at the words . But I always felt that the one called A Da was very strange .

  Even though he was weird, I had to sit on the back seat with those two .

  "My name is Ye Qun . How may I address you?"

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  This nice-looking man named Ye Qun seemed to be very talkative . He looked at me . We were so close that I could see his face clearly .

  He was so fair-skinned that I could see the white thin soft hair on his nose . How come his skin was so soft and smooth, even better than mine?

  He had a pair of thin and long eyes which were very charming . Although the people with charming eyes might be inconstant in love, I had to admit that his smile with his eyes blinking was very tempting .

  If it wasn't for my amazing self-control, I was afraid that I might have fallen for such a good looking guy sitting right by my side .

  "Ahem, my name is Su Miaoer . "

  "Nice to meet you . "

  Ye Qun nodded politely .

  I couldn't help but glance at the big man again over Ye Qun's shoulder . Although I vaguely knew it might not be a good thing, I couldn't refrain from being curious .

  Dimly, I saw that A Da was still sitting uprightly, with a mask over his face, staring straight ahead, just like staring at a fly .

  I always felt that his movements were too stiff .

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  "Hey, little girl, mind your own business . No peeking!"Ye Qun, having noticed that I was peeking at A Da, blocked my view, with a smile on his handsome face .

  His smile at this mement was distinctly different from that before, polite but with a warning .

  Then, he said with the voice that could only be heard by us two, "Just now, I saw intense ghost air in front . I thought someone would be killed tonight . I didn't expect that you could make it through . Little girl, you are an exorcist?"

  He asked, in an almost confirmed tone .

  I suddenly found him undesirable except for his perfectly handsome face . His polite smile seemed to be malicious .

  Therefore, I didn't answer him .

  Unexpectedly, he moved close to me all of a sudden and sniffed at me . Shit! What was this amorous behavior for? I would blush as a good girl .

  What's more, the two police officers sitting in front of you . What do you want to do?

  I glared at him in a warning .

  He burst into laughter as if making a joke, but his words were nothing like a joke .

  "Little girl, relax . You still have the smell of ghost on you . Are you keeping a ghost?"

  "I do not know what you're talking about . "

  I was relieved to see him move back a little . Then, I glanced at A Da behind him and said provocatively, "I am an exorcist . What about you?

  A corpse driver?"

  I was almost sure that A Da was a cold body instead of a living man . Nowadays, a person who could drive a corpse to wander around the world must be the mysterious corpse driver in Xiangxi .

  This kind of occupation could be traced back long ago .

  In the early days, corpse driver was a humble profession - dedicated to sending the dead people from other places to their origins, and later the occult science were developed for the sake of convenience .

  With the change of times, there was no need to drive the dead . However, the occult science was handed down and transformed into a school of its own .

  It had become a mysterious existence .

  Unexpectedly, I had the honor to run into a legendary corpse driver .