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Published at 27th of June 2019 09:16:45 PM

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Corpse driver vs ghost keeper

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  Although Ye Qun was surprised by my quick reaction, he never revealed it in his eyes . He said with a smile as always, "Little girl, you are quite knowledgeable . We can be friends . "

  His unshaken smile made me wonder if he also smiled like this when he killed people .

  Fortunately, the car was heading into the city quickly, and I saw the familiar city streets . I couldn't help but think of Rong Qi, who was still in the mass grave, and I was wondering how he was doing .

  "Where are you going? We'll take you there . "Wang said at the front .

  "S College . "

  "S College . "

  Surprisingly, we spoke with one voice .

  Wang smiled weirdly, "You are schoolmates, huh?"

  I took a look at Ye Qun . I didn't know why - I began to particularly dislike this handsome but weird young man, even though I had been enchanted by his amazing appearance at first sight .

  "Thank you, sir . You can drop us off right here . "Ye Qun said with a smile, as if he knew me very well .

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  "Actually, we are not that old . "Wang obviously couldn't help laughing at this respectful title .

  Since it was not far from S College, I got off the car and took a look at my watch . It was nearly four o'clock in the morning .

  "Little girl, do you have a place to go at this hour?"

  Ye Qun stood lazily beside me, along with his corpse, and asked .

  I had to admit that he asked a good question . It's inconvenient to go back to the school dorm, and I certainly dared not go back to the hotel before . So, I had to find a place before dawn .

  "I have a house nearby . Do you wanna go with me?"

  Ye Qun asked in a very friendly manner .

  Thinking of the corpse with him, I immediately shook my head and replied, "That wouldn't be necessary . I have a classmate living nearby, and I'll go to her place . I'll call her . . . "

  I was about to hold up my phone .

  However, Ye Qun suddenly stepped forward to my front . His movements were so fast that I couldn't react in time, so we were looking at each other face to face .

  He was still smiling, as if he was a nice man, but I saw maliciousness in his eyes .

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  "On such a dark and windy night, if I kill you, nobody will find out, right?"

  My heart was racing, and my skin hair stood with fright, because I knew Ye Qun had the guts to do that . Even if he dared not, the corpse behind him could kill at will .

  "You . . . "

  "Haha, gotcha!"Ye Qun retreated immediately and resumed his usual tone, as if he was really joking with me .

  Then, he asked, "Little girl, the ghost air on your body is very strong . It's really amazing for you to keep such a powerful ghost at such a young age . Can you let him out, so I can take a look?"

  "I . . . "

  I was speechless . I knew, of course, the ghost air Ye Qun smelled on me was left by Rong Qi, but I did not want to explain .

  I was not sure if Ye Qun really had an intention to kill me . If he did, the only reason why he had given up so suddenly was probably that he feared the powerful ghost I might be keeping .

  If so, I would prefer him to keep misunderstanding .

  "I don't know what you're talking about . I'm leaving . "

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  "Forget it, keeping ghost is very secretive . I shouldn't have forced you to show me . Well, little girl . You can go now . By the way, I am a second-year graduate student . Feel free to contact me if you need anything . "

  Finally, Ye Qun restored his image as a nice handsome man .

  I went away without looking back . In the past few hours at tonight, I had been close to death for a couple of times - first the killer of Zuo's family, then the death cycle in the mass grave, and just now Ye Qun .

  It had been a long night . . .

  But worst of all, I was still worried about Rong Qi's condition .

  I found another hotel and stayed there for a couple of hours, without taking off my clothes . I barely slept and got up before dawn to buy something downstairs .

  I was about to take a taxi to the mass grave to find Rong Qi .

  As soon as I came downstairs, I heard someone calling me .

  "Miaomiao . "

  I was struck dumb, because so far Rong Qi had been the only one to call me like that .

  I turned around and saw a faint ghost figure in the shadow at the foot of the wall . It was early in the morning, and the sun hadn't come out .

  So, he could walk around at will, but he was still very fragile .

  I walked to him hastily and started lecturing, "I told you to wait for me in the mass grave, didn't I?

  Why are you back?

  By the way, how did you get back and find me?"

  I asked a train of questions, which made him agape and do not know how to answer .

  His warm dark eyes were staring at me constantly . Then, he smiled gently . The smile was as delicate as the morning dew which was very charming on his pale yet gorgeous face .

  "Miaomiao, are you worried about me?"

  "Nonsense . . . "

  I was a little angry . However, looking at his fragile appearance, I controlled my temper . Undeniably, I seemed to be used to the existence of this male ghost, even though I met him merely two days ago .

  After all, he would not have been attacked by the Taoist priest last night, if it wasn't for saving me .

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