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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 The little white bunny became a big bad wolf

  I looked up and found that Rong Qi was still smiling at me . Then, he explained honestly, "I walked back here . After you left, I had been staying there until dawn . I felt much better and walked back in the road we took before . . . "

  His voice tailed off as he spoke because he knew I would be pissed off .

  "Are you out of your mind? It's so far . . . "

  I found that I couldn't keep up with the pace of this male ghost . It was too fast .

  However, I was not stupid as he was . Even though I was pissed off, I almost immediately understood his stunning intention, "You are afraid that I might leave you there and never go back to find you, right?"

  Last night in the mass grave, Rong Qi asked me repeatedly to go and find him earlier . At that time, I thought he just didn't want to be alone .

  But now I realized from the beginning to the end, he always pestered me, because he feared that I would run away and not help him .

  He couldn't even wait for just one morning before walking back to find me .

  "You never really believed me, did you? Are you afraid that I would take the Zuo's Family killers with me and attack you again?"

  I smiled coldly .

  "Miaomiao . . . "

  Rong Qi realized what I was thinking, with anxiety and complication in his eyes, and explained urgently, "I never thought that . . .

  I don't know how to explain to you, and I don't know if you can understand me . I've been in the cold underground for more than a hundred years . The vicissitudes of life are completely out of my control . . .

  I have no one to trust . You are the only one I can trust . . .

  I don't know how you would believe me . I have never suspected you . "

  Rong Qi's words were messy, just as his mood at the moment .

  But I figured out that he was scared and helpless . He thought he could take down the Zuo's Family with ease, but he never expected that they would betray him in a blink .

  He lost all his confidence, including in me .

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  Even the Zuo's Family could betray him, let alone a chance acquaintance like me .

  I could imagine how a ghost full of suspicions and insecurities spent the night by himself in the mass grave and how he walked back to the city on foot in a nervous state .

  And eventually he found me with his weakened tactics .

  "Ok, I know . As long as you don't hurt me, I can always help you within my capability, I promise . "I placated him with comforting words .

  Rong Qi, seeing that I was not angry anymore, seemed to be greatly relieved, and then pulled me to the vacant back of the alley .

  His look was a bit sullen, "They took my crescent jade . But, they refused to keep the promise . Instead, they tried to kill me . They must be planning the next move . I have to recover completely before that . "

  I looked at Rong Qi's feeble soul and asked, "How can you recover?"

  "I need Yang Qi (the energy of the living) . . . "

  Rong Qi said faintly, which I could barely hear . Then, he seemed to have made up his mind and suddenly restrained my wrists .

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  All I could feel was a ghostly shroud, and then I couldn't move .

  Then, I watched Rong Qi grab my waist single-handedly, and I felt his cool and thin lips pressing on mine firmly .

  I didn't know if it was because the touch was too cold, or something else . My brain broke down at that moment .

  Before I could react, Rong Qi's kiss had been deeper and deeper . His kiss was gentle and lingering .

  The next moment, my brain was spinning .

  Even if my whole body was controlled by the ghost tactics and unable to move, I could not help but collapse to the wall behind me .

  At this moment, Rong Qi opened his eyes, looking at me innocently . I flew into a great rage in no time, intending to give him a hard push . However, since he was no human, I was merely pushing a shadow . I was exasperated, with my eyes turning red .

  I was too naive to pity him . Just in a blink, the white bunny turned into a big bad wolf .

  "Get out of here!"

  I slid down by the wall to the floor, with my eyes reddening .

  It seemed that Rong Qi had never expected me to react like this . He was slightly surprised and explained, "I'm sorry . You just said you are willing to help me within your capabilities . The fastest way to recover is to get a little Yang Qi from the living . I really just took a little . It's no harm to you . "

  "What the hell are you thinking? It's not about Yang Qi at all!"

  It was my kiss, the girl's kiss, taken by a ghost who had known me for just two days .

  Rong Qi seemed to be suddenly enlightened, and patted his own head in self-reproach, "Oh, sorry . I have not been a man for too long . I forgot that the girl's mouth cannot be kissed casually . How about this? If no one wants to marry you in the future, I will take the responsibility to take care of you . "

  "Shut up . "I shot him a cold glare .

  "Although I am a ghost, I have moral integrity, and I'll fulfill my commitment . Since you have agreed, it's a deal . "Unexpectedly, he made this sound very well-reasoned in a natural manner .

  "You are the one nobody would marry, and so are your entire families . "I was even more exasperated . But after his kiss, I was a lot less angry about him suspecting me .

  I was more aggrieved that I had been worried about him all night, but he took advantage of me, just like a big bad wolf .