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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Ghost–summoning ritual

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  What's more, I had nothing against the ghost, so we could negotiate peacefully if he had something to say or some unfinished wish .

  It was a long wait of about two minutes .

  This ghost weighing down on my body and licking my neck finally chuckled gently . His chuckle, cold and emotionless as it was, was very satisfying to the ear .

  When I realized that I was appreciating the voice of the male ghost, I nearly slapped my own face .

  "Now, take the crescent jade and look for me in the southwest . . .

  You know the way to meet me . . .

  I'll wait for you . "

  The male ghost hummed gently . Then, my body regained the normal softness gradually . I knew he had already left .

  But he left a message for me - bring the jade pendant and go out to find him . . .

  Wait a minute . He said I knew how to meet him .

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  That was to say, he knew my identity - an exorcist!

  Nobody except an exorcist knew how to see a ghost .

  This male ghost with unknown source or origin was not going to kill me, was he?

  Thinking of this, I began to huddle myself up in the quilt, entangled and uncomfortable . But I knew for sure I couldn't ignore the threat of the male ghost, because he would definitely come back if I disobeyed his order .

  I was afraid that he would do something worse if he came back to me . The more I thought about that, the more I realized that I was such a coward .

  I pulled off the know-soul bell on the bedside with anger . It was said that the bell could automatically make a sound when it perceived the ghosts nearby . I had tried it before, and it proved effective .

  But tonight, it was deadly silent, which almost got me hurt badly .

  I stayed sulking for a while and then turned on my phone to check the time . It was exactly 12:30 at midnight . The ghost really had an exquisite sense of timing

  I, after hesitating for a moment, had to carefully get off the bed to wear shoes . I opened the drawer gently, put on the crescent jade pendant and clothes, and pushed open the door to leave .

  The moonlight tonight was very white, spilling over the ground through the window .

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  The scene was more like the scene in a horror movie, which was even more terrifying than pitch darkness .

  But as an exorcist, I wouldn't be afraid . Just before leaving, I went to the washing room on purpose to wash my face with cold water, in order to wake up my brain .

  Then, I walked out of the dormitory building without looking back .

  I kept walking towards the southwest direction of the school, deliberately avoiding the noisy food stalls at night around the school . I didn't make a single stop until I reached a dark place without a trace of human habitation .

  Then, I skillfully took out the candles, ghost money (paper made to serve as money and burned as an offering to the dead) and incense in my satchel . . .

  Finally, I brought out the crescent jade and placed it on the ground . This was the simplest ghost-summoning ritual .

  The ritual might not always work, but since I had made an appointment with the male ghost, it would definitely succeed .

  As expected, when I lit up the candles and incense on the table, a biting wind suddenly blew into the originally quiet night .

  I looked up uneasily and saw the ghost of a man stumbling to me from not far away .

  This man hadn't been dead for long . I could tell his soul force was not profound enough to give free play to any fierce ghost tactics, let alone pulling off the tactic of "ghost on the bed"to an exorcist .

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  I was wondering if I mistook the object .

  Until the ghost slowly approached, with his pale face decaying with maggots all over, I was almost certain that he was far too weak .

  He must not be the one I was waiting for .

  I got annoyed immediately, "Scram! You little rat . "

  I snapped at him sharply, with a note of Gang Qi on purpose (Gang Qi - the wind in upper space called by Taoism) . The male ghost, who was trembling all over, seemed to be scared of me .

  But he couldn't help but covet the quietly-burning ghost money on the ground . He was reluctant to leave because of greed .

  I sneered coldly and conjured a bean in my palm . The bean was elaborately refined by the black dog's blood . It hit the male ghost with a slap .

  "Sizzle . . . "

  A blue smoke emerged in an instant at the place where the male ghost was hit . He fled in panic without turning back .

  I continued to look around .

  I was wondering if I got stood up by the male ghost, when a chilly wind blew to my ear, which brought a man's gentle laughter, "Good job . Do you intend to get rid of me in such a manner?"

  Hearing this, I, with my back stiffened, looked around vigilantly .

  I, born with ghost eyes, was supposed to identify any ghost .

  "Behind you . "

  This male ghost reminded .

  I turned around . As expected, I saw a dimly discernible ghost behind me . I was expecting another horrible face, but to my surprise, the ghost's look was not horrible at all .

  He was in a classical long robe, wearing a skullcap, underneath which there was a long braid wrapped with jade tassels . It seemed as if he was a young master of an ancient rich family .

  His face was by no means same with that of a ghost . His complexion was clear as jade; his eyebrows and eyes were handsome .

  However, my heart skipped a beat because of fright . This was an old ghost, at least 100 years old . I was not in the same league as him . Being entangled by this kind of ghost might cost me an arm and a leg .

  "What . . . What do you want? There . . . There's never been any bad blood between us . I never hurt you, and you shouldn't hurt me, right? Calm down . We can talk . . . "

  I stumbled over my words, and it took me a long time to make my point clear .