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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 A school of carps moving down a stream

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  This male ghost looked at me seriously, and then he was at a loss to react properly, "Little girl, you are so adorable . Yes, there is no bad blood between us, but there is predestined relationship . . . "

  'Predestined relationship, my ass . '

  I taunted him secretly in my mind, "In a word, I am an exorcist . If you have any unfinished wish, you can tell me . "


  The male ghost seemed to be interested, looking at me seriously .

  I felt hopeful and quickly nodded . However, the next sentence of the male ghost was so horrifying that I almost spat out blood .

  "When I was alive, I didn't have a wife . As the saying goes that there are three forms of conduct against filial piety, of which the worst is having no descendants . You look pretty . How about marrying me and finishing my wish?"

  The male ghost was smiling, but in my eyes he was playing a dirty trick .

  My face twitched because of nonstop smiling . After a long while, I said in a cold voice, "Are you kidding me? How can a living person marry a dead one . . . "

  "Why not?

  Little girl, you were born at the Yin hour, on the Yin day, in the Yin month of the Yin year, and, with ghost eyes . With this kind of natal horoscope, do you think you can marry a living person?"

  The male ghost raised his eyebrows and sneered .

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  I felt like being struck by lightning . I certainly knew the natal horoscope he was talking about . That algorithm, not based on the common calendar, entails a special Taoism calculation .

  It was very accurate . I knew my fate since childhood . My uncle always said I was born to deal with the dead . It would be a pity, if I chose another profession instead of being an exorcist .

  But . . .

  How could I accept my destiny readily?

  "Don't talk nonsense . "I blushed because of annoyance and try to pretend to be strong . Anyway, I would rather die than marry a ghost .

  This male ghost, without any intention of forcing me, looked at me gently . He reminded me with his seemingly good intention, "I was young and promising, when I was alive . A great number of girls adored me, just like a school of carps moving down a stream . Are you sure that you don't want to marry me? My offer doesn't stand long . "

  I shook my head desperately .

  "I appreciate your offer . Just save it to yourself . "

  "It seems that you really don't want to marry me . "The male ghost looked at me helplessly, as if I was ignorant to miss his offer .

  He continued, "Since you don't want to marry me, I won't force you . But I do have a favor to ask you . "

  As expected, various ghosts pestered people, because they had some ulterior motive .

  "What is it?"

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  I was delighted secretly, thinking that I could get rid of him by helping him out . But then I saw five black beads appear in the ghost's hand and he handed them to me .

  With his movements, I felt a strong air of ghost blowing to my face .

  "Have you ever seen such beads?"

  He asked .

  I shook my head . The beads in the world were essentially the same though differing on minor points, but the five beads in his hand looked very mysterious . I was sure that if I had ever seen them, I would never forget .

  "No, I haven't . "

  I shook my head, just just like a drum-shaped rattle .


  Then, go and find them . There are 18 in total . I will let you go when you find them all for me, otherwise . . . "

  The male ghost grinned grimly .

  I shivered unconsciously, and then I said with a mournful face, "Young master, what did I do pissed you off? Why do you put me in such an awkward situation? There are so many beads in the world . Finding the beads you said equals to looking for a needle in the ocean . How is that even possible?"

  "You are the one with all Yin natal horoscope . Don't you think you are supposed to help me out?"

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  It was out of my expectation that this male ghost was shameless . He rolled his eyes, as if I had owed him a lot in my last life .

  "There must be a time limit . If I can't find it in my whole life, do I have to look for it endlessly?"

  I was still full of unwillingness, bargaining .

  My uncle once told me not to make any promises or agree with any conditions when dealing with ghosts without 100% certainty to fulfill them .

  Ghosts would definitely haunt us endlessly to collect the debt in this world or another . So, we had to come to an agreement in advance .

  "Five years, if you can't find them in five years, just forget it . "

  The male ghost held out five fingers to me .

  Five years was OK . It was not that unacceptable . It was just my luck to be haunted by such a difficult ghost .

  Probably, the male ghost, having seen that I was still dejected, comforted, "You can rest assured . Just do as I told you . I will never be too hard on you, and later I will reward you handsomely for helping me . Well, it's too late now . Let's go somewhere else . It's too dark and creepy out here . "


  That didn't sound like what a ghost would say .

  I goggled at him with my wide eyes just like those of a bullfrog, not knowing how to roast him, "Yeah, it's too late . Where do you want to go, old guy?"

  Shouldn't we go back to bed first?

  "Don't call me that . I am not old . I was only 25 years old the year I died . Remember, my name is Rong Qi . "The male ghost said placidly .

  I listened carefully and then looked at him closely .

  I had to say, even though this male ghost was shameless and smug, his appearance was very handsome . Did he just say he died when he was only 25 years old?

  He must be high-spirited and vigorous at that age . However, he died young and was buried under the loess .

  Suddenly, I found myself in the grip of a bit of inexplicable sadness . Then, I quickly slapped myself . Sadness, my ass .

  "Well, how did you die?"

  This male ghost named Rong Qi turned around and looked at me coldly, giving me a perfunctory answer, "It was a matter of men, and women are not qualified to ask . "

  "Pffft . . . "

  If I had any blood in my mouth, I would spit it on his face .

  "Little girl, you don't have to be like this . Although I am haunting you, as you said, there was no bad blood between us . I will not hurt you, as long as you are obedient . . . "

  Then, he, having thought of something apparently, turned around suddenly .