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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Give me money

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  I, feeling the air of ghost blowing to my face, couldn't see clearly what was happening in front of me . At that moment, Rong Qi slammed against my wrist and took a hard bite .

  Blood rushed out .

  "You . . . "

  I, greatlyfrantic as I was, couldn't believe it . The male ghost who had been pacifying me with soft words just now bit me unexpectedly at the next moment . My uncle was right - ghosts were absolutely not trustworthy .

  I conjured a handful of beans refined by the blood of black dogs and cast them towards Rong Qi, just like raindrops . But obviously, he already foresaw my move .

  He retreated immediately and made an invisible barrier in front of his body in the meantime . Those bloody beans all hit to the barrier and then fell to the ground .

  Rong Qi was uninjured, but his figure, compared to that a few minutes ago, became more dimly discernible .

  "What do you want?"

  I shouted outrageously .

  Rong Qi responded with full composure, "Leave a mark on you . If you betray me someday, it will be easier for me to get even with you . "

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  "If you don't believe me, why are you asking for my help?"

  My eyes suddenly turned red . I had fallen on hard time recently . Why the hell did I come here to be bitten by a ghost?

  Rong Qi, having seen that I was so sad, apologetically came over . I vigilantly took three straight steps back, showing my guard against him . Rong Qi finally had no choice but to stop his pace .

  Consequently, a person and a ghost were in a stalemate inexplicably, at this dark cold night .

  I was seething with anger, and Rong Qi was merely a bit apologetic at first . But soon, he lowered his head and looked at his toes carefully, just like a child who had done something wrong .

  "Little girl . . . "

  "Don't call me that . I'm not that young . "

  " . . . "

  "Don't give me a hard time, please . I do believe you . How about I pay you?

  "As much as you want . "Rong Qi looked at me, apologizing sincerely .

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  I glanced at him and replied with a bad attitude, "I don't want ghost money; it's not in circulation here . "

  Rong Qi, having seen that I had leeway in the discussion, showed sort of relief on his handsome face and repeatedly assured me, "You can rest assured, I won't give you ghost money . Just tell me how much you want . As long as you say a number, I can pay you . "

  I pondered a while and figured out that it was not worth it to fall into a rage with a ghost . It would be much better to get real money .

  "Really? You will pay me as much as I want?"

  I asked eagerly .

  Rong Qi nodded deeply .

  Then, I stretched out five fingers as he did just now, "I want five thousand yuan . "It was a lot of money for me, at least my living expense of three months .

  "Can you pay me now?"

  I stretched out my hand, bold and straightforward .

  Rong Qi smiled with a guilty conscience, "Well, money is really not a problem . "

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  "Then, what's the problem?"

  I scoffed, raising the corners of my mouth .

  "The problem is I just haven't gotten the money . . . "

  But I know where my money is, and you can get it as soon as the day breaks . I promise not to lie to you . If you don't believe it, you can hold the crescent jade as a guarantee . "

  Rong Qi pledged in all sincerity and seriousness .

  I had to believe it at that moment . Then, I stood up and asked, "So, where are you going now?"

  Rong Qi waved his hand, "I have just come out for a few days . I have been secretly following you all the time . I don't know where to go . Anyway, it's still before dawn now . Why not find a place to stay for a while?"

  I looked at the watch and found that more than an hour had passed imperceptibly . I was about to suggest my dorm, but he opposed my idea firmly, "Don't go to the small house you live before . It's too crowded . How about finding another place to live, or stay at an inn?"

  The inn he was talking about was a hotel . As is known to all, the hotels around the university were mostly for student couples . I had stayed single for a couple of years .

  I could never imagine that the first time I stepped into a hotel was with a male ghost . "The bill is all on you . If you can't pay me tomorrow, I will pawn your crescent jade . "I grumbled and then felt the creepy wind blowing behind my back .

  After walking a few steps, I, without seeing him following up, looked back curiously and saw him, with his miserably pale face, staring at me . He warned, "I will pay you . The jade can't be pawned . "

  I felt a panic fear after hearing that . How could I forget that he was a ruthless ghost?!

  I had gone too far .

  "Well, if you say so . . . "

  I, stubborn and reluctant to admit defeat, kept walking swiftly . In a blink of an eye, I found a relatively cheap hotel and checked in .

  The light of the room was dim because of the dust on it or something else .

  Rong Qi tried the mattress upon coming in and then lay down on it . I asked curiously, "Would the ghost have to sleep?"

  "Of course not, but you need to rest . Just go to sleep, or you would blame me for being mean to you . "He said while patting the place by his side .

  This kind of economic guestroom had only one room and one bathroom . The bed was for two . However, I couldn't help but think of the fact that a male ghost was lying beside me . It crept me out .

  Immersed in the dim light, I found that his figure was not as light as what I had seen before, but more of a sense of solidity . At first glance, it looked like a living person lying there with graceful bearing .

  He had a slender figure, with the height of 1 . 75 to 1 . 8 meters; his face was light-complexioned and attractive . He was catnapping there lazily, which made me feel a little bit shy suddenly .