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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The sharp-tongued man

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  "Why aren't you sleeping?"

  Rong Qi opened his eyes to look at me .

  I hesitated . "Err . . . in your days, were strange men and women allowed to sleep together?"

  "Oh, I forgot . In the beginning, I wanted to marry you, but you didn't want . . . "

  Rong Qi grunted . Then, he quickly got up and lay on the ground .

  "I'll sleep on the floor . "

  Even though ghosts couldn't catch a cold, I suddenly felt a little guilty about kicking him out of bed . But I couldn't ask him to come back to the bed either .

  So, he had to lie down like this .

  "Hey, you are dressed like the people in the Qing Dynasty . What year were you in when you were alive?"I asked, lying in bed and thinking that this problem was not too awkward .

  Rong Qi, lying on the ground with his eyes closed, answered readily, "I died in a year under the reign of Jia Qing Emperor . As for the exact year, since it has been too long, I can't remember it . "

  Maybe he was telling the truth, or he didn't want to talk about it . Although history was not my forte, I could do some calculation with my fingers to know he had been dead for more than a hundred years .

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  I took time by the forelock and asked another important question .

  "Have you been always possessing the crescent jade before?

  And the issues on development site were all your tricks, right?

  Then, when my uncle went there to get rid of evil spirits, you haunted him, and now it's me?"

  Rong Qi finally opened his eyes and took a look at me . Then, he said with a lukewarm attitude, "Little girl, I advise you not to ask questions . Just focus on looking for the beads for me . I will let you know when you need to know . Curiosity kills the cat . "

  I rolled my eyes . Who cared about that?

  "As what I said just now, stop calling me that . You know my name . "I glared at him with sort ofdispleasure .

  Rong Qi, looking at me innocently, said embarrassedly, "But I don't want to call your name . It's too tacky . I really can't say that . "

  " . . . "

  I sneered stiffly, clenching my fists . This was ridiculous . Was my name really so tacky that he couldn't bear with saying it?

  "I'll call you Miaomiao . That sounds better . "

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  It was midnight . Rong Qi, who might be afraid that I would lose my temper, compromised at last .

  "Whatever . "

  I turned over and ignored him .

  However, Rong Qi, who had been eager to persuade me to sleep, started nagging, "Hey, Miaomiao, I'm reminding you that you will regret not marrying me . . .

  Don't wait to fall in love with me later, and be clingy to me . That's not cool . I don't like that . "

  "Nonsense . "

  I picked up a pillow to throw at him . I had encountered narcissistic people, but I had never seen a male ghost so narcissistic and nagging .

  I, drifting off , had a broken sleep until dawn .

  After washing up with a disposable toothbrush in the hotel, I went downstairs to buy breakfast - a cup of soybean milk and a pancake .

  When I returned to the hotel room, Rong Qi was sitting on the bed, watching TV . He changed the channels from a history program of CCTV-10 to the Animal World . . .

  And then a drama about the Qing Dynasty - Empresses in the Palace . . .

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  Later, it's back to the morning news on CCTV-1 .

  Finally, he turned it off .

  I noticed this nagging male ghost suddenly became silent . He stared at the black screen, and for the first time, his eyes showed sort of indifference resulting from the vicissitudes of life, which did not match his young appearance .

  It was a disposition refined from the ups and downs over hundreds of years, which was inexplicably touching .

  The way we regard history was just reading a volume of irrelevant books . But as one who had been dead for hundreds of years, he must be sentimental in reading it .

  Finally, he let out a long sigh and asked seriously, "Miaomiao, do you know how long it has been since the years under the reign of Guangxu Emperor?"

  Apparently, he watched a lot of TV programs, but did not find the answer . So, he had to ask me . I pondered over it, and answered inarticulately, "About a hundred years . You died in a year under the reign of Jiaqing Emperor, right?"

  Why ask about Guangxu's years?

  There were a hundred years between them!"

  Rong Qi turned his head and found that I was eating . He gave my pancake a contemptuous look rudely and said, frowning, "You eat this stuff?

  No wonder you are so skinny, no boobs, no bottom . "

  "Pfft . . . "

  I nearly choked on bean milk, and then rolled my eyes to him, "It's none of your freaking business!

  Can you stop humiliating me at the very beginning of the day?"

  "So, that's a humiliation for you?

  Then, why are you fooling yourself, pretending to be curvy?"

  He argued with a lot of nerves .

  "You son of a b . . . "

  I, extremely outrageous as I was, could not find any word to retort . I thumped my chest and stamped feet in anger . This was really a bad time for me . I was haunted by a ghost first, and now he was bullying me!

  "Why not keep eating?"

  "Stomachache . "Thanks to you .

  "Look, I told you that the food is not clean, but you insisted . Buy something nice next time . Even if we have a budget, you shouldn't do this to yourself . "Rong Qi lectured, with his face full of innocence .