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Published at 13th of June 2019 08:55:30 PM

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 The street-guarding ghost

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  I got driven beyond the limits of forbearance, "Stop being so mean to me . It's a lot easier said than done . Everyone wants to have nice stuff, but money doesn't grow on trees . You must be a young master of a rich family, having no idea of the bitterness of common people . Don't forget, you still owe me five thousand yuan, as well as the money for staying at the hotel last night . "

  "You are such a stingy woman . Rest assured . I won't eat my words . Now, throw this cheap food away, and I'll buy you something better . "

  Rong Qi got up lightly with a young master's disposition .

  I looked at him doubtfully, "Your treat?

  Do you have money?"

  "I have a good plan . Besides, since you are determined to follow me, I can't treat you shabbily . When I have money, I will support you . "

  This male ghost gave a flick of his sleeves, resembling a rich young master born with a silver spoon in his mouth .

  I was delighted in recollecting his words about supporting me . But my face darkened again, when I thought of his previous words, "Who said that I'm determined to follow you?! It's you who are haunting me . "

  "Nagging . "

  "You are nagging . "

  We stepped out of this cheap hotel . While I was wondering how he could get money, he had walked over to the corner of the street .

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  He stood still there, just like a statue .

  "Are you a streetwalker? You look pretty good, but no one can see you . "I teased him with a knowing smile .

  Rong Qi looked at me coldly and said, "Lower your head . "

  As soon as I bowed my head, I saw a poor ghost appear at the corner of the street . If it weren't for my natural ghost eyes, I couldn't see it .

  "This . . . "

  "This is the street-guarding ghost . I noticed him last night . "Rong Qi said emotionlessly .

  I suddenly realized that the so-called street-guarding ghost refers to the ghosts wandering over the streets . They didn't have any powerful ghost tactics, nor could they hurt people . They merely picked up the stuff left by passers-by .

  For example, someone lost something in the street and couldn't find it, but years later, at a street corner or in a gutter, someone else would find it again .

  That meant that the stuff was picked up by a street-guarding ghost who was very weak . His spirit was dispelled naturally in a couple of years, and the stuff he possessed would be discovered again .

  "He has money?"

  I asked cheerfully .

  Rong Qi, with a threatening and shameless look, said, "Hand over all your valuable stuff . Otherwise, your spirit will be dispelled . "

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  This guy had the potential to be a gangster .

  This miserable street-guarding ghost, who couldn't bear the oppression of Rong Qi, shrank into the corner of the wall . He, shivering out of fright, took out all his stuff in one move .

  Key chains, meal cards, small notes, and coins . . .

  What could I do with this?

  I was a little bit anxious . Just then I heard a clanking sound which made me thrilled, "Wow, we are getting affluent now! We can make a living by collecting protection money from street-guarding ghosts . "

  "Yeah, good for you . "

  Rong Qi commented sarcastically and glowered at me in disappointment .

  I rolled my eyes and clapped hands, as if I had made an important decision . Then, I said in earnest, "Since you'll take the bill, I'd like to have something nice . "

  "What's that?"

  "Two egg pancakes, one for here and one to go . "

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  " . . . "

  Of course, I was joking . I, not masochistic as I was, would definitely take advantage of this chance . So, I deliberately chose a western-style restaurant .

  This was a dating place exclusively for rich couples . The only chance for a loser like me to show up here was to find a part-time job as a waitress .

  After the meal .

  Thinking of the event last night, I was about to ask him where he was going to get the money, when I saw a young man and a young woman walking up to me . Maybe, they were also unexpected to come across me here .

  Both of them looked unease for an instant .


  I looked up at the two in front of me .

  The man, called Du Yu, was definitely a person I could never forget . He was my first boyfriend, a handsome and smart guy . Nevertheless, he turned out to be a cheater .

  He had been dating a rich girl for more than half a year, and I was kept in the dark all the time .

  Finally, we broke up two months ago . I never expected to see him again so soon, let alone running into each other head-on .

  As for the woman, her identity was obvious . It was said that her name was Cui Tingting, and her family was super rich .

  "Su Miaoer, what are you doing here?

  You are not qualified!"

  Cui Tingting glanced at the upscale restaurant behind me, provocatively raised her mouth with a lofty gesture, and then glanced at me in disdain .

  She was the one who destroyed the relationship between Du Yu and me, and now she had a lot of nerve to be so pompous .

  I was pissed off and snorted, "This restaurant is not yours . Why can't I be . . .

  Weird, why do I smell something so disturbing when you get close to me?"

  I waved my hand hastily, just like driving away mosquitoes .

  "You . . . "

  Cui Tingting probably did not expect that I would retort her sharply, since I looked like a gentle girl . She immediately turned to Du Yu with her eyes turning red .

  Du Yu coughed lightly to disguise his embarrassment . I had never done him wrong when we were together, but he cheated on me . So, he felt guilty more or less . He looked at me, with an implicit apology in his eyes .

  "Miaoer, please don't make a scene . "

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