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Published at 18th of June 2019 09:29:51 PM

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Crooked nose and eyes

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  Rong Qi was lying on the bed lazily, playing with my phone . He seemed to love this toy especially . He learned how to watch videos online without asking for my help .

  He was indeed a ghost with a high IQ .

  "Miaomiao, I want to buy a mobile phone later . It is so handy . "

  "Of course it is . . . "

  "Wait a minute . You are a ghost . How can you bring it with you?"

  I looked up at him with disdain .

  Rong Qi smiled mysteriously and ignored me .

  He replied to my question until he was done playing with the phone, "Miaomiao, a great number of girls adored me in my last life, just like a school of carps moving down a stream . I haven't seen one dare to pull a long face to me . You are the first . I am just being curious . Do you think I am not good-looking enough?"

  I finished my meal as fast as I could, wiped off the oil on my mouth with a paper towel, and looked carefully at the narcissistic male ghost on the bed .

  I commented in a heartfelt way, "You are very handsome . The superstars and Little Fresh Meat are nobody compared with you . "

  I didn't know if he could understand such modern words as superstars and Little Fresh Meat . But he must have grasped the general meaning of my compliment .

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  Then, he raised his chin proudly as if to say, "Exactly" .

  But the next moment I made a mercurial turn of the conversation in a higher tone and glowered at him .

  "But how can I tell whether your appearance is illusory or mot? People might be born in the same naked way, but they die diversely . Who knows if you died with a horrible look? Say with a hideous blue-black face and teeth stuck far out, crooked nose and wry mouth, lacking arms and legs, or disemboweled . . . You are all bragging about a great number of girls adoring you . It was two hundred years ago . You can say whatever you want, right?"

  Rong Qi did not expect me to make such a mercurial turn of conversation and ridicule him like this . As a result, the face of the young master from the Qing Dynasty suddenly turned dark reddish purple, exactly, the color of pig liver .

  "Crooked nose and wry mouth, disemboweled . . . Huh?"

  "Say it again . I dare you to say that again"

  Rong Qi sat up gloomily and rushed to me like flying . Although he, as a ghost, was supposed to have a shadow instead of a solid body, his ghost tactics were very brilliant . So, he could maintain a solid figure for a short while .

  It was long enough for him to teach me a lesson .

  He rushed over to tickle me . Even if I had prepared earlier, I could not resist his powerful ghost tactics . I rolled about in the bed, with my belly aching from laughing endlessly . In the end, I had to beg for his mercy .

  "Ah . . . Ah . . . "

  "Knock it off . . . "

  "Rong Qi, Mr . Rong, Childe Rong . . . "

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  "My bad . I dare not to say that again . . . You don't have a crooked nose and a wry mouth or disemboweled . It's me, alright? Ha ha ha . . .

  You were Mack Daddy in your last life, and all the girls fell for you crazily . . .

  I'm clueless . . .

  I can only admire you secretly . Ok? Haha . . .

  Please spare me . "

  I laughed to tears .

  Rong Qi finally let it go grumpily .

  I was well aware that I didn't have the power to be his opponent . Finished laughing, I lay in bed still, just like a corpse, ready to fall asleep . But then I remembered that last night, he was sleeping on the ground .

  I felt a bit apologetic . He, as a ghost, couldn't offend me in a tangible manner . Even if he could, I bet he wouldn't do that . As he said, he was a Mack Daddy and every woman would fall for him .

  What did I have to hit his fancy?

  I cleared my throat and was about to speak, when Rong Qi put away the phone, got off the bed, and lay on the floor, just like a well-behaved child .

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  It made me feel even more apologetic .

  "Well, why don't you sleep on the bed tonight?"

  Rong Qi put his arm under his head and opened his eyes to stare at me . This sharp-tongued ghost would never change his true quality, asking, "Are you seducing me?"

  " . . . "

  The smile on my face froze at once . I scolded myself for burning daylight . He was absolutely not a lovely and obedient child, but a sharp-tongued smart ass .

  I would learn a lesson . A fall into the pit, a gain in my wit .

  "You wish . "

  I took the quilt and went to sleep .

  It had been a long day . I, exhausted as I was, slept very soundly . But in the middle of the night, when I felt a cold wind surging at me, I opened my eyes vigilantly .

  I saw Rong Qi standing in front of my bed, with sort of nervousness on his pale face .

  "What happened?"

  I, not aware of the incoming danger at all, heard Rong Qi's urgent voice, "Get up now . Someone here is setting up the Plough ghost-hunting tactic, trying to kill me . "


  I sat up immediately, wide awake .

  However, I saw that Rong Qi's gaze at me suddenly became very obscure . Although he did not say anything, I was smart enough to understand what he meant instantly .

  "You are suspecting me?"

  I sat up in anger . I was not mistaken . At that moment, Rong Qi was suspecting that it was me who set him up . This made me very uncomfortable .

  Although I was not a philanthropist, I would not sink so low to use underhand means . Besides, he had never really hurt me . Why would I do this to him?

  Rong Qi heard my words and came to his senses in a flash . He, upset as he was, bowed his head, "I'm sorry . . . "

  He was not a fool . On the contrary, he was very smart . He had been in a moment's desperation to suspect me, but almost at once dismissed it .

  I found that his figure became thinner and weaker under the dim light of night . I knew it must be the Plough ghost-hunting tactic he talked about . It's crippling him .

  "How can I help you?"

  I asked, with a sigh in my heart .

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