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Chapter 77

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The strange power here, I have already seen the power in it before, and instantly turned people into powder . Such terrorist power is not something I can resist .

So, when I sense that the power here is exploding in geometric multiples, and when I am wrapped in it, my heart has already fallen to the bottom of the ice .

Finished, completely finished!

There is a blank in my mind, and the heart seems to stop beating at this moment . It is quite a feeling of flying away .

If I die like this, I am absolutely unwilling!

I don't know what my parents will feel when I die . Will Zhou Qian and Tang Ling feel sad when they learn of my death?

Also, damn, even if I turn into a ghost after death, I will not let go of the three-legged bird, he said there are no worries, didn't he? What the hell is this?

and also . . .


what the hell is this?

These thoughts suddenly occurred in my mind . When I was disheartened, I suddenly found one thing .

I am not dead!

There is nothing on the whole body, no pain, no itch, not even a hair hurt!

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The full-bodied terror of strange power, although wrapped around me, did not hurt me, on the contrary . . .

Instead, I feel a very familiar and very intimate feeling .

The strange powers got into my body and then gathered in my heart and blended into it, like nourishment .

The fierce beast in my heart just fell silent after yelling . These strange forces are obviously related to the fierce beast in my heart and nourishing it .

At this moment, I didn't feel at ease, but I felt extremely uneasy and even panicked .

Before the Meng family's third ancestor once said that the beast in my heart is almost really awakened, I am afraid, I am afraid that after it really wakes up, I will no longer be me .

It is true that my present strength depends entirely on it, which is why my physical strength can improve so fast, but this does not mean that I am willing to let it occupy my body .

The strange power constantly nourishes the beasts in the heart, although my strength can feel a significant improvement at this time, this is not what I would like to see . I want to stop this weird force, but I can't do it, I can only watch it happen .

This situation did not last long, about seven minutes later, that strange power is no longer continue to get into my body, still haunted by my side, faintly sent a cheering mood .

If I say this feeling to others, others will think I am crazy, but only I know that this feeling is true .

It's like the scene I encountered in my dreams after I melted the book, and the countless runes and quirky patterns linger around my body .

It feels like I am their king .

I don't know what it is like at this moment, and the crouching beast in my heart has become my heart disease .

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I turned my head and looked at the back . Outside the 100-meter area, the three-legged bird stared at me with big eyes, a stunned expression, and seemed to want to say something, but eventually did not say anything .

It was just that the strange force riots wrapped around me, and it was estimated that he was frightened . What made it even more unbelievable was that I was unscathed .

It is estimated that he can't guess what is going on even if he breaks his head!

I didn't pay any attention to it . I took a deep breath and threw the doubts and uneasiness in my heart . I walked out of the 100-meter area and entered the cave .

After entering the cave, the strange force that lingered around the body disappeared .

However, at the same time, a cool breath came from the cave and passed my body .

Yin qi?!

The treasure of the demon god is in the center of the demon family . How can there be Yin qi?

Is there a ghost here?

Do not make jokes!

If there is a specter of insurrection here, it would have been destroyed by the elders of the demon race . After all, this is not Sheol . This is the territory of the demon race .

Having said that, it is better to be careful .

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Three-legged bird said that what was recorded in the book Tianzang is the key to this treasure . If what it said is true, only I have the hope to get the last treasure from the people who entered here this time . The others are only setoff . Of course, this secret can't be leaked out, or else I haven't waited to see the last treasure, I guess I will be besieged .

I kept my vigilance and walked step by step into the cave .

This cave is not formed naturally . The marks of carving and seal cutting with knives and axes are obvious . There is a huge luminous pearl at intervals . The faint light guides the direction of progress . If these luminous pearls are taken to the secular world, they are absolutely priceless treasures, and here they are only used for lighting . As a result, I am even more curious about the treasures in the place .

Going forward, after a few kilometers, I finally walked out of this long cave passage .

The front is suddenly open, it is a relatively large cave space, which is hundreds of meters wide .

The young mixed-races and the demon olds who had entered before were here, staring at the front, one by one, and they seemed to be troubled by some problems .

In front of them, there are eight caves, each with a word above it .

"Life, Death, Jing, Du . . . "

When I saw these eight words, I directly pulled out a word in my mind, Ba Men Dun Jia(The Eight Doors)!

I have not come into contact with Ba Men Dun Jia, and I don't know what the hell it is, but memory about this has really appeared in my mind . It is not my memory .

At the same time, a few weird patterns came to my mind, constantly moving and superimposing . It seems that because of the Eight Doors, the weird patterns want to piece together something, everything is in my mind . In the silent process .

I came here, and the people in front were obviously aware of it, but no one cares about me . Perhaps, in their eyes, I am not worth mentioning at all!

This is just the case, no one pays attention to me, it is convenient for me to act in a low-key manner .

When the people in front whispered, the weird patterns in my mind were finally shaped and merged together to form a new quirky pattern .

I was stunned and looked at one of the eight caves subconsciously .

Dead door!

The extremes of the matter will be reversed, and the end of death will be alive!

The dead door is the only way to live through the eight doors!

At this time, those in front seemed to have reached an agreement . Eight youths of the mixed-race went out and each chose a cave and rushed in directly .

In the case that it is impossible to choose, it seems that this situation is the best method of testing .

Everyone else is staring at the eight mixed-race demons, and I am naturally no exception, but my focus is mainly on the demon youth who entered the dead gate .

I want to see if the safe passage in the quirky pattern in my mind is inaccurate!

Eight demon youths took a deep breath and covered their bodies with the demon spirit, covering their bodies and directly rushing into eight caves .

After a time of breathing, the sound of screams came and stopped, and there was no sound . This scream was from the side of Du door . It is obvious that the young man died .

This scream, like a prelude, after this, in a few breaths of time, the sound of screams continued to ring .

In the end, except for the door of life and the door of death, the other six doors were shrieking and wailing .

As a result, everyone's face changed, now pay close attention to life and death, hold their breath and wait nervously .