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Chapter 78

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Time passed a bit by bit, and after twenty minutes, there was no movement between the door of life and the door of death .

During this period, some people also shouted a few times to the two doors, but no one responded there .

In this way, those people's faces are gloomy .

No miserableness does not mean that the two doors are safe . It is also possible that there is danger in them so that they will not be able to scream and die .

This way, it is not very good to judge!

The new pattern of strange patterns that appear in my mind, if not guessed wrong, should be the route in the door of death .

Although I think that the door of death is the only safer, it does not mean that there is no other danger inside . Of course, if I choose, I will definitely enter the dead .

Those demon old people get together and whisper, and those mixed-race demon youths are like the cannon fodder that these old people used to explore the road, nervous, fearful but helpless .

I thought that the old guys would continue to send those mixed-race demon youths into the life and death path, who knows that at this moment, the eyes of those old guys looked at me .

Their eyes are very dangerous, and I am very vigilant in my heart .

"kid, the descendants of the Blue Phoenix doesn't follow, you ran in yourself, you really have guts, don't you!"

The old man in black squinted at me, said coldly: "Since you have come in, don't say that we don't give you a chance, two doors, choose one yourself!"

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I frowned and looked at the old man said nothing .

Seeing that I did not respond, several of them were snorted at the same time . At the same time, they step forward and aimed at me and was about to attack .

"If you don't try, just die!" One of them, the old man, said .

These old men are all old strong demon race of all ethnic groups, they are all powerful, let alone with my current strength, even three-legged cannot win them if they fight .

They have no long life, they don't care what they are, or they have no bottom line in doing things .

In order to be alive, they can do anything!

Now, I am just alone . If the bird is followed, it may make them scared . But now, if I don't do what they say, they will definitely not hesitate to attack me .

My thoughts turned fast in my heart . I deliberately showed some anger and reluctance on my face . To them, it's like I was forced to give in to them and walked toward the door with gritted teeth .

Step by step close to the door, I am very nervous, I am betting, bet on the old guy's suspicion!

After all, I came with the three-legged bird . Although the three-legged bird said that it knew nothing about it, the old guys would definitely not believe it .

and so . . .

Just when I had reached the door of life, the old man in black suddenly said behind me .

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"Wait a minute, you, go to the dead!"

I was so stunned in my heart that I was right . If I had just walked directly towards the death door, they would have become suspicious and let me go to the door of life, then I would have cried .

Although my heart breathed a sigh of relief, but my face showed more angrily, bite a tooth turned to look at the old man in black .

The old guys looked at me coldly, and the glimmer of light shone, not knowing what they were thinking .

I snorted and walked straight into the door of death .

The moment I stepped into the dead door, the new strange pattern in my mind moved and became a very three-dimensional figure, like the outline inside the dead door .

"Left three . . . right seven . . . forward nine . . . "

I didn't walk straight, but I followed the three-dimensional pattern in my mind to go forward, not fast .

After a few breaths, I saw a figure in front of me who was fell to the ground . It was the former mixed-race youth who entered the dead door . He had already died for a long time .

His body, half frozen, half burned to coke, looks very miserable .

I don't know what power is here . It makes me believe in the weird pattern in my mind .

At this time, the voice of the old man in black came from behind the door of death and asked about my situation .

I snorted and showed a sneer at the corner of my mouth .

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Deliberately punched the mountain wall here, causing a little roaring, and then after a brief scream, I ignored it .

Anyway, no matter whether they choose not to choose the door of death, if they go straight ahead, the danger is absolutely great, and it is very good to be able to live halfway through .

I concentrate on following the memory in my mind, back and forth, left and right, and dancing . It took nearly fifteen minutes and finally got out of the dead door .

After walking out of the door of death, I was shocked by the sight that greeted me .

The field of vision suddenly widened . The sky was blue and the clouds were white . The weather was beautiful .

Outside the cave, it is a vast flower sea .

The breeze is blowing and the fragrance is tangy . If there are a few birds singing, it is definitely the beautiful scenery of birds and flowers .

If there is no previous experience, who would believe that there will be such a beautiful place in this treasure?

Among the flowers, there is a winding path, and at the end of the trail is a quaint attic courtyard . It is like the ordinary people in the sea of flowers, the kind of paradise .

Where is the treasure here?

I was a little excited in my heart . I didn't expect it to be so smooth . When I was about to step on the tortuous path, my heart suddenly raised a little warning .

Nothing came, a dangerous feeling haunted my heart .

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I looked around with vigilance and did not find this dangerous source, frowning, and finally fixed my sight in the flower sea .

Hesitated for a moment, I picked up the stones at my feet and threw them into the sea of flowers . The shot is full of strength, the stone is like a bullet, directly into the sea of flowers .

Then . . .

"Booming . . . "

The huge sea of flowers, like boiling, numerous thick dark green vines sprang out of the ground and waved wildly . The space on that side was torn apart by pieces, and the force was simply frightening .

Seeing this scene, my scalp is a bit numb . Under the sea of flowers, it is a huge monster . It is impossible to pass through the dense roots and vines of the crazy dance .

Fortunately, I have just been cautious, or else it is estimated to have become the fertilizer of this sea of flowers .

After a few breaths, the crazy flower sea once again returned to calm, the flowers bloomed quietly, swaying in the wind, faintly scented . If you haven't seen the scene just now, it is estimated that no one will believe that this place is a huge trap .

There is no breath, no power fluctuations, and such traps are really cunning .

However, fortunately, at this time, the contents of the book once again appeared in my mind, no longer a weird pattern, but a few flashing runes .

These few runes should be the key to safely passing here!

When I was thinking about it, I suddenly had a movement behind me, and I turned my head and looked around . I saw the old man in black and the figure coming out of the place where the door of life .

Everyone's body was covered with blood stains, ragged clothes, an extremely ugly face, flustered .

Only a dozen old people have appeared here, and others are estimated to have been buried in the cave .

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