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Chapter 89

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Seeing this scene, I frowned tightly .

What he meant in this sentence seems to be that some people in the Ministry of National Security have already targeted me!

There is no doubt that my blood is strong, and there are too many secrets . If it is known to some people in the Ministry of National Security, it will be directed at me and treat me as a Subject .

Originally I didn't feel too bad about the national security department . After all, it is an official organization . it is aimed at paranormal cases . it is understandable to be domineering .

However, the words that Wenlong said not long ago made me deeply disgusted with the Ministry of National Security .

Transforming the blood and cultivating a monster that is not sensible like a zombie has touched the bottom line of human beings . I don't know what some senior officials in the national security department want to do, but their practice makes me feel the urge to kill .

In my heart, there was a sense of the murder, a sense of madness, and fierce beasts growled in my heart .

My eyes turned into a demon purple at this moment, staring at Qingfeng without emotion .

He felt my killing, and the enthusiasm in Qingfeng's eyes was even more intense . He licked his lips and the dagger in his hand swayed . He said with a smile: "Come on, let me see the power of your blood!"

When he finished speaking and his figure disappeared again in an instant .

The same moves were applied to me twice . He really belittled me a bit!

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At the moment he disappeared, my figure disappeared in place .

However, unlike him, I disappeared by the extremely fast moving speed .

In the blink of an eye, the figures of the two of us are hidden and constantly changing . Although there is no contact, the murder is more intense .

After a few breaths, Qingfeng's face became extremely pale, short of breath and he is suffering from consumption .

The figure flickered and disappeared dozens of times . With such a high frequency of flashing, he was a bit overwhelmed . In general, he is not as good as me in terms of physical strength . It's just that his strange and unpredictable space movement is really a headache .

"Chi" accompanied by the sound of a sharp sword into the meat, Qingfeng's body was with a quiver, can no longer continue the rapid flash .

My hand and fingers are like knives, directly inserted into her heart .

His body quivered, but strangely, he did not reveal any expression of pain and there was no blood flowing out of his heart .

He looked at me, his face pale, his mouth was with a sinister smile, said strangely: "Good, very good! It is true that I underestimated you a bit . That's it for today . When I see you again next time, I will let you taste the feeling of being pierced in the heart and wait for me! "

He just said that, before I could react, Qingfeng's body burst open directly .

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His body turned into a thick black mist, directly dissipated with no trace .

What is this ability?

I'm a little stunned!

It was clear that I had already pierced his heart, and it is reasonable to say that he should die!

So surprised!

After a few seconds of stunned, a figure appeared quietly beside me, Yin Kong .

Yin looked at me, the old face was a little shy, bowed his head and said: "Lord, the guy disappeared, the method was very strange, the old slave had never seen . . . "

I didn't blame him, because the strange scene that just happened to Qingfeng made me very difficult to understand .

Ministry of National Security Flurry Group . . .

"Let's get out of here first . Someone is coming!" I whispered a word .

Not far away, there was a noisy sound . It seems that many people were attracted by the noise and came running towards here quickly .

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I was flashing with Yin Kong, and I left the area for a few breaths .

On the way back, I chatted with Yin Kong about the power of Wenlong and Qingfeng . Although Yinkong was well-informed, it was a bit confusing for their power .

"You have been to the secular world before . Do you know anything about the Ministry of National Security?" I asked .

Yin Kong frowned and said softly: "The old slave once came to the secular world when I was young and lived in the secular world for a period of time . At that time, the Ministry of National Security had already existed, but it was not the same size as it is now, and it is not an official organization . It has another name: Wonder Soul! "

"The Wander Soul are all crazy . The old guys are very strong and mysterious . In their words, they are a group of rootless duckweeds with nowhere to put their souls, hence the name wander souls . They were also good and evil . The secular world was chaotic at that time . Demons and ghosts often haunted the secular world . However, it was not long before the demon and the ghost were all killed wantonly . It is said that it was the Wander Soul who did that . Later, the Ministry of National Security was established, with Wonder Soul as the core, to solve some strange and bizarre events in the secular world . . . "

"Since then, the ghosts and the Underworld have rarely dared to walk in the secular world!"

After listening to what Yin said, I nodded gently, waved my hand and sent him into the courtyard attic, letting him continue to integrate the power of the wind and thunder fan .

I went back to the apartment, took out my mobile phone, dialed the phone number of He Pei, and asked her to meet at a nearby coffee shop . Some things I have to ask her about the words that Wenlong said tonight .

In fact, this matter is most clear to Elder Zhou, but the old guy went to the demon tribe and won't be able to come back for a while, so I can only ask He Pei .

Shangdao cafe, there were not many guests . I chose a booth near the window, ordered a cup of coffee and waited quietly .

After more than half an hour, He Pei's figure appeared at the door of the coffee shop .

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I waved at her, she frowned, walked over and sat directly opposite me .

"what's up? Call me in night, you'd better give me a reasonable explanation! " He Pei said faintly .

"The flurry team has come to Hang Cheng, do you know?" I also don't beat around the bush, straight to the point .

After hearing what I said, He Pei rosed her eyebrows, looked at me strangely and said: "How did you know? Have you seen them? "

"Not only did I see them, I also fought with them!" I smiled and the smile was a bit cold .

"Oh?" He Pei looked at me with a big eye and said incredulously: "You have fought with them? Have you escaped from their hands? How could you sit here safely . . . "

"Is it normal for me to stand in front of you without arms and legs?" I smiled mockingly and said: "They are the ones who escape!"

"impossible!" He Pei responded very simply .

Obviously, she is very convinced of the strength of the Flurry Group and does not believe in my rhetoric .

I am too lazy to explain, not entangled in this issue, said: "Nothing else to say, just want to ask you a few questions, What is the situation in Zhou Qian? Was she really trained by the Ministry of National Security? And . . . Elder Zhou of Herbal Hall was once a wandering soul? "

When she heard my last sentence, He Pei suddenly stood up and made quite a noise, stare big eyes looked at me, blurted out exclaimed: "How did you know?"

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