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Goblin Kingdom - Volume 3 - Chapter 162.1

Published at 18th of January 2018 02:12:32 PM

Chapter 162.1


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After the battle the goblins rested and took care of the injured . Gi Ji Arsil and his subordinates, however, did not rest .

As scouts, their battle began with the end of each battle . The harpies could not see in the night, so they had to scout during the day, while the goblins scouted in the night .

The scouts followed after Gowen’s army to the wide plains, then they checked the surroundings and observed the enemy .

Gowen’s army showed no signs of exhaustion . They quietly made camp and passed the night without leaving any openings .

They cut down the tall grass, built fences and moats, and then took turns keeping watch as they rested .

Most of Gowen’s army were fresh recruits, however, and they could not be satisfied unless they boasted of their achievements .

Because of that the camp was noisy at first, but when the wings of Werdna (Goddess of Darkness) came, even the fresh recruits couldn’t help but go quiet .

Gi Gu thought the human camp troublesome . Gi Ji Arsil shared his sentiments . After all, the humans had cut down the surrounding tall grasses .

Gi Gu and his subordinates might be able to blend with the darkness, but the patrolling soldiers carried torches with them .

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Without the tall grasses, there would be no way for them to hide themselves .

“Annoying…” Gi Ji muttered to himself .

He was about to order the scouts back when he noticed a shadow crawling from the corner of his eyes .

The shadow that passed him was too slender for a goblin .

Gi Ji watched that shadow, but it didn’t seem to have noticed him, as it quickly stood up and headed for the hills .


Gi Ji quietly followed after the shadow . The black-clothed figure seemed to be a human .

Since the person-in-question was a human, there was no reason to hold back .

Gi Ji drew his dagger . To keep the light of the stars from reflecting off his blade, he kept it behind him as he quietly approached the human .

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Then he lopped off the human’s head .

“…Gu . ”

In one fell swoop, the human’s head was severed from his body . The black-clothed human could only utter a weak groan before falling to the ground .

When Gi Ji confirmed that the human was dead, he took off the man’s outfit .

He compared the outfit with the human, but seeing nothing of interest, he decided to go back to the hills, where the king was .


The god of fire’s hour gradually passed . Soon the hour of the night god would come, and darkness would once again cover the world .

Atop the walls, where the western sun’s light fell, Yuan and his men stood vigil .

The howling beasts could be heard from the walls; they seemed to grow more numerous with each passing day . The beasts howling were not a mere 10 or 20, and the fact that they could hear them howling meant that they must be moving .

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The western moat of the colonial city that faced the Forest of Darkness was already half-filled because of the goblins, but the other moats were still fine .

If the goblins were to attack, they would probably attack from the front (western wall) . Of course, that didn’t mean they couldn’t attack elsewhere .

They have been attacking the same wall all this time, but the beasts seemed to be moving . What were the goblins scheming? Yuan grew anxious . It didn’t help that he knew the goblins wouldn’t attack carelessly .

Currently, the colonial city had 500 soldiers and 100 adventurers . In total, that was 600 soldiers . That was not actually sufficient to defend the entire colonial city .

Because of that they had no choice but to pick which ones to focus their forces on . Until now they’ve been defending the western wall, but…

“The beasts are moving to the south,” Yuan muttered to himself . “It could be a diversion, but they could also be changing targets . ”

The western wall was closest to the forest, and only the east or west had a gate . The goblins would have to pick one of those if they were to attack .

At the very least, that’s what humans would do, but… These weren’t humans were they?

Just last night, they found out that the demihumans were fighting with the goblins . Those araneae demihumans easily climbed up the walls as if they were taking a stroll .

Fortunately, they were able to force them back with their bows, but with enemies like that, the south and north walls were no longer safe .

Still, only the western moat was filled . That was an important fact .

In any case, they had to endure until Gowen’s reinforcements came .

“We’ll focus on the western wall as we’ve done until now . As for the other walls, just keep doing your rounds!”

Soon… night came .

The hour of the monsters had come .

As Yuan rebuked himself for his cowardice, he called out to he guards . “We’ll repel them tonight as well! Victory shall be ours!”

The soldiers cheered .

The colonial city was a long way away from falling .

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