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Goblin Kingdom - Volume 3 - Chapter 180.3

Published at 14th of April 2018 12:57:53 PM

Chapter 180.3


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The twin red moons of Ervi and Navi shone upon Pale’s eyelids .

“Ah, ahh…”

The eyes that were closed by her brethren gradually opened as the moonlight goddess, Vardina, bestowed Pale her blessing .

But ironically the first thing those eyes saw was the hopeless sight of a comrade’s lifeless body .

“AHh, AHH!! Ryutanu!”

That nostalgic face was wet with blood, his body was covered in blood . How long had he been fighting? It was no longer even possible to distinguish whose blood it was that covered him anymore . Was it his or his foe’s, no one knew, but much of the blood had already dried .

“Why… Why?”

Why was this cruel world so quick to take the things she cherished? Pale wondered, but no answer came .

“Ahh, too late, eh?” A friendly voice called out to Pale .

It was none other than Vine, who was fighting with that eastern swordsman just a while ago .

Her overly lax attitude caused Pale to glare at her .

“What, got a problem?”

But Vine just laughed as if she didn’t mind Pale’s glare .

“Unfortunately, there’s no point in glaring at me . The one who killed that was Webrus’ Dagger and you not making it in time was your own fault . As someone who offered you assistance, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to be glaring at me . ”

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Pale swallowed the emotions that sought to well up .

She didn’t think she was wrong, so she averted her gaze .

“Hmph . Well if you have enough self-control to keep yourself from yelling at others, then I guess that’s good . So, what are we going to do now?”


Around them was the river of blood and corpses that Vine, Berk, and the girls had made .

“You want vengeance, right?”


Within Pale burned the flames of hate . It was an emotion that demanded she consume everything or go insane . It was her first time feeling such emotions .

“The real enemy isn’t the Dagger of Webrus . Behind them is the Red King . ”

Sophia wiped her eyes and then glared at Pale and Vine .

“The Red King…” Pale muttered in blank amazement .

“Heh…” Vine nodded .

“What’s your name?” Pale asked .

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Pale Symphoria gazed at the darkness within her heart, and the abyss gazed right back at her . What reflected on those beautiful pair of jewels she had for eyes was her own body being burned by the black flames of vengeance .

“Sophia,” the girl replied .

“Ms . Sophia… I intend to exact vengeance on the Dagger of Webrus and the Red King . Would you like to come with me?”

Sophia wordlessly nodded, and so did the rest of the remnants of the Elks Clan .

“Ms . Vine . ”


“Shurei, Rue… There won’t be any combing back after this . ”

“I-It’s better than abandoning our comrades!” Shurei replied

Rue nodded .

“From now on you’ll be following my orders . Mark my words, the Dagger of Webrus and the Red King will pay!”

The shadow of the Goddess of Vengeance appeared within Pale, and she was aware of it .


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Name Pale Symphoria
Race Sylph
Level 89
Class Commander
Possessed Skills Seal Ether; Deep Schemes; Inscrutable Stratagem; A Tactician's Wit; Bravery; Wind's Voice; Magic Manipulation; Bow Master B+; Wind's Voice; Glorious Race
Divine Protection Wind
Attributes Blessing of the Goddess of Vengeance


Seal Ether
A skill that seals the targets ether . Can be casted with a special arrow .

Deep Schemes
Affects a tactician’s abilities .

Inscrutable Stratagem
Affects a tactician’s abilities .

A Tactician’s Wit
Aids one when leading an organization .

Magic Manipulation
A more advanced version of ether manipulation . Spells can be used with more efficiency .

Allows one to regain calm when in a crisis .

Wind’s Voice
Increases one’s ability to grasp the surrounding area . Allows one to live normally even while blind .

Glorious Race
Due to being an elf, humans will be charmed to some extent .

Blessing of the Goddess of Vengeance
Charm effect to those close to the dark attribute .

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