God and Devil World - Chapter 132

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Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Chen Jianfeng

Chen Jianfeng immediately massaged his temples in pain after Xia Yue left .

The situation in Long Hai City survivor base was extremely complicated . A large amount of government officials turned into zombies after Z-Age . Li Jianfeng had just gained a steady foothold after establishing the survivor base in Qingyuan County when government official after official came out of the woodwork to try and receive the benefits of victory . Z-Age hadn’t been around for a while, and Li Jianfeng could only bite the bullet and accept those officials . After all, they were all government appointed officials . Those officials couldn’t fight zombies . Gangs and intrigue began to come into play . The Long Hai City government became extremely fragmented, shaping into small groups .

In addition to the government, the largest power, the military, wasn’t as clean and honest as it was right before Z-Age started . Acting as the chief, Lei Cheng expelled dissidents while expanding his forces . Chen Jianfeng already practically had no authority over the military .

There were all kinds of large and small spheres of power among the common folk, and they fought among themselves for goods . There would still be repeated incidents even if they gathered up and severely punished the rapists, murderers, thieves, robbers and such .

Apart from this, a gathering of people is an enormous problem . That is the food problem . They had already increased to over five thousand survivors, and the amount of diluted gruel and goods they consumed was extremely enormous . The soldiers and government works must be guaranteed enough food to eat, and the foodstuffs were freely provided in the specialty region . Under these conditions, the food stores in Long Hai City could only last the next four months at most . This is only if the population doesn’t increase . One should know, every day ten or tens of people would rush over from the nearby villages and join Long Hai City survivor base .

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Right before Z-Age started, ordinary people believed in the government more than they believed in themselves .

And now a power hostile to the Long Hai City survivor base appeared nearby Qingyuan County, and that made Chen Jianfeng have an even greater headache .

Chen Jianfeng isn’t that type of honest and clean, spotless government official . But he is yet a government official who wishes to do the honest thing if he has the ability . The whole of Long Hai City government is managed and supported through him . He not only had to preside over the government, but he also had to balance out the interests of each side . The enormous pressure made his hair start to turn gray early .

Chen Yao looked at the exhausted Chen Jianfeng . She couldn’t help but ask: “Second uncle, let me go have a talk with Yue Zhong! He isn’t bad . He escorted me here . Ji Qingwu and I wouldn’t be able to meet you if it wasn’t for him . ”

“Yao Yao! People can change! Perhaps he was a good person before . Perhaps he was truly a person who had a heart to join in with the government like you say . But now I’m afraid he already doesn’t have those intentions . ” Chen Jianfeng frowned and slowly spoke .

Chen Jianfeng already knew about Yue Zhong from the mouth of Chen Yao . He had worked in the government for many years and had an extreme understanding towards people .

He conjectured that Yue Zhong really did have a heart to join the Long Hai City survivor base since he hastily arrived to the base after capturing Always Bright Village . But after Yue Zhong captured Stone Horse village, he guessed Yue Zhong already abolished any notion of returning to Long Hai City survivor base .

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“I still want to go persuade him! Second uncle, let me go persuade him! If he can join our base, then he certainly will become a good helper . ” Chen Yao resolutely spoke . She also didn’t want to see Yue Zhong and her second uncle become enemies .

Chen Jianfeng stared at Chen Yao for a moment . His brow relaxed, and he teased: “Looks like my family’s Yao Yao is already at that age of love . ”

Chen Yao’s face reddened, and she became distraught . She couldn’t help but yell out and justify: “Second uncle! What are you saying . I don’t like Yue Zhong! He has a cold nature, and he is boring . He isn’t the slightest bit of a gentleman . How could I like him? I don’t like him in the slightest! Moreover he already has a fifteen year old girlfriend . How could I possibly like that lolicon!”

“Looks like she really likes Yue Zhong . ” Chen Jianfeng looked at the flustered Chen Yao . His brows wrinkled and he lightly tapped his ten fingers on the desk . He originally only wanted to make a joke, but he never thought he would expose his niece’s feelings .

Chen Jianfeng highly valued a good match . He absolutely would put a stop to an ordinary college student like Yue Zhong marrying Chen Yao before Z-Age . But right now Yue Zhong had already become a tyrannically strong evolver . He also had an armed force that exceeded a hundred men . To become this level of politician, one needs to attach importance to their partners .

Chen Jianfeng thought for a moment, then hesitantly said to Chen Yao: “Fine! You and Ji Qingwu go together to persuade him . If he wished to come over and join our base, then I will let him and his people establish the fourth special police brigade, and he will be the Captain for that fourth unit . ”

After knowing Yue Zhong’s attitude and his power, Chen Jianfeng completely abandoned the idea of completely removing Yue Zhong’s munitions . He will use his official government seal to recruit Yue Zhong under his banner . The special police squadron is the martial force still under direct control of Chen Jianfeng . The treatment they received was the best . Every ordinary person in the base was envious of them . It doesn’t need to be said that the captain of the special police squadrons were objects that would draw attention from everyone .

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Chen Yao’s eyes lit up: “Deal!”

Chen Jianfeng slightly laughed: “Deal!”

“Ji Qingwu and I will go back to prepare . ” Chen Yao pulled Ji Qingwu towards the exit of the office and stopped to speak, then they left the office .

Chen Yao lived in the floor residence of a garden plot in the specialty region .

As soon as Chen Yao returned home, Cai Xiao greeted her: “Chen Yao, you returned! Quick eat some food . ”

Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu entered into the house .

There were five women in the house: Cai Xiao, Zhang Li, Lin Qi, Wang Fang, and Chen Qing .

There was a large bowl of diluted gruel, seven steamed buns, and seven small pieces of lunch meat all neatly arranged . This was their lunch .

Among the seven, only Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu had the specialty status to be able to obtain the government provided food . The rest of the five women didn’t have official work . They could only stay in the house and rely on Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu’s help to survive .

Things became a little tight after the excess supplies given to two people by the government were spread out among seven . Of course with the relationships that Chen Yao has with Chen Jianfeng, she only needs to open her mouth to be provided with more . But Chen Yao didn’t do that because she doesn’t have a princess complex . Furthermore, their current supplies far exceeded those provided to ordinary people .


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