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God and Devil World - Chapter 844

Published at 12th of March 2018 12:18:04 PM

Chapter 844

Chapter 844: Morale!

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The reason why the Winged warriors had been disappearing nearby the Monitor Lizards was because the speed of their tongues was extremely fast . In just a blink of an eye, their tongues could extend out and catch a number of Winged warriors into their mouths .

If it attacked suddenly, even Yue Zhong would not be able to evade that tongue . If a Type 5 Divine Warrior was caught unprepared, similarly, they would be dragged into its mouth .


At this moment, a heartbreaking scream rang out from the skies, as Lai Wei turned enraged and channeled the power of the Storm Armor, drawing her bow .

A single bone arrow shot through space, slamming into the Monitor Lizard, blasting a fist-sized hole in its body .

However, its recovery rate was extremely powerful . The wound started healing at a speed visible to the naked eye . It leaped up and swiftly pounced towards Lai Wei, shooting its tongue out at her .

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Lai Wei's combat experience made her a fearful opponent . She had seen the terror of the tongue for herself, and the moment the Monitor Lizard moved, she had already soared upwards .

The Monitor Lizard felt its tongue smack thin air, it was the first time it had missed .

Lai Wei's expression was pale, she had nearly been pulled into the beast's mouth .

However, with her experience, she had made the correct call and quickly flew backward while firing non-stop at the Type 4 Monitor Lizard .

"Effective range: 200m . Method of attack: tongue, poison, body . Its speed is fast . Lightning and Greenie would not be a match for it . "

Yue Zhong observed quietly and made a quick assessment .

In such terrain, it was disadvantageous for Lightning and Greenie . If they were not careful, they could be held down by the tongue, and be corroded by the poisonous spit .

They were more compatible to fight in a wide area, bringing with them the element of surprise . These Monitor Lizards were their banes .

"Come on out! Turtle!"

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With a thought, Yue Zhong activated his Beast Summoning Technique . A void appeared in mid-air, and the house-sized Turtle lumbered out .

The moment Turtle appeared, it quickly shot out a huge breath of frosty air towards the Monitor Lizard .

The Monitor Lizard's response was slightly slower and it was quickly frozen solid into an ice sculpture .

Yue Zhong shot forward, dashing towards the Monitor Lizard like a lightning bolt .

The Monitor Lizard had an immense strength and resilient life force as well . It shuddered strongly, causing the ice around it to crack, as countless parts broke off .

At the moment the ice shattered, Yue Zhong, who was in his light-gold Sun Armor, his strength pushed to the peak of Type 5 Realm, appeared on top of the Monitor Lizard's head, the Sun Battle Spear in his hands striking down viciously .

A bright burst of gold light shone outwards, piercing the head of the Mutant Beast, tearing it apart .

The Sun Battle Spear could utilize the energy from the user to become a powerful burst to attack enemies . However, while its might was tremendous, the energy consumption was likewise extravagant . If he continued like this, it would take another 10 times for his might to be depleted .

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"That was the human Yue Zhong! He's truly strong!" 

"We can win!! With him, we definitely can win!!"

" . . . "

Seeing how Yue Zhong destroyed the seemingly invincible Type 4 Monitor Lizard in a flash, the morale of the Winged Race soared from the depths of despair . They began to recover the will to fight . It was the whole point of Yue Zhong not holding back his energy to put on such a display .

Without any morale, most troops that had lost hope would find it hard to even fight with 70% or 80% of their strength . With a little hope, together with the notion of fighting for their home, these Winged warriors would be able to exert 120% .

Yue Zhong looked at Lai Wei in the skies and barked, "Go deal with the Dino-people! Let me handle these monsters!"

By now, a large number of Dino-warriors had also charged in right behind the Mutant Beasts . They were aiming to slaughter those missed by the Monitor Lizards .

After Yue Zhong's display of strength, all the Winged warriors regained their confidence and focus, instantly adjusting their emotions and charging for the Dino-warriors .

Arrows rained down upon the Dino-warriors without stop . These Dino-warriors only had Type 3 Divine Warrior strength, their bodies covered with Type 3 or Type 4 Mutant Beast hide . They were naturally struck down by the rain of arrows .

These Winged warriors had incredible archery skills, and although they were unable to deal much damage to those Type 4 Monitor Lizards, it was mainly due to the recovery skills of the beasts . Therefore, they were more effective against the weaker Dino-warriors .

As for the Dino-warriors themselves, they were elite warriors as well, retrieving their own bows and arrows to return fire on the Winged warriors .

The dense rain of arrows fell upon both sides, every passing second, another warrior would be killed .

With a powerful gust of cold air, another Monitor Lizard was frozen solid . Yue Zhong dashed forward onto the top of the ice sculpture, using his Sun Battle Spear to strike down viciously, piercing the head and absorbing the powerful life force .

At this moment, a sense of danger arose in Yue Zhong's heart . All of a sudden, a nearby Monitor Lizard appeared, opening its jaws to fire out its tongue towards him .

The speed of the Monitor Lizard was simply too fast . Even with his enhanced Type 5 realm, Yue Zhong was unable to dodge in time . Caught by the tongue, he was pulled quickly into the mouth of the Monitor Lizard .