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God Creation System - Chapter 14

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:46:33 AM

Chapter 14

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Reo bid farewell to the boys and went his way back to his house . Soon he reached his home, but saw Zhao Kao tailing him since they left . Reo ignored him at first but upon seeing Zhao Kao follow him but was trying to hide himself he stopped and dashed over to Zhao Kao .

Zhao Kao was stunned suddenly seeing reo disappear for a sec then to dash and stand before him . He tried to be normal as possible but his weird actions rat him out . He gathered his feelings and finally asked reo if he can guide him on his path to cultivation .

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Reo frowned at first since he didn't expect the silent guy of the class to ask his help . He could see the determination in zhao's eyes so reo made up his mind to recruit him . Then he told Zhao to follow him back to his courtyard and they both hurried back to reo's room .

Reo then asked Zhao Kao whether he will follow him through thick and thin . Also through his loyalty he will be protected and guided by reo . He told him that he should infuse his soul force into the soul crystal if he was willing else he can forget about it .

Zhao Kao was confused about the soul crystal and all but since he was determined he threw back his thoughts and infused his soul force into the crystal .

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[Ding! First String Third Member Zhao Kao has joined the Faction . Member will undergo a transformation and be awarded a suitable cultivation technique . ]

Zhao Kao saw that his soul realm was changing because of the fluctuations in the soul crystals and now he was a Azure Soul realm with a Dark- Void attribute . He was confused because it was totally different from when Nie li checked his soul realm . He knew it was something to do with reo but he didn't think further and knew his decision to follow reo was the best choice he ever made in his life .

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Reo was once again astonished by the technique that flooded into his mind it was so incredible and he was annoyed that the system didn't give him any technique for free . He was even more shocked when he found that the technique costed 45000GP higher than Xue'er and Xianyu Technique by 5000GP . He wrote down the cultivation technique [ Void Crushing Demon Gates] and gave it to Zhao Kao to train in one of the rooms in his courtyard .

Zhao Kao was a 12 year old boy who had a decent appearance and silent and cold when looked at from a distance . He had Black hair which was tied into a ponytail . He would have a terrible fate if not for the Divine family funding him . He was a orphan because both his parents were dead at a young age of 5 . He was taken care of by the people in the slums and owe to repay them when he grew up . Without the funds he who had a Cyan soul realm would have gone unnoticed for the rest of his life and lived as a commoner from the slums . Zhao Kao found out the reason for funding through the talks in the courtyard that reo was the one responsible for changing the fate of so many kids , he resolved himself further and started his cultivation in the room he had been given by reo so that he can help him in the future .

It was night time and reo brought Zhao Kao and xianyu and xue'er with him to the training grounds to give them some tips and teach a few skills to each of them . He made them follow him to a secluded area in the training grounds . He passed on the Rasengan to xianyu and the shadow clone Jutsu to Zhao and thought the ways of gaining elemental affinity for fire and chaos to xue'er . He told them to practice the techniques and thought them some basic Taijutsu and Swordsmanship . He spared with them for some time and made them train while giving out some pointers when they made mistakes . Xianyu was given the [Gladius storm] and Zhao got [Black Harmony] which reo bought from a shop in Glory city , while Xue'er got a flexible sword [Phoenix Feather Sword] . [Black Harmony] was a pair of short swords which were of the rare darkness type weapons . Reo bought them for about 500,000 Demon Spirit Coins( DSC) after a fierce struggle in the market . And the flexible sword was bought from the God Shop for 1000GP , it was special because it raises the person's elemental affinity and gathers the energy of the world for the user to use when required .

Xianyu was now already a Bronze Rank 3 Fighter because of this cultivation technique . He and Zhao got along really well together since Zhao was always kind and treated Xianyu as his little brother . Xianyu was not arrogant since he was stronger and knew he got a head start only because of reo . Xue'er was a cute and charming young lady and was respected by Zhao since he knew that reo liked Xue'er and that did go both ways .

Xianyu was especially quick learning in Taijutsu and he grasped quite a few moves like [Leaf Gale, Leaf Great WhirlWind, Dynamic Entry, Front Lotus, Shadow of Dancing Leaf] , but still had quite a few ways to go before he could grasp the [Eight Inner Gates] . Zhao was proficient and was a natural in the ways of the sword he quickly grasped the sword intent of reo and started forming his own sword intent . He could also Make a Max of 4 Shadow clones at start and started gathering soul force in them while he himself was practicing swordsmanship . Xue'er was a genius and was already able to train her flexible sword and cast blades of flames which tracks the path of her sword motion . It really looked like she was wielding a whip made of fire .

Reo then told them to go back since it was late night and told that he still needed to do one thing before he left and darted off after sending them safely away from the training grounds .

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