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God Creation System - Chapter 16

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:46:31 AM

Chapter 16

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Reo was in his courtyard practicing his sword intent, he felt waves of energy rush through the tessaiga when he clashed against a self created barrier but no matter what he did he couldn't unlock the next level of the tessaiga the [Tessaiga 2nd Form: Red Tessaiga]( Red Tessaiga is the form which enables the tessaiga to feed on and destroy magical barriers) . Zhao Kao was also currently practising his sword skills against his own clone and was rapidly progressing after he got some guidance with the element of darkness from reo . When he noticed Ning'er approach the courtyard, He knew reo had some business with her, but it was not proper for him to poke his nose around so he left and returned back to his own room to cultivate soul force and was already at 178 so he was trying to reach Bronze Rank 2 .

Ning'er saw Zhao Kao leaving and the practice done by reo left her feel a shroud of mystery surround reo . She decided to wait till he finished his morning training and was mesmerized by his sword skills it was like watching someone dance with a sword also the power and vibrations the tessaiga shocked her a little because reo was only a bronze 3 but was able to emit such power almost at the silver level, so she sat down near his room and started practicing her cultivation technique while waiting for reo to finish his training and meet her . But to her surprise it took almost 30 minutes for reo to meet her .

Reo apologized that he was too immersed in it and was trying to breakthrough that he forgot the time . Even after all that practise he wasn't unlock the Red Tessaiga because his own barrier was lacking . He then proceeded with carrying out the treatment to finally get rid of her disease . Ning'er was not so cold towards reo as she first met him . She was now even starting up conversations trying to get to know more about him . She was blushing beet red all the way until the treatment was over .

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After everything was over Ning'er took up her courage to confess to reo on how she felt towards him . She walked towards him and looked into his eyes and said " Reo I've only known about you for a little time, but each time I meet you I feel this warm feeling that I'm not able to suppress . I know that this is not my place and not my status to say this but I love you" . Ning'er lifted her head up to look at reo finding a shocked expression on face and she found out there was Feng Xue'er standing behind her and reo was taking glances at both of them .

Xue'er had personally made a bento(Boxed Lunch) herself so that she can have reo eat it . She made her way to his courtyard and found that their was someone else besides really and that was the cold beauty Xiao Ning'er confessing her love toward reo .

Reo was shocked at the timing of Xue'er and the sudden confession of Ning'er . He had made plans to make Ning'er join his faction as the fourth member and relieve her of her shackles that bound her to her family . But never in his wildest dreams did he find that fate was cruel enough to play this trick on him . Yes he has the crush from the original Reo which has also developed his feelings for her , but as a reincarnate he was fascinated by Ning'er and fell in love with her also so now he was caught between a Rock and a hard place .

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He was wishing that someone could drag him out of this mess, but Only the one who caused a problem can resolve it in the first place . Reo straighted by his face and said softly " Xue'er come in and sit , Ning'er you should also take a seat and hear me out" . Both girls were somewhat agitated by the other but since it was reo's request they couldn't back out and listened to him .

Reo focused his thoughts and made his mind clear so he could decide this once and for all . Reo first asked Xue'er,

" Xue'er Do you truly love me and wish to be with me forever?"

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Xue'er replied " The only one I love is reo and never want to be separated from reo"

Then Reo asked the same question to Ning'er,

"I Xiao Ning'er loves reo till the bottom of my heart and be together forever"

Even though both the girls answer were similar, but the deep truth showed in their choices of words . Xue'er was already together with reo from childhood and now with her booming talent their families won't reject their marriage and they could marry each other and the only problem was that someone could take her reo away from her . While Ning'er was different, she was already the fiance of Shen Fei and their families would oppose her being with reo and Shen Fei would not let her go because it would harm the sacred family dignity and she was not talented as Xue'er and wanted to be together for eternity .

Each of their answers contained the deep meanings in their hearts and the love they felt for reo . Hearing each other out the slight enmity formed between them wavered and was starting to collapse cause they could never dislike someone who loved reo as much as them .

Seeing the anxious girls and the deep look in their eyes reo knew he had to respond to their feelings .

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