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God Creation System - Chapter 18

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:46:29 AM

Chapter 18

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It was a new day and as reo got up as usual and went about his morning training, he heard from his brother that they would set off to the [Ruins of the Radiant City] to scout for treasures in a week and wanted him to participate in it so he can gain some experience fighting the demon beasts in the ruins .

[Ding! Explore and Excavate the treasures from Radiant City: 10k GP]

Reo thought about what he should do and finally a idea struck him, he had 38k GP from selling the Cultivation Technique he scanned from Nie li and he had obtained a total of 6 . 8k GP by accumulating from quests and various tasks . Reo actually noticed that in the faction shop ,he was gaining exp because all the quests and tasks his faction members do also grants him exp and he should collect them manually . He didn't notice it till now, so calculating the told amount of GP got him a total of 54560GP , Thinking further reo sold the [ Divine Elemental Tactics] for 7 . 5k GP and got a staggering amount of 62060 GP .

Reo was Grinning widely because the highest cultivation techniques sold in the shop were only 50k GP and their were only 3 that really suited him . Out of the three [ Primal Chaos Divination ] , [ Gates of Life & Death] and [Truth of the Laws] only the truth of the Laws suited his attributes which covered his elemental soul by touching on all the laws of the multiverse .

Reo spent the remaining 12k GP buying so skills to upgrade his techniques .

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1 . [Truths of the Laws] - 50k GP

2 . Uchiha Madara Inheritance - 5k GP

3 . Natsu Dragneel Inheritance - 2 . 5k GP

4 . Gray Full Buster Inheritance - 2 . 5k GP

5 . Medical NinJutsu - 300 GP

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6 . Splitting Moon Cascade - 500 GP

7 . Materials for Hidden Arts - 700 GP

8 . Senzu Beans x5 - 500 GP

[Truths of the Laws] - The cultivation technique which is one of the most powerful and most suited for Reo's Elemental Attributed Soul . Each element is made up of the laws of the world and comprehending the law is reaching the apex of mastery on that element . This cultivation technique paves the pathway to comprehend all the laws and inner truths enabling the practitioner to master each element and law .

[Uchicha Madara Inheritance] - One of the greatest ninja ever lived and the strongest Uchiha . Allows the Host to Use all skills . Except the ones belonging to Bloodline because its still locked .

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[Natsu Dragneel Inheritance] - The Strongest Flame Dragon Slayer Magic Wielder . All skills are unlocked .

[Gray Full Buster Inheritance] - The Strongest Ice Devil Slayer Magic Wielder . All Skills are unlocked .

[ Medical NinJutsu ] - Allows the user to use Soul force to heal oneself or others depending on the control of the soul force .

[Splitting Moon Cascade] - One of the Highest Level Technique used for Movement . When Completely mastered allows the host to achieve a state of invisibility .

[Materials for Hidden Arts] - This is basically forging materials that's bought in huge quantity to improve his forging skill . To create the next form for the hidden arts .

[Senzu Beans] - A life saving bean that can instantly heal all injuries and restore half of the user's energy .

[Ding! Host will enter Sleep mode for 24 hours to integrate with the inheritance in 30 minutes]

Reo set up the procedures for his 24 hour meditation and shut himself in his room . Even after the inheritance was over he didn't leave his own courtyard and began assimilating all the skills get got into his body . Reo either trained like crazy or spent time trying to forge the 2nd form of the [Hidden Arts 2nd Form: The Reaper's Scythe] . He made all of his 6 clones train inside the Sky Poison Pearl while he himself was focused on forging for the rest of the week .

In meantime, Nie li somehow managed to join the trip to the [Ruins of radiant City] by proving his knowledge towards Chen Linjian . Du ze , Li piao and the others started to train hard to improve their own strength and they didnt plan on joining the expedition .

Zhao kao also kept to himself and was said to train in reo's courtyard and did'nt join the expedition team . Reo tried his best to convince Xue'er and Ning'er to not join him, but he couldnt win against their antics and let them come with him . He made sure to give each of his faction members a [Senzu Bean] and explained its importance and how it was difficult to get it from his master, while keeping the rest with himself .

Nie Li had managed to get himself into a fight with shen yue for the first time in the library of the institute, where shen yue got his ass handed to him while pissing his pants because of nie li's sheer killing intent and his superb control over his soul force impacting shen yue's own soul .

Since shen yue himself could'nt do anything himself, he sought his brother Shen Fei a Silver 1 Rank Demon Spiritualist to punish nie li, he convinced him saying one of nie li's friend the Chen reo of the divine family was flirting with Xiao Ning'er . This enraged Shen Fei so much, but shen yue made him maintain his cool and said " Brother lets take care of that Reo and Nie Li in the Expedition using the Dark Guild, We dont even need to waste our breaths on them" Shen Fei hearing this left with a smirk on his face to make the preparations for the expeditions .

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