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God Creation System - Chapter 2

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:47:00 AM

Chapter 2

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Reo hears someone calling him to get up from his dream . Reo wakes up to see a women in her 30s nearby him saying that his breakfast is ready and he was asked to meet the Young Master Linjian after he woke up and had his breakfast .

Reo was still processing what was going on in his surroundings as it all seemed to be different from his home or anything he knew of and the women nearby referring him as Young Master Reo . He dismissed the women by waving his hand and sending her out of his own room . He thought about everything that has happened to him and came to a conclusion that he died and got reincarnated as the 10yr old Chen Reo of the Divine Family in Glory City of the TGD world . He then remember making some choices is the God Creation System and choosing this world and family . He tried to recall the system but their was no response from it . So got up and freshned up himself and eat his breakfast which was luxury to him was thinking how wonderful was it to be a young master of the Divine Family . Reo then remembered the servant mention to him that his elder brother called for him and since he couldn't find a way to interact with the system and had nothing to do himself he went to see his brother . He thought had a easy time going through the different areas and navigate to his brother's courtyard even though it was his first time in this world . He had vague feeling of slowing getting the previous memories of Chen Reo before he got into this body and how his father is Chen Zhenlong the patriarch of the Divine family and he has a elder brother Chen Lingjian , but sadly his mother died 2yrs after he was born so he could'nt remember much of her . His father was a strict and righteous person and was doting on him since childhood . His brother was the mostly loving and took good care of him . After 10 whole mins of looking for his brother Reo found his brother meditating in his courtyard . As soon as he got near, his brother seemed to open his eyes and smiled at seeing Reo come near him .

He called Reo near him and placed his hands on reo's shoulder and said to reo that he was free today and could teach reo some martial arts as he promised him . Reo was confused for a moment when suddenly remembered asking for his brother's guidance and how his brother promised him . He wondered how these memories which he doesn't know keeps coming into his head and thought that it has something to do with the system that is still not responding to him .

Since he asked for it he might as well see what his brother was going to teach him and went along with the training routine till noon . A servant came with a notice of asking his elder brother to meet the patriarch and that it was very important and he has to go immediately . Linjian dismissed the servant and said to Reo that his training is over and he can practice the exercise at his courtyard later and to go have his lunch and left to see the patriarch . Reo having trained properly for the first time in his found it rather hard but easier since reo's body was trained from a young age . So he went and had his lunch and went back to rest in his courtyard . After he sat in a meditative position and was trying to meditate he heard a sound .

[Ding! System has assimilated Chen Reo Memory into Host Soul]

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Reo suddenly found a flood of information of his past 10 yrs of life .

[ God Creation System Successfully Initialized into the world of TGD with the Host as Chen Reo ]

[Welcome to God Creation System . The Sole God of the Multiverse has created this system to guide the host onto the path of God-Hood has his Successor . ]

Reo hearing this mellow voice finally confirmed everything was real about the system and he was not dreaming anymore .

[Would the Host like a Tutorial about the God Creation System?

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Accept / Reject]

As Reo was trying to think what was happening before himself , he suddenly saw a holographic menu pop up before him asking whether he wanted a tutorial of the system .

He thought to himself why the hell would anyone reject a tutorial of the system that's gonna be his cheat in this new world . If anyone does reject it then that person must be brain dead he thought to himself .

Reo Clicked the Accept Button on the screen without hesitation .

[Tutorial Commencing . . . . . ]

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[ The God Creation System has a goal which is to make the Host into the Second God of the Multiverse . ]

[The GCS has 3 main system:

1 . Quest System:

The Host can trigger or receive quests from the system for which the system will reward the Host with appropriate Xp .

Xp can be used to Level up The Host Level and Purchase Items from The God Shop and to also upgrade the database

2 . Database:

The information the host collects will all be recorded in the database and can be accessed by the host at anytime . Upgrading the Database increases the memory of the user and is currently in charge of repairing the Host's original broken memory of his past life .

3 . God Shop:(Currently Locked)

The God Shop Unlocks at Level 1

Information Can be only be viewed after unlocking the shop .

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