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God Creation System - Chapter 22

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:46:24 AM

Chapter 22

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Reo smirked seeing the blue armed ape rushing towards him . When the ape was about 10 meters from him he drew the [Tiger's Fang] and used one of his sword skill he got from the [Dracule Mihawk Inheritance (Sword Intent First Release : Siren's Sonh) ] .

Everyone was shocked on seeing the blue armed ape rushing towards reo slow down and finally collapsing in front of him . What they saw was like a flash with a screeching sound in front of reo that happened for a second and the madly rushing ape slowed down and died . Shen Fei was gobsmacked when he saw the flash and heard the sound and seeing the ape fall before reo .

Reo casually resheathed his sword and turned back and walked towards Ning'er and Xue'er who were waiting for him . He didn't even bother turning back to look at the ape . But inwardly he was quite shocked himself, he had mastered this technique and has tested it against his own clones but he had never used it against a demon spirit before and was ready to take action if the move didn't work on the ape .

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His skill also proved worth to be inherited from the swordmaster Dracule Mihawk and also he was able to show off before the girls and spoil Shen Fei dream . It was like hitting two birds with one stone .

Most of them saw reo's sword skill and were stunned for a second but not long enough cause they we're still being chased by the other apes .

Everyone was fighting against the blue armed apes for almost 4 hrs and their was no sign of the apes stopping their assualt . Suddenly they heard a terrifying roar, nie li said that it was a spirit grade demon beast and was almost a gold ranked one .

Spirit Grade Demon Beast - Normally demon beasts don't have much intelligence and only have their animalistic instinct, but spirit grade beasts have intellect of a human child and Emperor Grade Demon Beast have proper intelligence and can transform into human form when they reach adulthood .

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The Spirit Grade demon beast was a [Diamond Armoured Giant Ape] it was the leader of the apes . It came along with 20 other apes and sent them to attack the expedition team . It was probably testing out the waters, but seeing the apes die because of the combined efforts of Nie Li's poisoned arrows and the others . The Spirit beast got mad and started it's own attack on the team . Linjian quickly ordered everyone to spread out into teams of 6 and meet back at the stone tower in the academy training grounds .

Reo, Nie Li and the three girls got together and ran in one of the directions, lan ruo also tagged along with them . The Spirit beast seeing the owner of the arrows run away decided to chase after them . They tried running away while dodging the beast, but couldn't shake it off .

Nie Li Shouted " Everyone I'll take care of this beast so get to safety , I know a way to kill this guy . "

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Reo Knew what Nie like was going to do so he also said " Nie Li my Strength will help you get some time to kill the beast , and everyone else listen to Nie li and get outta here . "

The four girls left the scene knowing that they would be just more burden if they stayed .

Reo and Nie Li stood together to face off against the spirit beast . Reo unleashed the tessaiga and started with a Wind Scar directly against the beast . The attack only slightly scratched the apes armour . Reo was able to dodge the beast using his movement technique that left behind statues of his image made of ice where every he left greatly confusing the beast . Seeing reo was able to hold out his own Nie li started to cast a weakening inscription seal to weaken to beast . He knew that spirit beasts were stronger than others of it's species because of it's intellect connected to it's soul . But that soul was also it's fatal weak point, he told reo " Reo attack the beast with your strongest attack aiming for it's forehead "

Reo complied and formed 4 more shadow clones near him with each surrounding the beast and using a different skill as he unleashed his own skill from the Evil God's Legacy [Falling Moon Sinking Star] as he entered the [1st Realm :Evil Soul] . Each of the clone did it's own attack from each sides, 1st clone pulled out the [Rasengan] , 2nd clone unleashed the[Second Gate of the Eight Inner Gates: Gate of Healing, From Might Guy Inheritance] And hit the beast with Leaf Tornado Kick , 3rd clone brought of the [Fire Dragon's Iron Claw From Natsu Dragneel Inheritance] , 4th clone brought of the [ Ice Cannon From Gray FullBuster Inheritance], attacking on all sides while reo himself unleashed his max power unto the forehead of the Demon Spirit . Firstly The Ice Cannon was hit to freeze the ape and slow it's movements, then the Leaf Tornado Kick and Fire Dragon's Iron Claw Both Smashed on either sides of the beasts face then the Rasengan was sent into the spirit beasts already smashed face making it more unrecognizable, but it didn't stop their and the falling moon Sinking Star was unleashed onto it's forehead making the beast collapse with a BOOM!

Nie Li a person who has seen the whole world and had once reached the Apex of power in his previous life was left a little shocked by seeing reo's power, but he regained his composure and activated his Soul Force To Pierce through the soul of the beast .

When the instant all of reo's attacks landed onto the beast resounded in a huge bang sound resonated through out the vicinity, scaring all the other apes that were following behind . The saddest was the spirit beast which got it's soul and body messed up . Reo was quite exhausted spending so much energy in a instant , but he still used the tessaiga to absorb the spirit demon beast's body . As soon as he finished the tessaiga began to change , it resounded a heartbeat which was clearly heard by both Nie li and reo .

Reo knew it was undergoing the transformation of becoming the Diamond Tessaiga because absorbing the soul of the beast might have unlocked it's third form .

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