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God Creation System - Chapter 27

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:46:13 AM

Chapter 27

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Everyone was flabbergasted, Ye Ziyun breaking the bronze testing crystal and breaking through to silver rank was because she was a renowned genius and the only daughter of the City Lord . But who's lu piao no one has practically heard about him and now he's also broken through to silver rank . Many who were spectating we senior students who were still stuck at bronze ranks and haven't broken through and they all though of one thing " This person is clearly a Hidden Genius " , Even vice-principal ye Sheng asked the other teachers why hasn't anyone informed him about this kid and when he learned he was one of Shen Xiu's students he gave her a look to ask why she didn't inform him about Lu Piao .

Shen Xiu was sweating badly with a frustrated and shocked look on her face right now and when she saw the look from ye Sheng she thought to herself " Even I don't know how this kid who had no talent and was red soul realm had reached silver rank so how am I explain this to you . "

Then she had a deep fear spread across her face as thought of something " Lu Piao only was able to reach silver rank when he became friends with Nie li and reo, if even he's at silver what's will be Nie Li's strength" and then the thought of her bet flashed across her mind but she quickly restrained herself saying maybe this lu piao was really a genius and that brat Nie Li has no chance at reaching the same level as others with a starting soul force of 5 and a red soul realm .

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Shen Xiu calmed herself and shouted " Lu piao, good work on reaching the silver rank now test your strength on the silver ranked crystal . "

Lu Piao went over to the new crystal and punched hard and his results were a silver ranked 1 star fighter strength and soul force shocking everyone else again as they never thought that he would not only breakthrough but also catch behind the goddess Ziyun .

Lu Piao got down the stage after 3 tries which almost showed similar strengths . Now it was Du ze who went up straight towards the silver crystal . Everyone was about to retort saying " Kid the bronze ranked crystal is over there, this is the silver ranked " but shut their mouths when they thought how lu piao made them embarrassed, even Shen Xiu didn't say anything and let Du ze hit the silver ranked crystal .

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Du ze was reminded by Nie Li to use his full power and not hold back so he decided to do so . He hit the crystal as hard as he could and then walked away before even the result was shown . Everyone thought that the kid was embarrassed about his meager strength and suddenly lost the courage to stand on the stage so he was leaving was flabbergasted when the looked back to see that he was a silver ranked 3 Star fighter .

After the shock given by lu piao and du ze a few dull ones came out like the previous routines which calmed the senses of the surrounding people .

But even the dull ones had a few bright ones who were bronze rank 3 and 4 Star fighters but they were diminished by the brilliance shown by lu Piao and Du ze .

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Soon Xue'er and Ning'er checked their strengths and the result was a shocking again with Xue'er being a silver ranked 5 Star fighter and Ning'er being a silver ranked 2 star fighter . And after a few more kids Nie Li went up toward the bronze crystal on the stage and said to Shen Xiu " Teacher Shen Xiu hope you haven't forgotten our bet " while smiling at her . Shen Xiu snorted back , but didn't reply to him and she simply signalled to hit the stone before him with a cold glare . Practically everyone in the institute knew about the bet between Shen Xiu and Nie Li and Reo and were looking towards the results of it .

Nie Li punched the crystal for 3 tries and all of his tries resulted in 100 soul force and 100 body power reaching the level of bronze rank 1 star fighter . Everyone thought that he just barely made it and passed his end of the bet with Shen Xiu, but only the vice-principal noticed the strangeness of his result . Shen Xiu was now mad and said " Good, you may have passed the bet but their is still reo who said he will reach silver rank let's see him try that " .

A few others went and showed their mediocre results, but their was a particular commoner pair of twin sister's who achieved bronze rank 5 Star fighter and a kid whom seemed skinny who also achieved bronze rank 5 whom piqued reo's interest . Zhao Kao went up after them and showed a result of silver rank 4 Star fighter as he shocked the audience again . Even Nie Li three other brothers showed some results as they each reached bronze rank 5 Star fighters .

Everyone had finished their tests except reo who waited till the last . Shen Xiu saw him standing near Nie Li and called out " Chen Reo your the last participant come and show us the result of your strength . "

Hearing Shen Xiu call for him , reo slowly walked forward without a care for in the world as he reached in front of the silver ranked crystal and said " Teacher Shen Xiu now is your chance to apologise to everyone for saying that commoners are trash and soul realm decides one's achievements in the future "

Hearing him say that ticked her off, but she calmed down thinking this brat is bluffing because he hadn't reached the silver rank yet and is looking for a way out and laughed to herself and said " I go by my word, their maybe some geniuses among the commoners but the truth is laid bare among others is true . If you want to prove me wrong show me your strength . "

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