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God Creation System - Chapter 30

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:46:10 AM

Chapter 30

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Nie Li was shocked when he heard the word "Reincarnator" mentioned by reo . It took him quite some time to analyze what had happened because after he had reincarnated he hasn't mentioned it to anyone and no one should have suspected him . Even if his actions were a little mature and way off from the others of his no one could have guessed that he had gone through reincarnation unless the other person knew that reincarnation was possible .

Nie Li calmed down and said with a smile " Yes, in the myriad of world's tea this one made by the Divine family is quite unique and refreshing . "

Reo thought to himself this guy sure tries to bluff his way out and decided to force him so he said " Well last time you sure did a bad job even after getting a treasure like the [Temporal Demon Spirit Book] "

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Nie Li hearing that instantly backed off into a corner and put up his guard, he didn't think that reo not only knew about his reincarnation but also his most guarded secret of the [Temporal Demon Spirit Book] .

Nie Li asked with killing intent leaking from his body " Who are you ? And how do you know about this ? "

Reo laughed hard and finally released his own killing intent along with his pressure by releasing the [Gate of Healing] & [ Evil God 2nd Realm: Burning Heart] which he could freely use now without hurting himself because he had reached the gold ranked level . The heavy pressure made Nie Li hard to breath and lose consciousness for a moment which he held on because of his control over soul force .

Reo stopped releasing the pressure after 5 breaths of time and said " Nie Li we are brothers, don't make me do this . I called you because we needed to speak and release out our suspicious on each other . But your not acting like my brother and even showing your killing intent against me . "

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Nie Li loosened up after hearing that because he now knows after the 5 seconds of pressure he felt, he knew if reo wanted to kill him he could have done so anytime . He finally relaxed and sat down in front of reo and said " Sorry reo I didn't think anyone would know my secret much less you . Since you know about it and wanted to talk, well I'm here now and listening say what you wanted to say brother . "

Reo smiled and said " Well I'm going to reveal some of my secrets to you so that we can trust each other and I'm going to tell you some parts of the past and others I can't say because it will hurt us badly . "

Reo first hid the fact about the God Creation System because that was his greatest secret which he didn't want to reveal to anyone . He then stated that he was a reincarnator like Nie Li and he had died early in his last life and was left as a spirit as he roamed the continent because of his regret . He said that he had found a treasure when he was spirit that let him hear the voice of God who granted him memories of a person's past and future, a power that grows alongside him and will reincarnate him again into his body . After that he said that he had to fulfill a condition of the god and stopped right there .

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Nie Li was a little suspicious because of all he learnt from reo . He then asked " Reo what's the condition and hows this related to me "

Reo frowned and said " The condition I cannot explain because I will die if I said that to someone that's my taboo, and my gift from God was the memories of your past and future . Because when I asked for the memories of the strongest person in Glory city I got your past and future memories . "

Reo then said " To make this a little believeable I'll tell a few things about your past but I cannot reveal your future because its against my condition . "

Reo then revealed a few parts of Nie li's past of how the Glory city was destroyed after the 100 thousand demon beast horde, the betrayal of the sacred family, the dark guild, ye ziyun's death, him getting the [Temporal Demon Spirit Book] in the vast desert Temple and a few other things to how he had finally died at the hands of the sage emperor .

Nie Li had a tough time of ingesting all the things that reo told and especially Ye Ziyun's death caused pain to flash across his eyes . And after sometime he finally said " Brother Reo I fully believe you, but is this it if you only wanted to tell me about your past then their is no reason too right ? . "

Reo chuckled and said " Your quite the smart fellow Nie Li and it is indeed . It's is one part of the things I have to achieve is to defeat the sage emperor and become the ruler of this realm and for that I need brothers like you who will help me in killing him . "

Reo continued " I cannot reveal why I have to kill the sage emperor, but he's just a single part of my whole goal and their is a whole bigger stage which we have to shine in . This is a wider stage and a whole lot bigger than you can imagine so decide your answer before you reply to my next question . "

Reo then smiled and said " I Chen Reo ask you Nie Li, will you follow me till the boundless universe and conquer this multiverse . "

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