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God Creation System - Chapter 34

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:46:05 AM

Chapter 34

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Reo said " I will assign each of you with a training partner, with whom you will learn skills and train to improve yourself . "

Reo then assigned each of them a person and the pairings went like this,

1 . Nie Li and Zhuge Liao - Learn alchemy and other knowledgeable stuff .

2 . Zhao Kao and Yamamoto Hisashi - Learn covert skills and the way of the dark element and path to void .

3 . Feng Xianyu and Takahashi Ren - Both of them strive to achieve strength through sheer power

4 . Xiao Ning'er and Tanaka Akane - Learn to get ride of shyness and be self-dependent .

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5 . Feng Xue'er and Tanaka Aiko - Learn to get rid of a little cold personality and depend on friends .

The pairing were made and they were told to learn from them whatever they can to improve themselves . They could start after the vacation was over or follow them during the vacation and it was up to them .

The distribution of the cultivation technique and pills were done and everyone were told to leave and go about their work and the next meeting will be in 3 months before the sacred Family's power tournament .

The 5 genius class members approached their respective partners and discussed on what they should be doing during the vacation .

Zhuge Liao was said to go home for the vacation after he was passed on some books about alchemy and inscription by Nie li . Takahashi Ren was really getting along with Xianyu even though he was older by years and decided to train for a month before he set out to his home .

Yamamoto Hisashi decided to stay together with Zhao Kao since he was a orphan like him and saw him as his elder brother .

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The sisters decided to go back home for the vacation because they wanted to spend time with their family and said they will be back after 20 days to start their training .

Soon the 5 people left and their were only the first 5 faction members and du ze and Lu piao left .

Reo notified the system to upgrade du ze and Lu piao to 2nd string members of the faction on which they got a new cultivation technique and a upgrade in their soul to azure realm .

The difference between first string and 2nd string is that the upgrade in talent and potential of the member .

Reo then took out a interspacial ring from Nie Li in which he had written about 30 high level cultivation techniques . Reo immediately sold all of them and got 230k GP for it .

Reo said " I can only pass on skills after I've at least achieved basic mastery so after the vacation is over you guys come meet me back at my courtyard . "

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Reo then handed out the cultivation technique for both Du Ze and Lu piao and bid farewell to others .

Reo had one more job to do before he could settle down the matter of the faction and that was to meet Yang Xin and get her to follow him and his faction .

Yang Xin is now the current director of the alchemist association and she was just put in charge this year . She is a beautiful and talented alchemist . She was orphaned at a young age and used her own skill and hard work to rise to the position of director . Because of her beautiful looks she is often not taken seriously . Because of this she often feels very isolated and lonely . She has met reo a few times before when he had went to deliver the pill recipes .

Soon reo went back to his courtyard and rested, he had invited Yang Xin on the pretense to give a secret pill recipe and that it had to be directly handed over to her .

Yang Xin found it a little suspicious, but since it was the sake of a pill recipe she had to go meet reo . It was also good idea to get the little boy fall into her charms so she could extort more recipes . Yang Xin soon arrived and was escorted to reo's room .

Reo had prepared [Crimson Karmic Tea] for her . He invited her into his room and asked her to take a seat and even the tea was served for her . Soon reo said " Director Yang Xin what do you think about my families tea ? Does it suit your tasted . "

Yang Xin felt a little uncomfortable at start but soon calmed herself down and drank the tea as she replied " The Divine family's tea is famous and is one of the best I've ever tasted . Reo you should called me sister Yang Xin and also you didn't call me to talk about your family's tea right ? "

Reo laughed and then said with a determined look " Yes your right sister Yang Xin, I want you "

Yang Xin was under the Aura released by reo and was affected by the calmness of the tea but was somehow still blushed a little when she heard reo say that and she suttered as she said " Little Reo, what do you mean can you explain again "

Reo then with a smiled responded " Don't take me wrong sister yang, but I just want you . "

He gave a pause then continued " Precisely I want you to join my [World Conquer Faction] "

Yang Xin was slightly relieved, but also some what heartbroken a little when she heard the reason for him wanting him . It was a new feeling to her also that feeling shouldn't come on a boy younger than her .

Reo gave her a moment then proceed her to tell about how their was going to be a lot of trouble for Glory city and how the factions gonna conquer the Divine continent and such . After explaining everything he could to her he asked " Sister Yang Xin will you follow me Chen Reo to the ends of this world . " as he presented the oath stone before her .

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