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God Creation System - Chapter 36

Published at 11th of October 2019 05:50:06 AM

Chapter 36

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Today was the first day of the last month of this year and also the start of the vacation of the students of the institute . Many of the students go home during the vacation to meet their families since its far away . Even most of the faction members have returned home .

Reo has about a month to train himself so he looks at his status to confirm and make plans to improve himself .

[Status Window]

Name: Reo Yuuto (Chen Reo)

Age: 12

Starting World: TGD
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Soul Power : 15903

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Body Power : 17946

Will Power : 1053

Soul Sea: Indigo Soul Realm

[Blessings of ∆∆∆ ∆∆∆∆∆]

Cultivation Technique: [Truths of the Laws]

Rank: Gold 1 Demon Spiritualist

Demon Spirit : [Vermillion Bird( Four Ancient Beasts)]

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Equipment : Twin Cloud Training Outfit, Senior GrandMaster Alchemist Badge, Ninja Tools, , Tessaiga( 1st Form: Wind Scar, 2nd Form: Diamond Tessaiga)- Weapon(Sword), [Flame Dragon's Set Armour], [Hidden Arts 1st Form: Viper Strike], [Hidden Arts 2nd Form: The Reaper's Scythe] .

Item: Senzu Beans x5, Sky Poison Pearl,Oath Stone, [ One Star Dragon Ball], [Special Adamantine Ore], [Event Warp Orb] .

Profession: Forger, Cultivator, Martial Artist, Alchemist, Inscriber .

Skills: Elemental Affinity, Rasengan , Shadow Clone Jutsu(10 Shadow Clones), Armament Haki(User), Observation Haki(User), Conquerors Haki(User), Medical NinJutsu, Splitting Moon Cascade .

Inheritance: Might Guy(Second Inner Gate:Gate of Healing), Dracule Mihawk(First Form: Basic Sword Intent), Uchiha Madara Inheritance, Natsu Dragneel Inheritance, Gray Full Buster Inheritance .

Legacy: Evil God Legacy[(One Evil God Seed - Fire Seed),(2nd Realm: Burning Heart)]

Total Exp: 26090 Exp

God Shop Points: 5600GP

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GCS Level: 4

Looking at the status and after thinking about it reo asked the system about the [Event Warp Orb] .

[Ding! Event Warp Orb can warp the user to a specified world and specified timeline of that world to participate in certain historical or monumental events . However duration in that world is limited to 2 weeks . ]

Reo was kind of surprised to hear he can travel to world to witness events and when he saw the orb again he finally understood how great of a treasure he had obtained and it was one of the keys to help him conquer the multiverse .

The system even though neutral gave him a cruel blow by spoiling his huge fantasy by informing him that he could only go to places or timelines that are equal towards his strength and if somehow he tries to do too much and is killed by the lifeforms of that world then he is dead for permanent .

So reo was a little bit dejected but knew he might not be able to convice the stronger people to follow him if he himself was not strong enough and could only go to places where he has the average amount of strength when compared to that timeline .

Finally reo decided to use the warp orb to go to a world to recruit a person and for that he informed his family and friends that he was going to cultivate at the mountains behind the institute and was not to be bothered for a month so that he could achieve a breakthrough .

He had made zhao kao learn the Arts of Hidden Kill and Ninjutsu, then made him teach Hisashi Yamamoto, all the while secretly observing the moves of the dark guild in the city .

Meanwhile Yang Xin was made to buy a good property from the sacred family in her name for personal use for a good price to make it the headquarters of the faction . She also had to buy the Nightmare Demon Pot and give it to Nie Li so that he could refine demon spirits for the faction members . Both of them were informed of the assasination attempt of nie li by the dark guild, while nie li was not surprised by it and thought it was about time they try him but was thankful enough so that he can be prepared to capture them . Yang xin was kind of shocked when she heard about something like a future event but still believed reo and made her preparations for such a event in case it happens .

Finally after all the preparations for the warping complete, reo made his way to the mountains and made himself a cave using his earth element skills so that he could hide himself .

[Ding! Warping has commenced, starting in 5 . . . . . 4 . . . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . . . 1 . . . zwoosh]

Reo felt a headache and his vision going burly until he blanked out of consciousness, the warping only took a minute and he was successfully transported to the desired world at the timeline he specified before hand .

After reo arrived at the place he gradually regained his consciousness while he looked around and found out that he was in the dark alley way, he went out to explore the area with a cloak to hide himself and he was thrilled to find himself on a marine base with a port town being surrounded by the ocean . He was here to recruit the legendary swordsman Roronoa Zoro .

Roronoa Zoro - Roronoa Zoro was known as "Pirate Hunter" Zoro is the combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates in the World of One Piece . He was the first member to join the crew and, to date, is considered the largest threat and most dangerous member in it after Monkey . D . Luffy . He is currently a bounty hunter and will arrive at a marine base governed by Axe Arm Morgan . ( Before Luffy Meets Zoro)

Currently reo went to a bar to check out the local news and the current situation at the port town . He ordered some food and drinks and perked up his ears to listen to the tales of others . But sadly he couldnt hear anything about zoro nor morgan nor luffy . He went of the bar after his meal and started to search for clues about zoro . After searching for a long time he couldnt find zoro and his only conclusion was that zoro has not yet come to the town and caused a ruckus yet .

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