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God Creation System - Chapter 38

Published at 11th of October 2019 05:50:04 AM

Chapter 38: 38

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Hearing those words meant reo has half succeeded on his plan to bring Zoro to his world . Since Zoro has ambition he certainly won't be willing to forgo the chance to become the world's number one swordsman, let alone being the multiverse's number one swordsman .

Reo smiled at Zoro and said " This world is too small for a person like you, want to come with me . I could certainly be reassured with the multiverse's number one swordsman being at my side . "

Zoro was confused and hesitant and a little bit overwhelmed by reo and was thinking what he should do when he heard the sound of a gunshot at the entrance . He turned around and looked as he saw the situation turn for the worse since all marine guards were in firing formation along with Axe-Hand Morgan at the back .

He wished he had his swords if not he would not be in these dire state . He turned to look at reo only with reo staring at Morgan with a mocking smile on his face .

. . . .

[Ding! Special Event Activated ]

[Host can choose between to modes 1 . Normal 2 . Special ]

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Reo asked the system what was the difference but did not get a reply from the system . He cursed the system for not giving information and randomly giving out events when he least expected it and as time was ticking on with Morgan and his troops in firing mode he decided to gamble and chose the special mode .

[Ding! Host has selected the Special Mode]

[Warning ! Host can't leave the warped space until he fulfills the conditions .

1 . Rescue Roronoa Zoro .

2 . Defeat Buffed Morgan . ]

Reo understood what happened when he saw what the system meant by special when he saw that Morgan was buffed . Normally defeating Morgan with his current strength will be a piece of cake for reo . But since this is a special event and the system likes to screw with him sometimes he knew he was in for some trouble when he saw the system giving Morgan a buff .

As reo was pondering all these things with still a mocking smile on his face only a few seconds have passed by since everything was in his own mind which was processed every fast .

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. . . . .

Morgan was ready to execute the intruder and the pirate Hunter Zoro for their defiance . Even though he was cautions of the intruder, since his subordinate was babbling nonsense in his report he didn't like anyone disrespecting his authority so he personally led his troops to eliminate them both as it was almost time to finish off Zoro anyway .

He ordered his troops to get into position was about to tell them to fire when he suddenly felt his body swelling with energy and strength which he had never felt before . He was exhilarated and with his eyes becoming bloodshot he looked like a enlarged hungry beast ready to go on a rampage .

. . . . .

Reo went from smiling to a serious expression when he saw the changes that took in Morgan as he could feel his soul force soaring to that of a gold rank 5 fighter . Even though reo could beat a black gold rank fighter, there was something different about Morgan that made him worry as things won't go according to plan .

. . . . .

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Morgan order his troops to fire as a last order and as seconds tickled by he started losing his consciousness and went into a frenzy with bloodlust and let out a fearsome roar as he charged at reo .

. . . . .

Reo as a Gold rank 1 demon spiritualist could easily Dodge the bullets , but the same couldn't be said for Zoro who was tied to a pole and couldn't move . He used the elements in the air to create a ice shield using Ice-Make Magic . Then he retaliated with his own Ice Lances which shot out for Morgan . He looked back and said "Something is wrong with Morgan and his troops get back and let me handle them . " By the time he said that he had used Ice Magic to make ice blades which cut off the ropes and took out zoro's sword and handed it too him and started running towards Morgan to engage him in the fight .

(Note: All types of energy and power are one and the same in this case magic and soul force are same as chakra and other energy forms . )

Morgan's Mutation and bloodlust had affected his troops as well as they started going berserk .
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Morgan ran towards reo after smacking away his Ice Lances, which didn't even tickle him as he charged towards reo with his Axe held high . He leaped up and came crashing down with a heavy force .

Reo could see the Ice Lance's had no effect and could only turn serious . Seeing Morgan jumping above his head and coming down, reo didn't want to risk it and dodged the axe chop with a leap to the side and let out a Fire Dragon's Roar .

He created some distance and started transforming into his Vermillion demon spirit only to see Morgan charging at him with slight black marks on his body .

Reo started multi tasking and split his powers and channeled his soul force to use both his fire and ice inheritance . His right arm started being covered in flames forming a flaming gauntlet and his left hand was covered in a once gauntlet .

Both of them went head-to-head and clashed with each other . Reo's Fire Dragon Claw hit organ's fist and his Ice Bringer blocked the cleave of the axe . Both of them were evenly matched which made reo frown .

The started exchanging blows with each other only to be evenly matched , reo knew he was at a disadvantage of he continued like this since Morgan was like a ferocious beast which won't stop till he died and reo was expending his soul force with the usage of his inheritances .

Reo dodged a strike and pulled out tessaiga and unleashed a wind scar whose force he used to pull some distance between them . Reo knew he had to end the fight closed his eyes and started channeling his Ice and Fire Energy into the tessaiga which started glowing alternatively with a red and blue shade .

Morgan was a little bit scratched by the wind scar and pushed a little back . He was angry and growled as he once again jumped up high to land a critical blow with his axe before reo gathered his energy .

When Morgan was high up in the air almost blocking the sun and covering reo with his shadow, reo opened his eyes and with a final push of his energy his tessaiga started to change form . The whole sword was covered with sharp and hard ice while being wrapped in dragon flames . There was a faint dragons roar heard from the sword . This was the new FrostFlame Form of the tessaiga which let out a dragons roar as reo also leaped up to meet Morgan for the final clash .

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