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God Emperor - Chapter 1329

Published at 26th of March 2020 10:25:07 AM

Chapter 1329: 1329

Zhang Ruochen released his mind power for inspection after getting out of the forest to find the traces of the fight between the Crazy Alcoholic and Ye Xiaoxiang .

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“The Crazy Alcoholic and Gu Songzi still haven’t left Xianji Mountain yet . Instead, they went deep into the mountain . ”

Zhang Ruochen was a bit surprised and found it unbelievable .

However, after several rounds of confirmation, he reached the same conclusion .

Both the black shadow who claimed that he came from the ‘death race’ and the phalange that rushed from the bottom of the Taoist Temple all went deep into Xianji Mountain, which meant there were great dangers there .

Why would they go there?

“It seems Shi Qianjue’s saint figure rune has caused some significant trouble for the Crazy Alcoholic and Gu Songzi, forcing them to run deep into Xianji Mountain . They want to use the power there to fight Ye Xiaoxiang . ” That was Zhang Ruochen’s assumption .

“Nobody knows how strong those of the death race are . Perhaps the Crazy Alcoholic and Gu Songzi’s lives are also in grave danger . ”

Qing Mo pouted as she recalled something . She sighed and said, “My lord, the Crazy Alcoholic told me about what happened in the past . ”

“Really? Tell me,” Zhang Ruochen said .

Qing Mo said, “The Crazy Alcoholic rushed back to the headquarters of the demonic sect the second he got the message from Gu Songzi . He wanted to persuade Shi Qianjue to spare the families of Gu Songzi . However, he was stopped by the empress, and to survive, he had to kneel and beg the empress, promising that he’d never kill and leave the demonic sect . However, it was too late when he got back, as the entire family had been slaughtered already . ”

“It sounds like the Crazy Alcoholic isn’t a coward like Gu Songzi said,” Zhang Ruochen said .

All these grudges came from a misunderstanding, which was saddening .

When it comes to fate, nobody can do anything about it .

Qing Mo frowned and said, “I just don’t understand why he didn’t tell Gu Songzi what really happened . ”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “To a saint, being forced to kneel is more painful than being killed, not to mention kneeling before someone who killed his teacher . If he told Gu Songzi the truth, it would be Gu Songzi who would feel guilty for the rest of his life . ”

“Are you saying the Crazy Alcoholic paid a price higher than his life?” Qing Mo asked .

“That’s right,” Zhang Ruochen said .

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Zhang Ruochen and Qing Mo were in no place to interfere in a fight among saint kings, and they were far from strong enough to go deep into Xianji Mountain .

The thing they should do now was find somewhere to hide to perfect his meridians .

Xianji Mountain was indeed very dangerous, but it was also a great place to hide .

Zhang Ruochen looked up at the towering Spiritual Mountain, which looked like a stone elephant where they had entered Xianji Mountain .

There was a large group of ancient buildings at the top of Spiritual Mountain, and there was holy light emanating from it, which made people wonder whether that was a place where a God used to live or not .

“It’s there . Let’s go . ” Zhang Ruochen climbed up the mountain with Qing Mo again .

Jinfu Giant Python shrunk its body, flapping its wings and flying above Qing Mo .

When they got close to the top of the mountain, they saw the abandoned Taoist Temple which was divided into two halves . There was a crack in the middle which extended underground .

That phalange had rushed out of the crack before .

“The phalange was sealed here by a Taoist Temple . Where does that phalange come from? Who sealed it here? Will there be other bone fragments in Xianji Mountain?”

Zhang Ruochen was very confused and asked Qing Mo to stay waiting for him, and then, he jumped into the crack to search for traces .

The bottom of the Taoist temple was a black-stoned altar that was more than sixty feet tall, and there were ancient characters sculpted on it .

However, the black altar had already been shattered . Zhang Ruochen couldn’t find anything valuable from those characters, so he had to land back on the ground again .

“How was it?”

Qing Mo opened her eyes wide and couldn’t be more curious as she wondered where that phalange came from .

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “Let’s go!”

The ancient building at the top of the mountain was still so magnificent even after a hundred thousand years, which was awesome .

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Even that phalange didn’t trespass in that place, which showed how impressive that place was .

Zhang Ruochen set up a space formation around the blue temple so that the great beings from Moon Worship Demonic Sect, the immortal vampire race, and the death race wouldn’t get it .

After getting into the blue palace, Qing Mo moved her eyes and said, “My lord, you’ve already fully recovered, which means you can tear apart the space now . I reckon you’re able to break the formation of the temple . Do you want to get in and inspect the place? Perhaps we might get something rewarding . ”

“Let’s go . ”

Zhang Ruochen nodded .

They walked past ancient palaces one by one on the stone path where there were weeds everywhere . They stopped after they arrived below a silver Acer .

Zhang Ruochen pressed his palm forward .


A translucent waterfall showed up, stopping his palm from moving forward . Traces of lightning struck the waterfall, gathering at the center of Zhang Ruochen, forming a counteracting power .

Zhang Ruochen was prepared for that . He immediately retracted his palm and flew ten feet away .

The formation was very solid, as strength couldn’t break it at all .

“I’ll try using space crack . ”

Zhang Ruochen mobilized holy Qi and released space saint look, mobilizing the space rules and concentrating them in his right index finger .

Just as he was about to tear the space apart, he sensed a bizarre saint Qi ripple above him .

“A great being is standing at the top of the palace . ”

Zhang Ruochen shot a glance above him and moved the track of his finger . He waved his hand upwards and slashed toward the saint Qi ripples .

A crimson being dived from the top of the palace incredibly swiftly . It changed its location seven times, dodged the space crack, and left seven shadows in the air .

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Qing Mo sensed the heat from above, and she reached her silver kitchen knife as quickly as possible .

However, that crimson being was quicker . She held Qing Mo’s hand while the other one grabbed toward Zhu Qingyi, which Qing Mo was holding .

Just as the crimson being was about to get Zhu Qingyi, Zhang Ruochen suddenly showed up behind her and pointed at her neck with a finger sword .

That crimson being had to knock Qing Mo away, and then, she pinched a finger sword with her index finger and middle finger, clashing with Zhang Ruochen’s finger sword .


They fought each other thirteen times .

The two finger swords clashed with each other, and countless sword Qi was splashed, leaving holes in the wall of the palace .

And then, the two were separated .

Just as Zhang Ruochen balanced himself, that crimson being was already standing at the end of the stone path a hundred feet away .

Everything happened within a blink of an eye, yet Zhu Qingyi had already been seized .

And then, six white feather female saints rushed out of the palace beside them, standing behind that crimson being .

Zhang Ruochen finally saw the face of that crimson being . He wasn’t angry, yet he said calmly, “Is this how you return the favor, Martial Saint Canglan?”

Martial Saint Canglan held Zhu Qingyi while smiling smugly . She said, “I’ve been hiding in the blue palace the entire time, but you didn’t notice me, which means I could’ve killed you any time I wanted, yet I didn’t do that . Don’t you think it was already a great way to pay you back?”

Obviously, a smart man should’ve never argued with a woman .

Zhang Ruochen didn’t want to argue with Martial Canglan . He blamed himself for not being careful enough .

There was a mysterious force in the blue temple that could suppress the senses and mind power of a monk, otherwise, Zhang Ruochen would’ve found Martial Saint Canglan a long time ago .

“You’ve entered the blue temple before?” Zhang Ruochen asked .

Martial Saint Canglan couldn’t be happier . She said, “Do you think you’re the only one who found this place extraordinary? This temple is able to stop the evil shadow of that phalange from getting in . There must be some valuables that can suppress that phalange and the death race inside . ”

“However, you weren’t able to break the formation,” Zhang Ruochen said .

“That’s right . ”

Martial Saint Canglan stopped smiling as she was upset by a setback .

“Perhaps I can break that formation . ”

Zhang Ruochen waved his hand, and a crack that was around three feet long was opened . He said, “If you want me to help you get in, you need to give Zhu Qingyi back to me and say you’re sorry . ”

“Are you crazy? Do you really think I, the head of the nine heavenly maidens, would apologize to someone wanted by the imperial government?”

Martial Saint Canglan raised her head and showed her slender and sexy neck . She didn’t want to compromise at all .

Zhang Ruochen said, “Martial Saint Canglan, you’re the head of the nine heavenly maidens, yet you ambushed two monks whose level are under you . I reckon you’ll become a joke if other monks learn about this . ”

Martial Saint Canglan frowned and said, “The death race comes from the outer-realm . They might pose a greater threat to us humans than immortal vampires . The valuables hidden in the blue palace might be able to suppress them, and they have to be procured by the imperial government so that they can be fully utilized . Zhang Ruochen, for the greater good, we need to forget the grudges between us and get them together . I’ll tell the empress about your contributions . Perhaps…”

Hearing the word ‘Empress,’ Zhang Ruochen stopped her from talking and said, “For the greater good, you need to give me back Zhu Qingyi and apologize to me . ”

Martial Saint Canglan kept grinding her teeth out of anger . She used to have a great impression of Zhang Ruochen . If Zhang Ruochen was willing to cooperate with her and get the valuables hidden in the blue palace, she would tell the empress what he did so that she might pardon Zhang Ruochen’s previous crimes .

However, not only did Zhang Ruochen not cooperate with her at all, but also he was asking her to apologize to him!

She was the head of the nine heavenly maidens, Martial Saint Canglan, not a girl like Qing Mo . She needed to maintain her image .

Those six female saints were all dazed as they reckoned Zhang Ruochen was being too reckless .

However, they didn’t feel disdain for Zhang Ruochen at all . Instead, they were laughing inside, thinking that their martial saint was about to be taken advantage of .

Also, they wondered who would concede first .

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