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God Emperor - Chapter 409

Published at 7th of January 2019 07:51:49 AM

Chapter 409

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Of course, Zhang Ruochen wouldn't carelessly venture into the depths of the valley . First, he activated the Skyeye in his glabella to use his Spiritual Power to probe the surroundings . Going through layers of miasmas, he could see a cold black pond at the bottom of the valley .

An extremely dangerous power emanated from the cold pond and forced back Zhang Rouchen's Spiritual Power .

"What a fierce power! Is there a strong savage"So fast!" beast living in the cold pond?"

Zhang Rouchen caught two disciples of Master Longze and asked them if they knew anything .

Master Longze's two disciples were called Master Daye and Master Xiaoye respectively .

At that moment, both of them knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing to Zhang Ruochen as if he was their Deity .

Master Daye said, "Master Longze has done all kinds of evil things . You killed him, and he deserved it .  We are willing to follow you and be your servants in the future . "

Master Xiaoye said with a trembling voice, "I'm also willing to follow you and will always faithfully stay by your side . "

How could they dare to challenge Zhang Ruochen after witnessing his immense power? They could only submit to his rule since it was the only way to live .

Even Master Longze was killed by Zhang Ruochen with one move, then wouldn't he kill them only need a snap of a finger?

Zhang Ruochen said, "Tell me, what on earth is it in the cold pond at the bottom of the valley? And where did Master Longze get his Black Glazed Spinel?"

In order to get on Zhang Ruochen's good side, Master Daye replied immediately, "There is a monster ape living in the cold pond . It is the Dominator of the entire Monster Ape Ridge . Master Longze and we are just its servants . "

Master Xiaoye also added, "That Black Glazed Spinel that Master Longze wore was a reward given by the monster ape . Apparently, now is the key moment for the monster ape to break through its realm . It needs to swallow two women every day in order to increase the Yin-cold Qi in its body . "

Zhang Ruochen showed a cold expression and an aura burst out from his body . He said in a deep voice, "Are you talking about the women in the dungeon?"

The pressure released by Zhang Ruochen pressed on Master Daye and Master Xiaoye like a mountain . They were getting squeezed to death by the raw power .

"Do not hurt us, please! We are just following the orders of that old fool, Longze . If we don't follow his order, we'll surely be killed . " Master Daye begged .

Zhang Ruochen said, "Tell me, how powerful is that monster ape?"

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Master Daye was shocked . Was this man really going to deal with the monster ape?

The monster ape was notorious across the whole Five Elements Continent .

Although he was shocked, he said honestly, "The monster ape is terrifyingly powerful . Just the Icing cold evil energy that flows out from his skin overwhelmed us and forced us to lie down on the ground when near it . Even that old fool, Longze, can't possibly survive after one strike . "

Master Xiaoye's face was a little pale . He said, "Young hero, you'd better not bother it . Once it is irritated, there will be an uproar in the entire Five Elements Continent . "

Zhang Ruochen said, "Both of you have said that it is the key moment for the ape to have a break-through . Maybe I can take this chance to kill it . "

Zhang Ruochen certainly would like to be able to obtain the Black Glazed Spinel .

There must have been a large amount of Black Glazed Spinel in the cold black pond at the bottom of the valley . Otherwise, the monster ape would not have settled down there .

Moreover, Zhang Ruochen found that the Black Glazed Spinel contained the most succinct water-natured power . If he could refine a large amount of the Black Glazed Spinel, he could possibly practice into Treasured Body of Water Spirit .

Although the treasured body was one level lower than a Saintly Being, it was much more powerful than the ordinary human constitution .

If Zhang Ruochen practiced into the Treasured Body of Water Spirit, his Martial Arts would be improved even further .

Zhang Ruochen called out the Violet Thunder Sword and walked toward the depths of the valley step by step .

Watching Zhang Ruochen's back, Master Daye and Master Xiaoye looked at each other . They could see the fear in each other's eyes .

"We'd better quickly run as far as we can . Once the monster ape is angered, anywhere within 50 kilometers will be razed to the ground . "

"He is too arrogant . There is no way he can survive once he starts fighting against the monster ape . "

They immediately rushed out of the valley and went into the forest, quickly running away into the distance .

The deeper Zhang Ruochen was in the valley, the colder his surroundings got .

When Zhang Ruochen got close to the cold black pond, he released the Space Domain and regulated the power of the space warps . In a flash, Zhang Ruochen disappeared from the ground .

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Being enveloped by the Space Domain, Zhang Ruochen restrained his aura and sneaked into the cold black pond to look for the lair of the monster ape .

Although the cold pond was small and narrow on the surface, the deeper he dived in, the wider the pond was .

The temperature at the bottom of the cold pond was extremely low . Warriors in the Heaven Realm with weak cultivation would certainly be frozen to death if they dived more than 100 meters deep .

However, the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi was dozen times thicker than outside . This place could be considered to be a practicing sanctum even in Kunlun's Field .

"How strange! The temperature is so low, but the water's still not freezing at the bottom of the pond . "

Zhang Ruochen vaguely felt the slight power of Black Glazed Spinel in the black cold pond .

Even if Zhang Ruochen didn't use his exercises, that power still continued to infuse into his body, integrating into his blood and Meridians .

"Even if I didn't get the Black Glazed Spinel, I could still practice into the Treasured Body of Water Spirit if I practiced in the cold pond for 10 years . "

Right now, Zhang Ruochen could affirm that there must be a large number of Black Glazed Spinels at the bottom of the cold pond .

After diving about two hundred meters, light couldn't reach the depths at all . Zhang Ruochen could only use his Skyeye to see in the water .

A giant black shadow appeared below, which was 30 meters tall and was fully covered by the long black hair . It was a giant ape shape looking from afar .


The monster ape was breathing heavily . Every time it breathed in, huge water wave gushed toward it and going into its body through its nostrils .

Every time it breathed out, the water pushed back like a tsunami .

An unbeatable power emanated from his body . It seemed that the lofty mountains could even crumble with one punch from the monster ape .

"Black Glazed Spinel . "

Zhang Ruochen stared at the stone wall below the monster ape .

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On the stone wall appeared pieces of black crystals, of which the smallest one was the size of the finger, and the biggest one was as large as a washbasin .

The Black Glazed Spinel Zhang Ruochen had refined before was only about the size of the smallest among them .

Suddenly, the monster ape that was practicing discovered Zhang Ruochen's aura and made a loud roar .

It opened two big eyes and shot out two golden light columns, which broke through Zhang Ruochen's Space Domain and hit his body .


Zhang Ruochen flew backward and violently hit the stone wall in the distance . He sank into the stone wall, forming a big pit .

Fortunately, he mobilized the power of the Dragon Pearl in time, which formed a golden light screen to protect his body . Otherwise, he would be certainly badly hurt by that strike of the monster ape .

The monster was furious, as it did not expect someone could actually break into the Blackwater Chillpool undetected . It struck out one palm . The speed reached the maximum limit and was nearly twice the speed velocity . In an instant, its fist hit Zhang Ruochen's body .

iZhang Ruochen wanted to dodge, but before he could mobilize his Genuine Qi, the ape's fist had landed on his body, almost breaking through the defense of the Dragon Pearl .

The monster ape was like a peerless giant demon . It looked ferocious and had infinite power .  It immediately struck out the second palm .

However, the moment before its fist had landed on Zhang Ruochen, he disappeared .

Zhang Ruochen appeared above the monster ape's head . He had used the Space Moving move just now .


The Violet Thunder Sword flew out and Zhang Ruochen grabbed the sword, he then chopped down towards the ape .

"Soul-slaying Sword!"

Zhang Ruochen demonstrated the last move of Thirteen Swords Techniques of Soul Chasing, which was also the most powerful one .

Dozens of glass thick purple lightning gathered into the sword tip . The sword screamed like the wind and thunder, as it tried to split the monster ape in half .


The monster ape blocked the Violet Thunder Sword with one hand .

It swang its arm with explosive strength and slapped Zhang Rouchen away .

The hit Zhang Ruochen made just now only left a half-meter long wound in its palm . For the ape, it was not a big wound .

"So powerful . This monster ape must have practiced into the Treasured Body of Water Spirit . "

Zhang Ruochen used his Skyeye to observe . He could see that the monster ape's cultivation had already reached the Peak of the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm .

The monster ape's strength was many times powerful than the chief chairman of Poisonous Spider Club, even though both of them were in the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm .

The biggest reason was that the monster ape had practiced into the Treasured Body of Water Spirit .

Zhang Ruochen immediately released his Martial Soul and his body emitted a dazzling white light .

There was a soul shadow above his head .

After absorbing Half-Saint's Light, Zhang Ruochen's Martial Soul was strong enough to be put on a par with that of Monk in the Fourth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm .

The Martial Soul began to mobilize the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi and converted into its own power, which suddenly increased Zhang Ruochen's strength to a large degree .

Although the Martial Soul could be comparable with the Fourth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm, it didn't mean that Zhang Ruochen could display the strength of the Fourth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm . After all, he was still in the Advanced Stage of the Heaven Realm .

Of course, with the help of the Martial Soul, Zhang Ruochen had exceeded the ordinary person's limit of practicing the martial arts . With Zhang Ruochen's current strength, he was only a level weaker than the monster ape, and he at least had a chance .

"Fight . "

Zhang Ruochen activated the power of the Dragon Pearl, then a layer of golden Dragon Scale appeared on the surface of his body, and a pair of giant dragon wings came out of his back . He held the Violet Thunder Sword and faced the monster ape .

The Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth constantly converged to Zhang Ruochen and incessantly injected into the Violet Thunder Sword . 72 basic inscriptions and three medium level inscriptions in the sword were fully activated and broke out the full power of the tenth level Genuine Martial Arms .

Zhang Ruochen flapped the dragon wings on his back, pushed aside the pond water and took the first step, charging towards the monster ape . He held the sword with his hands, and the lightning emitting from the sword seemed to turn into a long river of thunder and lightning .

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