God Emperor - Chapter 480

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Chapter 480

The Blood-devil Image of Pei Ji was about 10 meters tall . It looked extremely ferocious and overlapped his body like a huge bloody ghost shadow .

Pei Ji jumped up and immediately rushed in front of Zhang Ruochen and Ao Xinyan . He fully concentrated his Genuine Qi and struck out one palm with all his strength .

Driven by Pei Ji's power, the Blood-devil Image also struck out a palm, which formed a huge Spiritual Blood Handprint .

From the viewpoint of Zhang Ruochen and Ao Xinyan, the handprint of the Blood-devil Image was falling out of mid-air like a bloody, five-finger-shaped cloud .


Both Zhang Ruochen and Ao Xinyan flew backward at the same time .

With a shriek, Ao Xinyan spat out blood and fell off in the distance, badly hurt .

Zhang Ruochen's strength was greater than that of Ao Xinyan . He could still stand as he landed stably on the ground, but he also suffered a slight injury .

"Ascendio . "

Ao Xinyan endured the pain of her injury and leaped with both legs, flying up to more than 33 meters high . She held the sword, broke through the air, and stabbed toward Pei Ji .

"Come back now!"

Zhang Ruochen shouted .

How could Ao Xinyan even be a match for Pei Ji? Her rushing forward to challenge Pei Ji face-to-face was no different from begging for death .

However, the sword movement had already been demonstrated by Ao Xinyan and could not be withdrawn again .

Pei Ji gave an evil grin and strode forward .

However, they did not know when Pei Ji had put five black iron rings on the five fingers of his right hand .

The iron rings were called Bloody Golden Rings, which were cast by extremely cold black gold .

A Bloody Golden Ring was a 10th-level Genuine Martial Arm .

And five Bloody Golden Rings were a set .

If the inscriptions on the five Bloody Golden Rings were triggered at the same time, they could erupt with power that was comparable to the power of an 11th-level Genuine Martial Arm .

Although Ao Xinyan held a Holy Sword, she could not exert its true power because of her low cultivation .

Moving his footsteps to the left, Pei Ji easily avoided the Holy Sword that was struck out by Ao Xinyan . Then, he triggered the inscriptions on the five Bloody Golden Rings and suddenly struck out one fist, aiming at Ao Xinyan's chest .

Ao Xinyan immediately mobilized her Genuine Qi and the glazed crystal that was infused into her wrist inspired the power of protection .


The power of the five Bloody Golden Rings smashed that layer of the power of protection into light spots .

Pei Ji's fist solidly hit the chest of Ao Xinyan .


The sounds of bones breaking came from Ao Xinyan's body as she trembled and was thrown upward like a loose kite .

Her chest was pierced by the five Bloody Golden Rings, leaving five huge bloody holes . Not only were three of her ribs broken but also her five internal organs and six hollow organs suffered serious injuries .

Ao Xinyan was nearly semi-wrecked .

"Only warriors who have reached the Fish-dragon Realm can truly exert the full power of the Holy Sword . It is simply a waste for a warrior in the Heaven Realm to wield the Holy Sword . "

Pei Ji picked up the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword and stroked the sword's body, which was crystal-clear and transparent like jade . He admired it, saying, "What a good sword!"

The Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword immediately uttered a dragon's roar when Pei Ji waved it .

A Holy Sword was enough to make numerous monks in the Fish-dragon Realm risk their lives to compete for it and was enough to create a disaster of killing an entire clan . For a monk, a Holy Sword was the most precious treasure .

Therefore, Pei Ji was excited upon obtaining the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword .

After that, Pei Ji's eyes sank . He waved the Holy Sword in his hand and chopped toward the neck of Ao Xinyan to kill her for good .

However, Zhang Ruochen quickly interfered . He struck the Abyss Ancient Sword out and lifted it . The Abyss Ancient Sword collided with the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword and warded off Pei Ji's killing movement .

Pei Ji held the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword and took a step back . He jeered and said, "If I were you, I would escape when I was about to kill her . "

Zhang Ruochen stood upright, holding his sword horizontally in his hands . He showed a leisurely smile and said, "If I want to leave, I could do it anytime . You can't stop me . "

"Really? You're so confident with your own strength," Pei Ji said with a laugh .

Zhang Ruochen looked to the side and glanced at Blackie, who was nearby . He said, "Blackie, take her away first . "


Blackie's body flashed and rushed over to the side of Ao Xinyan . It looked at her and said, "What a trouble maker!"

After that, it grabbed Ao Xinyan's clothes, hugged her with its two claws, and quickly rushed off into the distance .

"If you want to escape, you need to ask for my permission . "

Pei Ji snorted and strode forward, demonstrating a kind of brilliant martial technique of bodily movement . Moving 33 meters with each step, he chased after Blackie .

No matter if it was Ao Xinyan or Zhang Ruochen, their identities were very significant .

If Pei Ji were to allow Ao Xinyan to flee back to Saint Academy, he would only be able to hide and even would not dare to return to Kunlun's Field in the days to come, even if he were to obtain the Dragon Pearl .

Therefore, Pei Ji had to root out and kill both Ao Xinyan and Zhang Ruochen in the Primitive World of the Wooden Spirit .

Pei Ji was so fast that he was within 10 steps of Blackie in almost an instant .


Zhang Ruochen demonstrated Space Moving and appeared in front of Pei Ji with just a flash of his body . He stabbed at Pei Ji's neck with his sword .

Sword Breath emanated from the sword body and turned into dozens of sword shadows . They stabbed at the same time just as if they were dozens of swords .

"It's so fast! Did he practice the bodily movement martial technique of the Ghost Level?"

Pei Ji had been putting his attention on Blackie and Ao Xinyan, therefore, he did not notice the subtle wave within the space, nor did he notice what Zhang Ruochen demonstrated was Space Moving . He thought that it was just a bodily movement martial technique .

Pei Ji's battle experience was rich, so he was very calm . Facing the unexpected attack from Zhang Ruochen, he quickly twitched his body and brought circles of waves of Genuine Qi, which was like a whirlpool, and he evaded the attack .

However, one of the Sword Breaths still went through Pei Ji's neck, leaving a light bloody mark .

Zhang Ruochen cast a glance at Pei Ji and was a little surprised . He thought, "No wonder he is the master who is in the top 50 . His reaction is so fast that it can even exceed many monks in the Fish-dragon Realm . Therefore, even if I demonstrated Space Crack, I am not sure that I would be able to hurt him . "

Not to mention Pei Ji, but even those warriors who were able to enter the top 1,000 on the Heaven Board, which one of them was not a sheer genius?

Like Pei Ji, not only was his qualification high, but he also had a firm will . One never knew how many storms he had endured .

It was impossible for anyone to use tricks to plot against him .

In just that instant, Blackie had already taken away Ao Xinyan and disappeared without a trace .

Pei Ji touched the bloody marks on his neck and coldly snorted . He said, "The realm of Heart Integrated into Sword is so terrific that it could hurt me . Unfortunately, the difference between us is so big that you won't have any chance today . "

"They've left and now so should I . "

Zhang Ruochen did not keep fighting as he knew that he was no match for Pei Ji . He immediately demonstrated the bodily movement of the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon and took nine steps . One step was equal to 500 meters, so he was standing 4,500 meters away after only nine steps .

However, Pei Ji was also fast .

Pei Ji cast the Nine Star Steps and followed closely behind Zhang Ruochen . After nine steps, Pei Ji caught up with him .

"Nine Steps of the Setting Sun . "

Zhang Ruochen looked back and recognized the bodily movement that Pei Ji had demonstrated .

The Nine Steps of the Setting sun was also a kind of bodily movement martial technique in the Superior Class of the Spiritual Stage . It was a unique skill of the Confucian Sect in the Central Region, which was almost the same as the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon that Zhang Ruochen practiced . As one of the three sects, the Confucian Sect was as great as the Thousand Buddhas Sect and the Taiji Sect . They were all inherited from ancient times and their disciples had spread all over the world .

From the three sects of martial arts that were all originated, various academic schools spread all over the world .

That Nine Steps of the Setting sun could be a unique skill because of its power . There was nothing more powerful than it under the bodily movement martial technique at the Ghost Level, and even the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon was slightly inferior compared to it .

As for the bodily movement martial techniques above the Ghost Level, they were close to a unique skill, which could fly into the sky and walk under the ground . Only monks in Fish-dragon Realm could demonstrate it .

"Although Pei Ji mastered the unique skill of the Confucian Sect, his behavior did not appear to be like that of a successor of the Confucian Sect . " Zhang Ruochen was doubtful .

Although the Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon could be on a par with the Nine Steps of the Setting Sun, Pei Ji's cultivation was more profound than that of Zhang Ruochen . Therefore, they were getting closer and closer .

Zhang Ruochen could feel the strong scent of blood emanating from Pei Ji .

"Zhang Ruochen, you can't get away!"

Pei Ji inspired the inscriptions on his five Bloody Golden Rings as he suddenly stepped on the ground fiercely and rushed out like an arrow that was released from a bow . His speed suddenly increased and he struck with one fist toward Zhang Ruochen's back .

"Space Domain . "

Zhang Ruochen released the Space Domain and demonstrated Space Warps .

When Pei Ji's fist was about to hit on the back of Zhang Ruochen, the space suddenly liquefied and twisted to suck Pei Ji's fist into it .

"What happened?"

Pei Ji's face darkened as he noticed that something was wrong .


Zhang Ruochen moved one step horizontally and appeared on Pei Ji's left side, three steps away .

Now that Zhang Ruochen had decided to use space power, he should continue and try to kill him with one strike before Pei Ji realized it .

"Space Crack . "

Zhang Ruochen stretched out a forefinger and quickly slid in front of Pei Ji .

Space was cut open like a water curtain by Zhang Ruochen's finger, revealing a huge crack more than six meters long .

Pei Ji felt a threatening death . His whole body seemed to be shocked by electricity and it quickly shrank . Although he was 1 . 8 meters in height, he instantly reduced his body down by 10 times and became a dwarf .

Pei Ji stepped in mid-air and was shot out like a ball .


Falling more than 30 meters away, a cracking sound emanated from Pei Ji's body and it expanded again to return to its original size .

However, his left shoulder was still hit by the Space Crack, leaving a flat wound that was bleeding .

If Pei Ji had reacted slower, his whole left arm would have been swallowed by the Space Crack .

Zhang Ruochen stared at Pei Ji with surprise in his eyes . He asked, "Who are you actually?"

In the Martial World, there was indeed a martial technique called Bone Contraction .

However, no warrior could shrink his body by 10 times no matter how powerful he was .

If a warrior practiced the Ninth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm, the Glazed Treasured Body, he could increase and reduce his body by 10 times . However, Pei Ji's cultivation was still far below the level of the Glazed Treasured Body .