God Emperor - Chapter 481

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Chapter 481

Pei Ji sneered . "I would also like to ask who you are . You can control space to display space warps and space tears . "

Zhang Ruochen smiled . "If you can catch me, I will tell you . "

"Do you think that since you can control the Power of Space, I can't deal with? You want to know my identity, right? I'll tell you now . "

Pei Ji spread his legs and began to run his strength . The blood in his whole body quickly flowed and buzzed .

His skin turned completely blood-red .

All his bones protruded .

His fingernails became sharp claws, and two pointed fangs grew in his mouth .


Two bulges appeared on his back, stretching out to become a pair of giant Blood Wings .

When Zhang Ruochen saw Pei Ji's true body, he took a deep breath . "You are one of the Immortal Vampires . "

"Haha! That's right, I'm an Immortal Vampire!" Pei Ji laughed .

Zhang Ruochen said, "If I remember correctly, the clansmen of the Immortal Vampires were all expelled to Chiji Island by Emperor Ming 800 years ago . Emperor Ming sent people to seal the island . How could there be a clansman from the Immortal Vampires in Kunlun's Field?"

Immortal Vampires were not actually immortal, but they could absorb human blood to prolong their lives .

The average lifespan of ordinary people was only 60 to 70 years .

However, if an Immortal Vampire absorbed enough blood, it could expect to live 200 years . Legend went that once superiors of the Immortal Vampires absorbed enough Holy Blood, they could even live for 1,000 years .

Emperor Ming had expelled them to Chiji Island, a place far from Kunlun's Field, because he did not want to see innocent people die for their blood .

800 years had passed, and the clansmen of the Immortal Vampires had unexpectedly appeared again .

Pei Ji smiled . "You indeed are very knowledgeable . There's no harm in telling you . The Immortal Vampires have broken the seal of Chiji Island . And soon, we'll return to Kunlun's Field and find the people of Ming Hall . We will avenge ourselves for what happened eight hundred years ago . "

Zhang Ruochen hummed coldly . "You are quite ignorant to oppose against Ming Hall . "

"Ming Hall is tiny now . It is not the previous Sacred Central Empire that it once was . Even if the Sacred Central Empire hadn't been destroyed by Empress Chi Yao, as long as Emperor Ming is not here, Immortal Vampires can still destroy it . " Pei Ji laughed evilly .


After morphing into his true Immortal Vampire body, Pei Ji's speed improved considerably . He flew over Zhang Ruochen's head in the blink of an eye and waved the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword to attack Zhang Ruochen .

Zhang Ruochen exchanged a blow with Pei Ji and then turned backwards to flee into the distance .

"Haha! You can't escape!"

Pei Ji flapped his Blood Wings and laughed loudly . Soon, he caught up with Zhang Ruochen and pierced him with his sword .

Unavoidably, Zhang Ruochen had to fight with Pei Ji again .


The two men began to fight and attack at an extremely fast pace .

Their every move sent out countless sword Qi . Some of them flew to the sky and other sword Qi slashed towards the ground .

At the same time, their movements were constantly changing, forming more than a dozen shadows .

After 23 strikes, Pei kicked Zhang Ruochen in the stomach .

There were five Bloody Golden Ring on Pei Ji's fist, and they left five holes in Zhang Ruchen's lower abdomen . Blood was flowing out from the wounds .

However, Zhang Ruochen was not injured under the protection of Dragon Pearl . The five blood holes were not deep and he did not suffer internal injuries .

"It was still the power of space that helps you escape my strike," Pei Ji snorted and said .

He had meant to hit Zhang Ruochen in the heart, but Zhang Ruochen had shifted so that the blow hit his lower abdomen .

"Let's fight again!"

Zhang Ruochen's eyes sank . He controlled the Abyss Ancient Sword using the Heart of the Sword to display the Sword Defending Technique . His sword turned into sword radiance and flew to Pei Ji .

Meanwhile, Zhang Ruochen raised his arms and quickly played movements of Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm .

"Elephant Galloping . "

"Dragon in the Sky!"

"Dragon and Elephant Returning to Earth!"

"Dragon Shape and Elephant Shadow . "

"Nine-folds of the Elephant Power!"

"Divine Dragon's Steal . "

The six handprints helped Zhang Ruochen inspire the power of the Dragon Pearl . His body was covered with golden Dragon Scales and a pair of golden dragon wings grew on his back .


Zhang Ruochen also flew up .

He controlled the Abyss Ancient Sword and displayed sword technique to contain Pei Ji . He mobilized his Spiritual Power and drew thunderbolts .

"Zhang Ruochen is both a cultivator of Heart Integrated into Sword and a Master of Spiritual Power . If I fight with him from a distance, it will be too difficult . I have to get closer to him and fight a quick battle to win . "

Pei Ji closed his wings and quickly fell to the ground . He rushed rapidly at Zhang Ruochen .

Zhang Ruochen fluttered his wings and flew further away . He did not give him the opportunity to come close .

In this way, the two men, one after the other, kept chasing .

Zhang Ruochen used Sword Defending Technique and the power of thunderbolt to contain Pei Ji from afar, so that he could never get close .

Time lapsed, they both rushed into a strange forest .

In the forest, the giant trees there were all black . The thinnest one was as thick as a bucket . The thickest one would need several people to get their arms around it .

On the trunks, were dense blue vines, like cobwebs, one attached to the other .

Zhang Ruochen realized that the situation was not good as he rushed into the forest . He wanted to retreat, but Pei Ji had already followed him . He could only bite the bullet and continue to rush further in .


A vine, as thick as a wrist, flew up from the thick fallen leaves . Like a viper, it wrapped around his feet and dragged him forward .


The Abyss Ancient Sword issued a sound and flew from above to cut the vine .

However, just as Zhang Ruochen stood up, all the vines in the forest moved quickly .



The facial expressions of both Zhang Ruochen and Pei Ji changed . They realized that they had entered a place where they should not be .

They stopped fighting . Simultaneously, they extended their wings and rushed towards the sky .

The giant 233-meter black tree next to them seemed to be alive . A huge mouth grew on its trunk . It began to speak . "Stupid humans . You want to leave after entering into the Blackwood Field?"

A stout branch, like a big hand, chopped towards them . It hit Pei Ji in the head and knocked him to the ground .

Another branch swept past Zhang Ruochen .

Zhang Ruochen immediately exerted his Space Moving to jump forward . He passed through the branch and flew skyward . He rushed into the air and narrowly escaped the black forest .

"So this is the Blackwood Field . "

Zhang Ruochen had seen the "Blackwood Field" on a map . It was one of the most dangerous places in the Primitive World of Wood Spirit .

In Blackwood Field, a large number of the indigenous inhabitants of the Primitive World of Wood Spirit, Blackwood Spirits, lived here . They were also called "Blackwood Treemen" .

What Zhang Ruochen and Pei Ji had just encountered was a Blackwood Treeman who had grown for thousands of years . Its strength was parallel to the strength of a Monk in the Fish-dragon Realm . In Blackwood Field, Millennial Treemen could mobilize a large amount of the aura of wood nature and the power erupted was fairly horrible .

If a Monk in the Second Change of the Fish-dragon Realm encountered a Millennial Treeman, it would be hard for him to escape .


Zhang Ruochen saw the Millennial Treeman underneath actually fall down .

"Pei Ji is so powerful that he can cut down a Millennial Treeman . "

Zhang Ruochen did not stop . He flew away as fast as he could .

Shortly afterwards, Pei Ji rushed destructively out of Blackwood Field . He did not see Zhang Ruochen . He sniffed in the air, and soon smelled a hint of aura left in the air .

"Zhang Ruochen, you can't escape!"

Pei Ji extended his Blood Wings to fly into the sky and chased after him .

Zhang Ruochen knew that Pei Ji would catch up to him .

After flying 50 kilometers or so, he returned to the earth . With a loud splash, he jumped into a large river in hopes of diluting his aura .

When he reached the bottom of the water, he entered the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel . He took a healing Pill and began to quickly run the Scripture of Emperor Ming's Empyrean .

"Pei Ji is so strong! Only by breaking into the Final State of the Heaven Realm can I defeat him . "

Zhang Ruochen treated his wound while he broke through the realm .

The Time and Space Spinel followed the water flow and rushed downstream .


Pei Ji closed his wings and fell from the sky . He stood by the river and watched it roll by . He frowned . "Zhang Ruochen jumped into the water, it's not easy to track him! Well then, I'll go to deal with Ao Xinyan . Zhang Ruochen has saved her life twice already . If I capture her, Zhang Ruochen will definitely show up . "

Pei Ji left the river and went back the way he had come to track Blackie and Ao Xinyan .

Blackie and Ao Xinyan had long fled 500 kilometers away . They were recuperating in a tree hole .

Ao Xinyan slowly woke up . Just one move of her arm pulled her wound, and she felt a tearing pain in her chest and abdomen .

"Mmmm . . . "

She looked pale . Her muscles convulsed . She ran her Genuine Qi to cure the wound, but found that half of her Meridians were broken . She could not even finish a systemic circulation pathway .

She was almost a waste .

"How . . . could . . . could this happen . . . "

There was nothing but fear in her heart . It was as if her heaven had collapsed . She fell into despair .

Glittering tears flowed from her eyes . She began to cry bitterly .

For a warrior, especially a genius, becoming a waste was more anguishing than being killed .

At this moment, she heard a familiar voice, "Three ribs broken, a lung lobe punctured, the heart was wounded, and 17 Meridians were broken . Oh! You can survive after being severely injured like this, the half-dragon body is so amazing . "

Ao Xinyan opened her eyes and the big face of a cat came into view .

Her blouse had been unfastened by the fat cat . Her clothes, divided on both sides, were covered with blood .

Blackie was looking at her wounds with its big round eyes . It seemed to be studying something .