God Emperor - Chapter 723

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Chapter 723

After swallowing the Saintly Being Dharma Laksana, the short and thin man emerged unscathed and became more invigorated . He hooked his finger to beckon Xu Yunling and said with a smile, "Come again . "

All the monks from the Eastern Region were afraid . They never thought that a monk that the demonic sect sent so casually could be so powerful .

"The man is too freakish! Elder Brother Xu has been top-class under the Half-Saint, but the man can take him down . "

Huang Yanchen was also astonished as she said, "The man can defeat the Saintly Being within the same realm, so he is definitely not a nobody . Who is he?"

Everybody was shocked by the power he exposed .

Zhang Ruochen, however, acted calmly . "He must be the head of 36 Palace-keeping Beast Guardians of the demonic sect, Devil Rat, and he is also known as 'Captain Rat . '"

"Captain Rat, Snake Two, and Dragon Three are rather ferocious . They may even be stronger than the Saintly Being . Among them, Captain Rat is the most amazing . Compared to the Demon Son Ouyang Huan, he is not much weaker . "

Luo Shuihan said, "Right! This man must be Captain Rat . Perhaps he could confront the first level Half-Saint . "

Devil Rat was from the ancient times, so he was very rare and his strength was fairly powerful .

Devil Rat's progenitors were capable of eating gods and devouring devils . They were known as one of the scariest monsters during the Archean Times, that even the Dragon tribe also tried to avoid them .

However, Devil Rat could not breed well . According to the legend, they had become extinct in the Middle Ancient Times . Until a few decades ago, a Saint from the demonic sect dug out a devil rat from a medieval relic .

Captain Rat quickly rushed forward and struck out his palms to hit the left and right sides of Xu Yunling's head .


Xu Yunling's scalp exploded, exposing white bones and seven holes bleeding . He fell backward and lay helplessly on the ground .

Seeing this, the monks from the Eastern Region felt suffocated as if they were struck by lightning .

Without making any counterattacks, a Saintly Being was sprawled on the floor from a heavy blow .

Captain Rat fell on the ground, moved toward Xu Yunling, and stepped on Xu Yunling's face . With a crack, Xu Yunling's nose broke .

Captain Rat gave a dim-witted smile and ruthlessly said, "If we weren't in the Yin and Yang Sect, I would eat you up . The Saintly Being must be delicious . "

"You . . . Ah . . . "

Xu Yunling reached out with his hands and tried to stand up .

Captain Rat stepped again on Xu Yunling who was sprawled on the ground . Captain Rat looked at the monks from the Eastern Region and showed a defiant look . "Saintly Being of the Eastern Region can't even withstand a single blow . I haven't enjoyed myself to the fullest . Is there anyone else who wants to fight?"

Everytime Captain Rat fixed his gaze on a man, the man would immediately lower his head, quickly retreat, and did not even dare make eye contact with him .

Even a powerful person like Xu Yunling could not strike back while confronting Captain Rat .

Who would dare contend him?

Among the talented people of the Eastern Region, there were several men who were stronger than Xu Yunling's Saintly Being . They were all very well-known . However, when they saw Xu Yunling sprawled out under Captain Rat's feet, they immediately closed their eyes and pretended not to hear his provocation .

They thought as long as they endured on a little longer and feigned ignorance, they might be able to escape unharmed .

If they snuck out, they would probably be beaten into a jelly . Then, they would be thoroughly discredited .

Watching everybody avoid his gaze, Captain Rat suddenly felt bored . "It appears that I won't find a worthy match from the cultivation circle of the Eastern Region . All of you are either mediocre or a coward . "

The other three Palace-keeping Beast Guardians, including Snake Two, Dragon Three, and Centipede Eight looked at those monks and laughed scornfully .

"The Divine Son has planned to test the Eastern Region heroes personally . But now it seems that there're no heroes, only a group of bears . Hah-hah!"

The four Palace-keeping Beast Guardians maliciously scolded, but nobody stood out and everyone stayed silence .

Ouyang Huan opened his eyes and stood up . He held the pterosaur in his hands and faintly smiled . "Let's go! Even though the Eastern Region is vulnerable, we may get be surprised when we go to other regions . "

Ouyang Huan walked away first . The four guardians followed him closely and were also ready to leave .

Ao Xinyan was sitting nearby when Zhang Ruochen suddenly stood up . She gave a cold look at Ouyang Huan before saying, "Hold on!"

The two words echoed loudly in the quiet rock cave .

Zhang Ruochen raised his head and stared at her .

He realized that Ao Xinyan was not in a good mood . When she looked at Dragon Three, her eyes were full of anger and resentment .

Ouyang Huan and the four guardians stopped, turned around and looked behind .

They stared at Ao Xinyan .

Centipede Eight said with a smile, "What's up? In the Eastern Region, men are cowards . Is a woman like you going to fight? Girl, you have a beautiful face and an excellent figure . In that case, I'll kindly accept you . "

As Centipede Eight was about to rush forward, Dragon Three reached his hand out and put it on his shoulder .

Dragon Three's hand was as heavy as a mountain which prevented Centipede Eight from moving .

"Third Brother, what are you doing?" Centipede Eight said .

Dragon Three did not say a word and moved forward . He stood opposite to Ao Xinyan with an evil smile . "I have yet to discover that Your Highness is here . I, Ao Bing, have come to pay my respects to you . "

Ao Bing was Dragon Three's real name .

Ao Xinyan was trembling all over and said, "Ao Bing, you traitor . Hand over the divine dragon bone and go back with me to the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan to plead guilty . "

"Your Highness, is that an order?"

Dragon Three spread his hands out and said with a smile, "Unfortunately, I've refined the divine dragon bone and integrated it with my left hand . I can't hand it over . Furthermore, I'm not a member of the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan, I am a Palace-keeping Beast Guardian of the Moon Worship Sect . Even if the patriarch comes here personally, not to mention a royalty, there is nothing that they can do to me . "

The patriarch had planned to hand over the divine dragon bone to Ao Xinyan in her coming-of-age ceremony to let her refine and absorb, so she could activate the Divine Dragon Blood Meridian in her body .

However, the day before the ceremony, Ao Bing, who was guarding the divine dragon bone, stole it . Since then, it had disappeared from the Kunlun's Field .

Until today, when Ao Xinyan saw Dragon Three and identified him as the traitor, Ao Bing .

Dragon Three's words were beyond Ao Xinyan's endurance .

She immediately drew her Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword and stabbed Dragon Three .

In an instant, steam gathered from the surroundings, condensing to a dozen Sword Qi, passing through in the rock cave . In the end, they condensed to a point and struck at Dragon Three's heart .

Dragon Three shook his head and laughed . He reached out with two fingers and tightly clamped the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword . He said, "Your Highness, you practice at a very high speed . I am surprised that you have reached this realm . You deserve to be the top genius of the Divine Dragon Half-human clan after a few hundred years . Once you've refined the divine dragon bone, your cultivation would be even more profound . "

Ao Xinyan was angry and wanted to draw her Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword . However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not overcome Dragon Three's two fingers .

She loosened her grip, gathered Holy Qi to her snow-white hand, and hit his chest with her palm .

Dragon Three's eyes flashed with a murderous look .

If he lets Ao Xinyan go, the masters of the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan would find hunt him down until they've killed him .

He knew clearly how profound the background of the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan was . Despite hiding in the Moon Worship Sect, he might not be safe .

"So, why can't I kill Ao Xinyan first?"

Black dragon Qi surged out from him and flew to his arms . He attacked Ao Xinyan with one palm .


All of a sudden, her amulet treasures broke . With a scream, she spat out a mouthful of blood and fell backward like a broken kite .

"He wants to kill her . "

Zhang Ruochen could tell that Dragon Three had a strong murderous intent .

"He was daring enough to kill people in the territory of the Yin and Yang Sect . "

Anyhow, there was no way Zhang Ruochen was only going to sit quietly and do nothing . Otherwise, Ao Xinyan would probably die here .

Zhang Ruochen who had been sitting on a chair shook his body and disappeared . The next moment, he had stood at the center of the rock cave and reached out his hands to hold Ao Xinyan .

He supported her legs with one hand and held her back with the other hand . He soon realized that she was heavily injured . She looked pale, her breathing was weak, and she had a bleeding mouth, nose, eyes, and ears .


He activated the Holy Qi inside, ran it on his palms, and slowly injected the Qi into her body to help her heal .

Her slender body was enveloped with holy light .

Moments later, Ao Xinyan coughed and gradually regained her consciousness . She opened her eyes and saw that she was laying in a stranger's arms .

This man was Lin Yue from the Yin and Yang Sect .

"Don't move . You're badly injured," Zhang Ruochen said .

Ao Xinyan was reluctant and tried to wiggle free from Zhang Ruochen's arms .

However, she soon discovered something very shocking . The Holy Qi that Lin Yue injected into her body matched hers .

She was a member of the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan, so her Holy Qi contained both human Qi and dragon Qi .

"Does that mean Lin Yue's Holy Qi also contains both human Qi and dragon Qi?"

Even so, it was unlikely that their Holy Qi was a perfect match .

In the entire Kunlun's Field, only the deceased Zhang Ruochen's Holy Qi could completely match with her dragon Qi inside . Zhang Ruochen had saved her with the Dragon Pearl, so their Holy Qi had combined once and formed an internal circulation .

The situation back then was very similar to what was happening at this moment .

Ao Xinyan gently opened her red lips and widened her beautiful eyes to look at Lin Yue . She was completely dumbfounded .

Dragon Three squinted his eyes and stared at Zhang Ruochen . He coldly said, "Guy, if you're sensible, you better mind your own business and give Her Highness to me to avoid trouble . "

Zhang Ruochen tilted his face and glanced at Dragon Three as he said, "What if I'm not sensible?"