God Emperor - Chapter 724

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Chapter 724

"What if I'm not sensible?" Zhang Ruochen tilted his face and glanced at Dragon Three .

In the rock cave, many people were startled by his words . Everybody had witnessed Dragon Three's strength . Dragon Three had even defeated Purple Wind Emissary with one strike, so nobody dared to challenge Dragon Three .

"Even though he wants to save a beauty, he has to see the current situation clearly . How can he screw around with Dragon Three?" A descendant from a Saint's powerful family shook his head gently .

It was very admirable that a man among the monks from the Eastern Region would dare to challenge Dragon Three .

After the failure of Purple Wind Emissary and Xu Yunling, everybody was already afraid of the four major Palace-keeping Beast Guardians .

But at this time, a reckless fool trying to be a hero to save a beauty popped up . Everybody would certainly think that he was a fool who did not know how to correctly appraise the situation .

Everybody could see that Dragon Three had intended to kill Ao Xinyan, and the Saintly Beings had not dared to lend a hand . Under these circumstances, he rushed out to court his own death . Therefore, he had to be a fool .

A Saintly Being from the Eastern Region opened his eyes and glanced at Zhang Ruochen . With a smirk, he thought, "Young people are always too impulsive . "

Then, he closed his eyes .

Perhaps there were a few Saints from the Eastern Region Saint Academy that looked at Zhang Ruochen with new eyes . They did not expect that this "sensible" guy would suddenly become so irrational .

Chang Qiqi had often frightened him off before, but now he dared to directly face Dragon Three .

"What kind of person this guy is?"

Dragon Three carefullylooked at Zhang Ruochen with dense icing air in his eyes . Then, he immediately laughed and said, "If you want to die, I'll make it happen . "

"Huff, huff!"

AsDragon Three shrugged his shoulders, a powerful black Dragon Qi rushed out from his body, flew into his arms, quickly gathered together, and became black Demonic Dragon Fire .

All the monks present felt a scorching current of Qi emanating from Dragon Three as if the entire rock cave would be melted .

Under the attack of the Demonic Dragon Fire, the Inscriptions of Array in the rock cave gradually emerged and turned into halos, which covered the ground, top, and stone pillar .

It was not until this moment that everybody realized how freakish Dragon Three's strength was .


With a dragon's roar, Dragon Three stretched his arms forward .

Suddenly, a dragon shadow was condensed by the Demonic Dragon Fire . The shadow opened its mouth, showed its claws, and rushed at Zhang Ruochen .

Zhang Ruochen put Ao Xinyan on the ground, supported her back with his left hand, and extended the fingersof his right hand toward the void space .

About 10 meters away, the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword fell to the ground, then vibrated and uttered a loud sword sound . With a swoosh, it flew over and landed in Zhang Ruochen's hands .

When he held the hilt, he had an overwhelming momentum like an undefeatable young sword saint .

Throughout the entire rock cave, all the monks' swords violently vibrated as if they would fly out .

"Swish, swish!"

An abundance of sword-like Sword Qi naturally condensed and rotated around Zhang Ruochen that turned into a Sword Qi domain about 33 meters across .

When the dragon shadow collided with the Sword Qi domain, an earsplitting sound immediately burst out and the two powerful forces shot out in all directions .

All the monks nearby were struck far away .

Dragon Three looked somewhat solemn and could tell that the man opposite him seemed to be someone that was not to be trifled with . "You really do have some ability . Break for me!"

Dragon Three spared no effort in his attack . His arms shaped into dragon claws and integrated with the huge dragon shadow, which rushed out from the dragon's head and hit the Sword Qi domain with its claws .

With a bang, the Sword Qi domain was split into two pieces . The chaotic Sword Qi then spilled out from both sides .

The black claws got closer and closer to Zhang Ruochen and gradually became enlarged in his pupils .

If the dragon claws hit them, the bodies of Zhang Ruochen and Ao Xinyan would perhaps be penetrated and turned into two masses of bloody pulp .

The monks nearby held their breath, and some female monks even closed their eyes, afraid that they would see the next bloody scene .

Ao Xinyan could not keep herself from clutching her clothes as she felt very nervous . But she calmed down when she looked up and saw that he was well-composed .


Zhang Ruochen lifted the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword and injected all his Holy Qi into it . He thrust the sword at lightning speed and collided with Dragon Three's claws .

These dragon claws had formidable power .

And the dragon scales were so tough that the Holy Sword could not pierce through .

When Zhang Ruochen quickly shook his wrist, the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword rotated, formed sword shadow circles, let out a swoosh, and collided with the dragon claws .

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen pulled his wrist back and then stabbed forward once again, precisely hitting the center of Dragon Three's claws .


A loud noise echoed all around .

A circle of black energy ripples surged out from between the sword and claws .

Dragon Three's robe was shattered by the Sword Qi . With a muffled cry, he flew backward 33 meters, fell on the ground, and moved backward destructively to the gate of the rock cave before finally standing firm .

His upper body was naked and he had six bloody wounds on his chest and abdomen due to the Sword Qi .

His arms were badly mutilated as large dragon scales kept falling off . And with the Holy Sword penetrating his right hand, blood was dripping from his palm to the ground .

Lin Yue, who supported Ao Xinyan, stood still, looking calm and serene .

All the talented boys and girls from the Eastern Region in the rock cave were dumbfounded and felt suffocated .

Some people could not believe what they were seeing and they rubbed their eyelids firmly .

"Surprisingly, he easily defeated Dragon Three with one attack . Obviously, he had not given full play to his strengths . " Huang Yanchen thought it quite incredible .

She felt that Master had misjudged and thought that Lin Yue was a Silver-waxed Spearhead . Beyond her expectations, he was very powerful .

"This man is extremely low-profile . If Ao Xinyan had not encountered mortal danger, he would not have acted rashly . "

Chang Qiqi's chin dropped to the ground . He felt cold in his back at the thought that he ever wanted to teach Lin Yue a lesson . Zhang Ruochen could probably knock him down with one finger .

Si Xingkong said, "He is a goodman . Although Ao Xinyan irritated him before, he did not hold that in mind and lent her a hand . He lives a low-key life and handles things attentively . "

Lin Yue had pursued Huang Yanchen, so Si Xingkong disliked Lin Yue . However, he admired Lin Yue's personality and sword technique .

Besides Si Xingkong, a lot of people present thought the same way .

"Since when has the Eastern Region given birth to such a peerless talent?" asked a talented girl from a Saint's powerful family with her beautiful eyes sparkling .

"You're so ignorant . Don't you know Lin Yue, our Elderbrother Lin, who is a genius in the Tao of the Sword from our Yin and Yang Sect?" replied a Saint's disciple from the Yin and Yang Sect proudly .

Lin Yue had risen to fame in recent months . Although he was well-known in the Yin and Yang Sect, he was less well-known throughout the Eastern Region than those talents who had been famous for years or even dozens of years .

Only the Tao of the Sword monks who participated in the Sword Technique Conference knew something about him . Actually, the other monks were just hearing his name for the first time .

"He's the one who climbed to the Third-level Mountain of Ancient Gods Mountain, right?"

"It's said that Dark Blue Emissary from the Black Market Excellence Hall was also killed by him . "

. . .

The monks from the Eastern Region became extremely excited because of Lin Yue's appearance .

A genius in the Tao of the Sword, handsome and unrestrained, becoming famous at an early age . . . All the talented girls present admired him and could hardly resist his charm .

Lin Yue became the Prince Charming of many talented girls .

Previously, the Eastern Region monks had been defeated by the Palace-keeping Beast Guardians from the Demonic Sect . But Lin Yue had just defeated Dragon Three with an amazing strike, so he was fairly extraordinary .

Ouyang Huan stared at Zhang Ruochen and squinted his eyes . He never thought that there would appear such an amazing figure .

When he saw Lin Yue's eyes, he felt something familiar .

Ouyang Huan seemed to think of something . He gave a faint smile and said not too hastily nor too slowly, "I think we've met before . If I remember correctly, Bird Nine was killed by you . "

It had to be said that Ouyang Huan had really good eyesight .

Zhang Ruochen had worn a mask and hidden his aura deliberately by using Spiritual Power . But he still recognized Zhang Ruochen immediately .

"What? Your Excellency, he is the mystery man who is extremely powerful in the Tao of the Sword and Spiritual Power . " There was a fierce look in Centipede Eight's eyes .

Not long ago, Bird Nine had fallen in battle and Centipede Eight had suffered a lot . They did not know whom the opponent was .

To some extent, one could not avoid one's enemy . Now that they had met in the Yin and Yang Sect, Centipede Eight would naturally make Zhang Ruochen pay with his life .

Since he had been recognized, Zhang Ruochen did not deny it anymore . "Right, I indeed killed Bird Nine . So what?"

He mentioned it lightly but the monks in the rock cave were shocked once again .

Lin Yue was so brave that he killed a Palace-keeping Beast Guardian of the Demonic Sect . The people from the Demonic Sect would seek revenge for even the smallest grievance . How could they let him go?

Upon hearing this news, Mu Lingxi was nervous and worried about Zhang Ruochen .

She quietly knew how powerful Ouyang Huan and the three major Palace-keeping Beast Guardians were . None of them were weaker than Zhang Ruochen .