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God of Crime - Chapter 60

Published at 20th of May 2017 02:09:24 AM

Chapter 60

Chapter 60: It seems like something is going on #2  

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“Uh, get down!”


Tae-hyuk leaned down reflexively at the explosion . The bomb had already exploded .  After a few seconds, the aftermath of the explosion would hit .  Fortunately, Tae-hyuk’s stats were reinforced by the Violence skill, making it possible to move beyond humanly possible speeds .

Tae-hyuk bit his lip .  Moonlight Flower was one step ahead of Tae-hyuk and was hiding her body in a safe place .

However, the problem was the guide .  She thought that there was some accident, and was standing still like a broken mannequin .  Therefore, she would get caught in the explosion and receive a big injury .

A person who received a great shock would be frozen in place .  If they were able to cope with the situation then they could live .  But if they were in a blank state and couldn’t do anything, leading to their deaths .  She was in such a state .

Tae-hyuk reflexively kicked her leg .


She screamed as her body curved like a bow .  Tae-hyuk grabbed the falling guide and rolled down the stairs in a hugging position .  They rolled a few metres in an instant .


A little later, the shock wave hit the surprised people .  Fortunately, he had fallen down considerably and could avoid any direct hits .  Flames appeared just above his head .  The surviving people started to scream .

It looked like Hell had arrived on Earth .  Tae-hyuk had seen a similar situation before .  It was just a few days ago, when he had participated in a death game where dozens of people could die .

However, that was an area where human nature caused the deaths .  What was happening here was far beyond that .  If he didn’t know anything then he would’ve lost his life .

Tae-hyuk bit his lip as he rolled across the ground .  The good news was that he was somehow spared .  It was a result of the warning from the Demon Revealing Mirror .

‘A hidden ability of the Spying skill…’

It consumed a staggering 20 affinity points in order to warn of a crisis .  There were still many things about the crime skill that he didn’t know yet .  The problem was that it wouldn’t be mentioned unless the conditions were met .

‘Perhaps there are conditions like collecting more than 20 affinity points . ’

His affinity points had disappeared in an instant, but he didn’t feel regret since it had saved his life .

‘…Well . In fact, it is a waste . Damn!’

Tae-hyuk moaned with a pained expression .

Anyway, he once again realized how valuable affinity points were .  This wasn’t a game, but was like having an extra life in reality .  If he could afford it then he would have to stockpile over 20 points .


Tae-hyuk let go of the unconscious guide and stood up .  Yoo Ha-yang, who was hiding behind a protruding structure, came out from hiding .  She was looking around with eyes that were as wide as a meerkat .  She smiled brightly as soon as she found Tae-hyuk .

“Wah, you’re alive!”

Tae-hyuk shrugged and said with a strict, but sincere expression .

“You are also alive . Did you hide alone in a safe place?”


Tae-hyuk sighed .

He couldn’t hate a woman like that .

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“Let’s get out of here . Soon the water tanks will collapse and the water will pour out . ”


Yoo Ha-yang closed her mouth and nodded .  Tae-hyuk inwardly exclaimed .

Moonlight Flower – Yoo Ha-yang .  She showed more speed than him, despite Tae-hyuk being enhanced by the Violence skill .  Maybe she could have survived even without his warning .  She had a foolishly pure personality, but he had confidence in her physical abilities .

Tae-hyuk said quietly .

“We will go down first . ”

“Do you know a safe place to go?”

“Yes . For now . ”


Tae-hyuk confirmed the status of the huge tanks .  There was a lot of cracking as if the water would pour out in that moment .

There was a room down there .  It couldn’t completely stop the water but it was better than outside .  Tae-hyuk closed his eyes for a moment before running towards the door while carrying the guide .




[Agility has increased due to your rapid actions beyond your limits . ]

Stamina (59), Intelligence (47), Agility (29), Dexterity (39)


The message from the Demon Revealing Mirror flashed in front of Tae-hyuk’s eyes .  He had definitely exceeded his limits .  If he hesitated for even a moment, then he would’ve been caught by the water pouring down from the tanks .

“W-What the hell is going on?”

Yoo Ha-yang asked with a serious expression .

“It’s what it sounds  like . A bomb . ”

“Ah… I always thought that such things were on the news . But I still managed to live . Ahaha… What a disaster movie . ”

Ha-yang was laughing in these circumstances .  Tae-hyuk was shocked and he was starting to doubt her mental state .

The guide was still unconscious .

Tae-hyuk examined the area that they were currently in .  It was a passage with dim lighting, a place that led from the 4B floor of Atlantis to the amenities .  If he kept moving along the passageway, then he would find places such as restaurants and arcades .

Outside of the door was water, and this place also wouldn’t last long .  He didn’t have to worry about breathing due to the ventilation system, but he couldn’t wait forever .

“Let’s go inside . This place won’t hold out for long . ”

Tae-hyuk tapped the firmly closed door with his finger .

Ha-yang nodded .

Water was already seeping through the cracks .  They had to move to a deeper place to avoid the water coming in here .  The passage, which led to the theater and various facilities, was as complicated as a maze .

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Tae-hyuk sighed .  The outward passage was already blocked by water .  They were like trapped rats .

Ha-yang started to search the passage with a serious expression .  Then she said,

“I think there is only one way to get out of here . ”

“Is it the ventilation ducts?”

“Eh? How did you know?”

Ha-yang gazed at Tae-hyuk with wide eyes .  In fact, Tae-hyuk knew what was happening now .

The Atlantis sinking incident .  It was a famous disaster that was the prelude to the appearance of the bomber, Kim Tae-sung .  The bomb that detonated and caused dozens of casualties was just the beginning .

The more vicious thing was that he installed it in the place with huge water tanks, containing thousands of tons of water .  They were made of special material that didn’t break even when shot .  However, they were unable to withstand the high temperatures of the explosion and shattered .  In the end, the enormous amount of water hit the survivors .

The original architecture had a place built underground to escape from a situation just like this .  But for some reason, it was missing .  After the accident occurred and hundreds of people died, people started calling for punishment .  In the end, the culprit was a senior official who received hundreds of millions in bribes from large corporations .  The bereaved families even held a hunger strike .  However, it ended without any proper punishment .

‘The conclusion was that hundreds of people died due to two criminals . ’

He lost his appetite .

Tae-hyuk sighed as he confirmed the message in front of him .  He was able to gain one affinity point for saving the guide .  Many people died in this incident, but that didn’t mean that there were no survivors .  Tae-hyuk knew how they survived .  They escaped through the vents .

Then he replied to Ha-yang .

“In movies like this, the people would escape through the vents . ”

“That’s right! Most underground facilities are linked to the outside . In the end, we need to find the way there…”

Ha-yang was a thief so she was familiar with the layout of buildings .  She paused briefly with a troubled expression .

“…The problem is that this is an unnecessarily complex structure . If I had enough time then I would be able to find a way out, but… Well, I think I am lacking time . ”

“That certainly is true . The time limit should be around 30 minutes . ”

Ha-yang nodded at Tae-hyuk’s words .

“I don’t know the structure…”

Tae-hyuk’s eyes flashed at those words .

“Noona . If you know the structure of the place, will you be able to get out?”

“O-Of course! I am a thief as well . ”

Tae-hyuk knew a way to understand the structure of this place .  It was to use a crime skill .

‘I can analyze this place using the Spying skill . Then create a map using the Forgery skill…’

Tae-hyuk manipulated the Demon Revealing Mirror to examine the details of the Spying skill .  He could reinforce the skill by investing affinity points .  There was something that would be useful right now .

‘Extend Spying range…!’

It was necessary for Spying to be used on the whole building .  But he didn’t have enough points for that .  Tae-hyuk currently only had one affinity point .  He needed 10 points .  In order to get it…

Tae-hyuk looked at Ha-yang .  He said with a serious expression .

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“The details are hard to explain but there is a way to get an overview of this place . But in order to do that, you need to save others . I need Noona’s strength . ”

He couldn’t talk about the crime skills .  But Yoo Ha-yang knew that Tae-hyuk had some special abilities .  He might be her only hope of getting out of here .

“Ahaha . Staying calm even in this situation… In fact, despite my words… I’m really scared right now… This is the first time . I joked around but there really was a bomb… Furthermore, I don’t know when the water will come in here . Then the vents will be dangerous . I didn’t even think about what to do until just before . But do you really have a way to get out of this place?”

Ha-yang was smiling brightly .  But her eyes were shaking .

Tae-hyuk didn’t miss this .  He nodded without saying anything .

“If so, I will help you . Like you saved countless people from the Death Circus, can you save me?”

“It is over when I get my date home . ”

The tension disappeared from Yoo Ha-yang’s face .

“Ahaha . Even in a situation like this… At any rate, I’ll do it . Give me instructions . ”

Tae-hyuk laughed .  Of course he meant his words .

Besides, it didn’t end when he escaped from here .  The bomber Kim Tae-sung had appeared three months early .  In order to fight him, Yoo Ha-yang’s help was needed .  He couldn’t let her die in a place like this .

Tae-hyuk quickly and accurately issued instructions .

“Cell phone?”

“Yes . However, the radio waves don’t work . ”

“That is enough . As long as you can check the time . There are certainly a few survivors in this space . Find as many as possible and direct to the…”

Tae-hyuk recalled as much of the structure of this place as possible .  He remembered the place that the water didn’t reach until the last moment .  He told Ha-yang that place .

“I understand . Then I’ll be there in exactly 600 seconds . ”

“Yes . At least three people… No, I would like four or more if possible . ”

“Yes! Leave it to me!”

Ha-yang disappeared into the darkness .  Her animal senses would surely save a lot of people .

He gazed at the affinity points showing on the Demon Revealing Mirror .

Tae-hyuk sighed and looked at the guide .  He needed to deal with her then look for other survivors .




“Have you recovered?”

Tae-hyuk asked after slapping the guide on the cheek .

“Uh, yes… A-Am I alive?”

The guide tearfully said .  She had been in shock and lost her mind for a moment .

“But if you don’t get out of here in a hurry then it will probably be flooded . ”


The guide looked around .  They were in a deeper place, not outside .

“Then I am going to find other survivors . Go to the underground game centre and wait there . ”

The guide’s face instantly paled .  It looked as though she thought that Tae-hyuk was abandoning her .

“N-No! Are you trying to run away alone? I-I’m going to follow you!”

“In such a state?”

The guide’s feet were shaking .  It seemed like she wouldn’t be able to walk properly without receiving any support .

“I-I will still follow . P-Please…”

“I’m not really throwing you away . Please just wait . I will come to pick you up soon . ”

He didn’t have time to keep talking like this .  Tae-hyuk turned around to look for other survivors .


The guide threw her body and grabbed Tae-hyuk .  She clung desperately to his body .  It was like she would die right away if she let go .

“Ugh… Really frustrating . ”

“I-I am Oh Soo-ah . P-Please take me along . I’ll do whatever you want . ”

“I mean, just wait a minute!”

“Then you will go away!”

There was no end to this .  Tae-hyuk eventually decided on something .  He pulled Soo-ah up from where she was holding on to his right leg .

Then he said with a smile .

“Soo-ah noona . Do you want to see a magic trick?”

“Huh? A-All of a sudden?”

Tae-hyuk clapped and raised his palms in front of his body .  Then he shouted .

“This is the only magic that I know!”

Tae-hyuk pulled apart his hands and revealed the underwear she was wearing .  Soo-ah’s face turned red at the familiar piece .


Tae-hyuk gave a rotten smile while holding the black lace underwear .

“I wanted to end it with only one thing but you tied up my arms and legs…”

He absolutely didn’t steal this .  It was made from magic!

Tae-hyuk removed Soo-ah’s arms and moved to find another survivor .

“Fortunately, there were no witnesses . Ohuhu… It was completely a crime!”

Soo-ah was left being with a red face .  However, the lace underwear wasn’t enough to break her .

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