God of Fishing - Chapter 100

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Chapter 100

Hearing his idea, Cao Fei nodded and immediately steered the ship to ram past .

 “Reinforcements . ”

 Then they heard someone on one of the boats shout loudly and his voice was very excited .

 Cao Fei shouted from a distance, “The bastards of the Heavenly Sun Village, your Grandpa Cao is here . ”

 “Not good, let’s retreat…”

 As the five fishing boats on the opposite side quickly separated, Han Fei saw that the two fishing boats of the Heavenly Water Village were already in disarray . Only three people were still holding out and fighting on the bow . Seeing the reinforcements come, they immediately collapsed to the boats .

 On the three fishing boats from the Heavenly Sun Village, however, there were six people still fighting . Now they were dumbfounded . Where was this white fishing boat from? How dare it aim to ram our boats?

 Cao Fei roared, “Kill!”


 With a bang, the keel of a fishing boat belonging to the Heavenly Sun Village was directly hit and broken while another was sinking . The people on the two ships jumped to the two other fishing boats .

 Everyone was dumbfounded, including the people from the Heavenly Water Village . How could this white fishing boat be so sturdy as to not be damaged at all?

 The people on the two fishing boats of the Heavenly Water Village suddenly shouted, “Kill them!”

 A young man from the Heavenly Sun Village sneered, “Even if your reinforcements have come, so what? We’ll have reinforcements too! Now only four of you can still fight… Gee, look what I see, a child! Have you been weaned yet, little kid?”

 Cao Fei ignored this person and quickly said, “We each will be responsible for one person . Zhao Dabai, try to keep two enemies at bay . None will be left alive today . ”

 Zhao Dabai was the person who asked for reinforcements . His face was pale but he still gritted his teeth and said, “OK!”

 Han Fei frowned . They didn’t seem to be able to hold out any longer! Zhao Dabai and the man and woman seemed to have been seriously injured, and now even their hands were shaking .

 But Cao Fei, regardless of this, had pounced past .

 Chen Jia’er shouted, “Fuse . ”

 Zhang Peng followed suit . “Fuse . ”

 Cao Fei as well . “Fuse . ”

 Their momentum instantly soared as they jumped onto the fishing boats of the Heavenly Sun Village .


 The fierce battle unfolded in an instant and someone was injured immediately after the fight started .

 Zhang Peng purposely let his enemy injure him and then his Lightning Crab suddenly turned spiritual energy into a large claw and grabbed at the other party . At the same time, Zhang Peng rushed forward though his body was pierced by a Swordfish phantom .

 Han Fei was shocked .  So this is combat in the level-one fishery? Are all the battles here started so fiercely?

 At the same time, Cao Fei shouted, “Han Fei, fight!”

 As soon as Han Fei heard it, he moved . As spiritual energy flashed across in his Purple Bamboo Rod, he hit one enemy with it .

 “Haha! Is there no man in the Heavenly Water Village? I can’t believe they sent a brat here! Entangle…”

 Han Fei narrowed his eyes and suddenly saw a big squid whose dozens of tentacles were about to entangle him . And the rod in the man’s hand was also flashing with spiritual energy . Obviously, he was going to launch another blow at Han Fei .


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 To the man’s surprise, Han Fei’s power was too strong and he had also been fighting for a long time . Although he took Spirit Refilling Pills, his physical strength was almost exhausted . So he was immediately sent flying through the air by the blow from this kid!

 The young man shouted, “Attention, this kid is not right! Someone come help me . ”

 When the people of the Heavenly Water Village heard this, they all looked at Han Fei in amazement . Was this kid stronger than they thought? Especially the three who had almost lost their combat power, their eyes suddenly lit up .

 Zhao Dabai shouted, “You bastards from the Heavenly Sun Village, let me teach you a lesson! Come, fight me!”

 Although Han Fei repulsed the man with his rod, he withdrew his rod in the next second and two knives that were wrapped with spiritual energy suddenly appeared in his hand . He struck dozens of blows into the void with the knives .


 The young man struggled to get up as if he was badly injured .

 However, Han Fei was already in front of him and the advantages and disadvantages of rods and knives immediately manifested themselves . The long rod in the hands of the young man lost its power in such a short distance while the double knives in Han Fei’s hands danced like flying butterflies .


 In a blink of an eye, Han Fi had chopped the young man with a dozen blows and broke the spiritual energy protective cover over his body . Suddenly Han Fei felt as if there was a suction cup trying to suck him away .

 “Gurgle, Gurgle…”

 Just after a few seconds, the young man looked at the boy in front of him in fright . He found that he had no strength to fight back in this head-on combat . The double knives had left dozens of wounds on his body and now he was dripping with blood .


 The young man howled in despair .

 “How dare you… Zhao Dabai, get the fuck out of the way!”

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 Zhao Dabai and the other two were shaken away by a strong concussive ripple . Han Fei looked sideways, only to see a sturdy young man angrily jumping at him .

 Han Fei casually kicked the badly-injured fishing master from the Heavenly Sun Village into the sea and chopped at the sturdy young man .

 “Ding Yang, you killed Ding Yang, you damn thief from the Heavenly Water Village…”

 Everyone was surprised . No one ever expected that the first one who killed an enemy turned out to be a kid, but Zhao Dabai and the others cracked a smile .  This kid is terrific! He is so young but already so powerful! 

Clang, Clang, Clang…

 Han Fei kept hacking and slashing with his knives and the man seemed to be about to launch a spiritual energy explosion attack at him, but Han Fei was not afraid at all as he kept hacking at him .

 With a loud bang, Han Fei stepped back five or six steps, and his double knives turned around in his hands and were firmly held by him . Two long wounds appeared on that man’s chest and blood spurted out .

 Just when Han Fei was going to attack again, a figure flew to his side . He took a look .  Huh? Isn’t this Chen Jia’er?

 Chen Jia’er was injured . She spat out a mouthful of blood while asking, “My enemy’s spiritual beast is a Sturdy Armor Turtle . Zhao Dabai, can you beat him?”

 Zhao Dabai smiled bitterly . “I’ve run out of spiritual energy!”

 “Well… Maybe I can help you . ”

 Before Han Fei finished, Chen Jia’er had joined the combat again, because the man fighting her got a chance and turned to attack Zhang Peng . Zhang Peng was injured and certainly wouldn’t survive the attacks of two fishing masters .

 Han Fei took a breath, raised his hands, and guided the spiritual energy in his body . Soon, two columns of spiritual energy entered into Zhao Dabai’s body .


 Zhao Dabai and another woman were stupefied . Was this boy a spirit gatherer?

 Not only was Zhao Dabai stunned, but everyone else froze, so did the people from the Heavenly Sun Village . Such a young spirit gatherer? Why didn’t this kind of talent go to the town?

 “Not good, he is a spirit gatherer! Kill this boy . The Heavenly Water Village already had Tang Ge . We can’t let them have another genius…”

 However, Zhao Dabai suddenly roared, “Who dares to touch anyone from the Heavenly Water Village? Do you think I’m dead?”

 Zhao Dabai and the wounded woman joined the battle, and the situation immediately reversed . As for the remaining person, he was too far away from Han Fei, so Han Fei couldn’t transmit any spiritual energy to him . Just then, the sturdy man was rushing at him like crazy .

The spiritual beast of this young man was a crab whose defense and attack powers were not weak . He had fused with his spiritual beast and now his combat power almost equaled that of an intermediate peak-level fishing master . He seemed to be enraged and his momentum was getting stronger and stronger .

 Zhao Dabai frowned and said to Han Fei, “Watch out for the demonic fish power of his Ball Fish, kid . ”

 Han Fei also frowned .  Can fishing masters get power from demonic fishes repeatedly? Did this guy also have a contractual spiritual beast?


 The young man roared and hundreds of needles suddenly shot out in all directions . Han Fei who was right in front of him would certainly be subject to the greatest damage .

 The sturdy young man sneered .  These are the poison stings of Ball Fish . Surprised? Enjoy! Brat from the Heavenly Water Village, you’re doomed!

 Cao Fei roared and tried to rush over, but was smashed back by his opponent with his rod .

 The other people from the Heavenly Water Village were all worried . They knew how dangerous a Ball Fish could be . This boy was a 12-year-old spirit gatherer, as well as the hope of the Heavenly Water Village! Would he die the first time he went out for a mission?

 But the next second, everyone was stunned, and the sturdy young man also widened his eyes .

 Clinks and clangs were heard continuously from Han Fei’s body as the countless Ball Fish stings transformed away from spiritual energy, failing to leave any marks on Han Fei’s body .

 Han Fei scratched his head . “Have you finished your attack? Now it’s my turn . ”