God of Fishing - Chapter 103

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Chapter 103


Chapter 103: A Hexagon Starfish

Should I go down? Yes!

Han Fei knew well that in a mysterious place like the ocean, if you wanted opportunities, you had to look for them .

Han Fei went all the way down, and around him, there were some small White Shrimp or small octopus hurriedly fleeing . As he went down, he felt a strange feeling in his heart that was mixed with excitement, amazement, and uneasiness .

Diving another hundred meters, Han Fei suddenly saw an uneven hexagon!

What is that?

As soon as Han Fei saw clearly what it was, his face changed and he immediately swam up dozens of meters . Did he see a starfish? Damn! A 50-meter-long hexagon starfish?

Shit, what the hell is this?

Han Fei immediately had a thought in his mind, Why did Li Jue not touch this place? Because it was creepy, too f*cking creepy . There were few fish around, and the rock wall was not suitable for crabs and shrimps to live . However, he saw some crab shells in the open space beside the starfish’s legs .

Yes! It’s impossible that the people of the Tianshui Village hadn’t found such a special place like the Seabed Grotto since they have been living here for hundreds or thousands of years! But why did no one come here? Who dares to come? This gigantic starfish was really scary! Who dares to come here?

Despite the fear, seeing that the starfish had not seemed to move, Han Fei descended a little bit more, when a series of data appeared in his eyes .

Hexagon Starfish (Feeble)



Hexagon Starfish is a mysterious creature . They’re extremely rare and extremely greedy for treasure . They love seeking treasure everywhere, so they’re called moving treasures . Its six legs can emit strange beams, in which, six gates of the void will appear . You may get an opportunity or die by entering one of the six gates . Choose the gate to enter carefully .

4,200 points



Han Fei took a deep breath . A level-36 creature! Are you kidding me? Hey, this is an ordinary fishery, not a level-three one, OK? Han Fei’s face went dark . No wonder no one dared to explore this place . How would you? It’s completely beyond my capability!

This was the second mysterious creature that Han Fei had seen, the first being the Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish . This kind of creature was basically a legend in the sea .

Han Fei shook his head . Forget it! I’d better come here again when I’m strong enough . I won’t have any opportunity to survive the attack of this starfish . No matter how valuable a moving treasure is, it won’t be more valuable than my life!

Just as Han Fei was about to leave, Little Black swooped out at once and ran directly to the Hexagon Starfish .

Han Fei was astounded . “Little Black, come back!”

It really is torture to have this stupid ADHD fish as my spiritual beast! Do you know what’s in front of you? Why are you so f*cking curious?!

When Little Black was only four or five meters away from the Hexagon Starfish, the surrounding water suddenly shook, and Han Fei felt that he was almost scared out of his pants .

In the middle of the Hexagon Starfish’s back, six big eyes suddenly opened, Han Fei felt his blood freeze . Yes, these eyes were looking at Little Black .

Little Black seemed to be frightened too as he stopped swimming . Two small fish eyes and six big eyes a few meters in diameter looked at each other . Han Fei felt as if there were tens of thousands of Iron-Head Fish galloping in his heart .

The two mysterious creatures stared at each other for a while, and then the six big eyes slowly turned to Han Fei .

Han Fei was panicked, but under the stare of the Hexagon Starfish, he still raised his hand and waved at him as if saying that I don’t want to disturb you at all . Don’t look at me . I’m scared .

However, the Hexagon Starfish obviously didn’t get his meaning, and immediately his six legs shot purple light at the same time all the way to the top of the grotto .

“Little Black, run…”

Han Fei swam upwards desperately . As long as he ran away, he could take Little Black back . He had never swum this fast in his life . Activating the Wandering Dragon Art, he shot upwards like an arrow . He swam so fast that he didn’t even look like a human .


He was about to reach the top, but in the next second, he ran into an invisible wall .

Damn, I’m finished .


Who is speaking?

Han Fei looked around in a panic, and then looked down, but the Hexagon Starfish could not be seen at this moment .

Human, come down .

This voice appeared directly in Han Fei’s mind . Han Fei just wanted to say, No, I ain’t going down there!

The voice of the Hexagon Starfish sounded again, There is only one way to go out .

What is it?

Han Fei spoke to the starfish in his mind . Shit, why did nobody tell me that sea monsters can speak?! And this one can even communicate with me via my mind!

Hexagon Starfish asked, Do you want to get treasure?

No, I don’t!

Hexagon Starfish: “???”

Don’t you humans like opportunities? I can give you an opportunity .

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Han Fei shot back, Don’t fool me! Most people will die in your six gates . I am only a fishing master, but you’re already level-36 .

Huh? How do you know so much about me? It seems that you are the one I’ve been waiting for .

What are you talking about? I am not the one you’re waiting for .

Why are you so afraid of death?

Han Fei chuckled to himself . Hoho! Those who aren’t are already dead . If you were below level 20, I wouldn’t be afraid of you at all and could even beat the hell out of you . But Brother Starfish, look at yourself, level-36! Is it interesting to bully a minor fishing master like me?

Relax! Your spiritual beast is my kind . I will give you an opportunity, for real .

I don’t believe you!

Then are you going to suffocate on the bottom of the sea? I remember you humans need to breathe…

Oh, you even know this! Gosh! Why are you so familiar with humans?

Han Fei begged, Master Hexagon, can you let me go?

Then come down . The opportunity is given to you . It’s your choice .

Han Fei’s face changed several times . Now he had returned to the first question . Should he go down or not? Yes!

Han Fei came down with a sad face . He had to come down . Just as the Hexagon Starfish said, if he didn’t come down, he would be suffocated . Although he could stay in the water for a long time, he would still die of suffocation eventually!

The purple lights were still there as if forming a large net and completely covering the grotto .

Han Fei heard it’s voice again, I have been here for three hundred years . Even if there is the slightest opportunity, I will not give you my treasure .

Han Fei didn’t believe him . Can’t you get out?

Can’t you see I’m stuck here?

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Then why are you here?

The Hexagon Starfish paused and continued, Three hundred years ago, when I was young, I was caught and trapped here . The man set a restraint circle here, so I couldn’t escape . He said he might come back in the future, or maybe it was not him but his disciple who came back, and then I would be released . Until today, many people have come, and I thought they were all his disciples, but unfortunately, these people either ran away or got stuck here and entered my gates…

What about those who went in? Did they get the treasure?

The Hexagon Starfish paused again… They haven’t come out yet .

Han Fei was speechless . What does it mean that they hadn’t come out yet? We both know they’re already dead, OK?

Han Fei had an idea . Well, Master Hexagon, how about this? When I become a Dangling Fisher, I’ll come back to help you out, OK? Now I’m just a minor fishing master . I’m not strong enough to help you!

That person left five opportunities in my six gates… If you are related to that person, you might get them .

Then what about the remaining gate? Han Fei asked .

That’s my own treasure . If you can help me out, I can give you the treasure .

Han Fei asked, Master Hexagon, please tell me who that person is first . Let me find him and take him as my master, and then I will immediately come back and help you out . This is sound logic . Trust me . I do want the treasure!

The Hexagon Starfish was silent for a while . Sounds reasonable… But I don’t know what his name is, only that he has a beard .

Han Fei rolled his eyes and thought to himself, Then how can I find that person?! Beard… Our village head has a beard, Old Jiang has a beard, Cao Fei has a beard… It seems that every man in the world has a beard .

Han Fei replied, Let me go out and I can find someone to help you out . I know an old man who is a very powerful spirit gatherer and can even control water…