God of Fishing - Chapter 104

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Chapter 104

The Hexagon Starfish communicated again, If I let you go, you won’t be back…

 I promise I’ll be back, Han Fei assured him .

 That man said the same thing, but he has been gone for 300 years .

 Han Fei secretly cursed the bastard who imprisoned the starfish 10,000 times . He thought to himself, Why did he put this thing in an ordinary fishery? Do you really think people here can resist him? They are only fishermen after all!

 Han Fei was silent for quite a while .  Is there air inside your gates? If I suffocate inside, no one can save you then .

 A bubble suddenly appeared in front of Han Fei and he almost burst into tears .  Shit! Why did I forget that I still have Forge the Universe?! I can breathe in it!

 But Han Fei still took a deep breath of air from the bubble .  Why not? God knows how long I’ll be able to still breathe .

 The Hexagon Starfish then asked, Are you ready?

 Not yet, Han Fei replied .

 …OK, take your time . I have waited for 300 years and I don’t mind waiting for one or two years more .

 Han Fei just wanted to kill this damn fish with his rod as he thought, So, does it plan to imprison me here for a year or two?

 Han Fei was not mentally prepared indeed, but his fear of the Hexagon Starfish was gone, so he asked, Why can you speak in my mind? Can all sea monsters above thirty levels speak?

 I don’t know! I was caught here when I was a juvenile . I haven’t seen any other fish who can speak . The fishes and shrimps here are too weak to deserve to be my food .

 Han Fei asked another question, remembering what the starfish said earlier, In the past 300 years, have you encountered any mysterious or legendary creatures?

 No .

 Han Fei asked another, What’s in your treasure? How about going to your treasure first? You know what, I’m cultivating very quickly . Perhaps I should make a breakthrough first so that I’ll have a better chance of saving you .

 The Hexagon Starfish was silent again, and after a while, he asked, What do you need? If you can’t survive a gate, why should I give the treasure to you? If you survive the first gate, I can let you go to my treasure .

 Han Fei went speechless… This Hexagon Starfish is really mean! He wants me to help him out but doesn’t want to give me any treasure .

 So Han Fei casually said, I need a lot of spiritual energy, at least 100,000… 200,000 points . By the way, do you have this much spiritual energy? If you do, I can quickly improve my strength and then enter the gates .

 To Han Fei’s surprise, he suddenly saw a mass of liquid appear in front of him and he seemed to see a similar spiritual spring he saw in the Boat Burying Pit .

 Wow, you’re damn rich!

 Han Fei was stunned .  It’s just my casual remark! I didn’t expect this big guy to take it seriously . But why does he have such a spiritual spring? I’m really jealous!

 The Hexagon Starfish asked, Is this enough?

 Han Fei replied helplessly, Yes .

 Looking at the spiritual spring in front of him, Han Fei had no choice but to take it .  Fine, at least I can increase my spiritual energy storage! Otherwise, as a junior fishing master, I won’t have any chance to survive .

 So Han Fei sat down to the spiritual spring .

 “Deduce . ”

 Under the gaze of the six big eyes of the Hexagon Starfish, a cloud of spiritual spring quickly entered Han Fei’s body . The Hexagon Starfish rolled his eyes curiously . Why can a fishing master absorb so much spiritual energy? He gave it to him generously just because he thought he couldn’t absorb it!

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 However, the Hexagon Starfish did not take back the spiritual spring . Compared to the 300-year-long wait, the spiritual spring was not even worth mentioning .

 Han Fei’s body shone with spiritual energy . Little did he know that the sea surface had already stirred up violent wind and huge waves, which influenced a range of thousands of miles, and the giant waves were up to hundreds of meters . This was almost impossible to happen for ordinary fisheries, but now it happened . Unfortunately, Han Fei didn’t know what was happening .

 About half an hour later, the Void Fishing was successfully deduced .

 : Void Fishing

 : Hook God Technique

 Note: This is the first generic art written by the Eight Primordial Kings . When it was written, the sky and the ocean cried . It’s the king of all arts .

 Although the Art had been successfully deduced, it was not the time for cultivation . And the spiritual spring was only less than half .

 Han Fei pondered that perhaps he could practice the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing to see if he could continue to increase his upper limit of spiritual energy . If not, he would make a breakthrough!


 Before cultivation, Han Fei glanced at his data and found that there was a change .

 : Han Fei

 : 13 (Junior Fishing master)

 : 90,006 (629)

 : Level-Three, Mid-Quality (Upgradable)

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 : Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

 : Purple Bamboo Rod

 : The Second Volume of “Void Fishing”—-“Hook God” (Mysterious Level, Divine Quality)


 Han Fei was stunned . His upper limit of spiritual energy was increased . The Upgradeable function of spiritual heritage turned on again, and the Void Fishing became of mysterious level, divine quality .

 So it was because of the art . When he became a fishing master, the art did not upgrade, so the Upgradable button turned grey . Now that the art had been upgraded, the button turned on again . So next time he wanted to upgrade his spiritual heritage, he would have to upgrade the art first .

 Han Fei immediately began to practice the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing . He had to be prepared for any upcoming combat . Han Fei took out a handful of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid and gulped it down .

 His body turned red as if being steamed . When he finished practicing the 108th stance, he found that his upper limit of spiritual energy had become 636 points .

 Once, twice, each time he practiced the 108 stances, the upper limit of spiritual energy increased by 7 points, but when he practiced the art for the fifth time, it only increased by 4 points .

 Han Fei sat in the spiritual spring again .

 “Upgrade my spiritual heritage!”

 After half an hour, the Hexagon Starfish was surprised to find that his spiritual spring had actually all been absorbed by Han Fei . Then he became a bit uneasy .

 The Hexagon Starfish said, You have absorbed a lot of spiritual energy . Except for the first increase in strength, there hasn’t been much improvement . So why don’t you just enter the gates?

 You don’t understand! Do you know what accumulation is? I’m accumulating now and I am about to succeed… But it’s not enough . I still need 100,000 points of spiritual energy . That’s all I need . I swear I can show you some difference this time .

 The Hexagon Starfish hesitated . This guy consumed spiritual energy too fast . One mass of spiritual energy after another, he had almost exhausted his spiritual energy!

 But the starfish still threw out a mass of spiritual energy .  That’s all I have now . After all, it’s hard to absorb spiritual energy here, and I still need to save some for my own use .

 Relax . You just need to wait for two days . I won’t let you down .

 With that, Han Fei began to put on those strange stances again .

 The Hexagon Starfish asked, Can you only improve your physical strength in this way? Although it is not much, it’s working… I hope you can become stronger in two days as you said .

 Two days later, Han Fei took a breath of air from the bubble . His upper limit of spiritual energy was stuck at 699 points, so he stopped cultivating .

 The Hexagon Starfish was impatient .  Have you finished? I don’t think you are using this spiritual energy…

 I’m going to use it now . Keep your eyes open…

 “Breakthrough . ”

 The mass of spiritual energy poured into Han Fei’s body frantically, and Han Fei’s momentum was indeed skyrocketing as he said .

 The Hexagon Starfish rolled his six big eyes, surprised that Han Fei could really improve his strength . Did he seem to have a breakthrough?

 Han Fei was making a breakthrough indeed . His physical strength was improving and his physique was getting better, especially his skin, which seemed to have become tougher . He didn’t stop until he upgraded to an intermediate fishing master and the mass of spiritual spring was almost drained .

 Can you enter the gates now?

 Han Fei was pissed off .  Stop pushing me! You’ve waited for 300 years, so why not wait for a few days more?

 Han Fei assured him, Don’t hurry me! To ensure that I can save you, I have to cultivate for another two days . I need to stabilize my current state .