God of Fishing - Chapter 105

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Chapter 105

Chapter 105: I’m Dying!

With a flash between Han Fei’s brows, Little Black and Little White were released .

Little White swam to the remaining spiritual spring and swallowed it .

The Hexagon Starfish noticed something . Your spiritual beast is about to upgrade .

Han Fei was glad to see Little White swallow the remaining spiritual spring . Then he turned his eyes to Little Black who had flown to the legs of the Hexagon Starfish and was biting them with his teeth .

The Hexagon Starfish asked, Can you tell your spiritual beast to stop biting me? He is still a baby . My skin is too tough for him!

Han Fei was embarrassed as he thought to himself, Little Black, stop it! Your master’s life is in the hands of this big starfish! If you want to bite him, do it after I escape!

“Little Black, come back!”

Han Fei called back the two fishes . Since the Hexagon Starfish could see Little Black, he must be of high grade . He must be careful of this mysterious sea monster . If he slapped Little Black to death, that would be a huge loss for him!

Five days later, Han Fei practiced the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing for seven or eight times again and finally raised his spiritual energy ceiling to 799 points . Han Fei knew that he might not be able to make another breakthrough in a short time . Even if he forced a breakthrough despite his foundation, the Hexagon Starfish wouldn’t give him any more spiritual energy .

Han Fei was as ready as he could be . Okay, open the gates!

The Hexagon Starfish was overjoyed . Are you finally going to enter the gates?

The six purple lights spread out like a fishing net . Gradually, six purple gates appeared . Han Fei could not see the inside and had no idea what awaited him .

Master Hexagon, what is it like inside your gates? Can you tell me about them?

It is just another space, not very large .

The Hexagon Starfish certainly wouldn’t tell him, and more importantly, he himself didn’t know . You’ve consumed nearly 300,000 points of spiritual energy from me . I can’t spend it for nothing!

Han Fei probed, Which gate is the least dangerous? Let me start with the one with the lowest risk, OK? Otherwise, if I die inside, who will save you? Trust me! I’m one of the strongest people you have ever met in ordinary fisheries! If I die, you may have to wait another hundred years for someone as strong as me .

The Hexagon Starfish seemed a bit convinced, so he said, The second gate on your left .

Han Fei took a deep breath . He was ready . He had activated the Crazy Devil’s Rod, Rage, and spiritual beast fusion . Now he was much stronger than Li Gang was . He could even fight a junior great fishing master now . If he still died, then he could only blame fate .

“Hoo! Since I can’t get out, let me give it a go!”

Han Fei stepped in . As the light and shadow changed, a huge space appeared .

Han Fei felt his blood freeze . This… This space was as large as a football field and the ground was covered with bones, which was scary!

Huh? Not human bones? These are… Swordfish bones? Iron-Head Fish bones?

Creek… Creek…

Just then, the bones on the ground started to move . In a blink of an eye, hundreds of Swordfish bones floated in the distance .

F*ck! Master Hexagon, let me out…

“Hey! Big Brother Hexagon…”

“F*ck… F*ck you, Hexagon…”

The gate had been shut behind Han Fei but a bubble came out of it from time to time, which was for him to breathe . The Hexagon Starfish did not respond at all . Han Fei knew that he was fooled . I’m such a moron! How could I trust that big damn fish!

Tens of thousands of Swordfish bones and Iron-Head Fish bones were floating in the air, and these bone fish’s eyes glowed with a faint blue light .

“Shit! Are you ghost fish?”

Han Fei hastened to cover his body with spiritual energy, but a Swordfish bone had already charged at him .

Hexagon, you bastard, let me out… You … You better compensate me with at least a million points of spiritual energy!


Han Fei hit a Swordfish bone with his rod, which was not as powerful as he thought, but not weak . It was probably equivalent to a junior fishing master . If he hadn’t become an intermediate fishing master, he might not be able to repulse its attack .


Han Fei swept the rod and played with the Sweeping Stick to its full swing . As he hacked, swept, and stabbed, his body put out various weird angles to avoid those bonefish darting at him .

At first, he could handle dozens, but when a dense school of bonefish rushed over, Han Fei could barely resist them .

Clang, Clang, Clang… Clang, Clang, Clang…

“I’m dying! I’m dying! I’m dying!”



Han Fei didn’t know how many Swordfish bones stabbed or bumped into him . All he knew was that he was sent flying through the air .

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“Crazy Devil’s Rod…”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

While being stabbed, Han Fei punched the fish bones with his Purple Bamboo Rod, and within a short time, hundreds of bonefish had been smashed . Han Fei was seriously injured too . Although these Swordfish failed to puncture his body, his muscles were sour and ached . The Iron-Head Fish bones were the most dangerous . When they bumped into him, he felt his insides turn upside down .

But Han Fei couldn’t stop . If he didn’t get rid of them as soon as possible, what if he ran out of spiritual energy?

The scene got bloody . After an hour, Han Fei had a swollen face and was all black and blue . Even his hand was shaking . But what could he do? He could only take out a bottle of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid and gulp it down .


Three hours later .

Han Fei ached all over . Every inch of his skin was burning and painful . His body went numb in pain .

Fortunately, although Han Fei felt that his bones were about to fall apart, these fish couldn’t puncture his body . Instead, his Indestructible Body was progressing at an incredible speed . Not only his skin, but also his muscles, bones, and five internal organs were all under incredible impact .

Han Fei believed that if it were someone else, like Li Jue, he would definitely be killed in less than five minutes . But he had held out for three full hours .

Han Fei struggled to hold out through the agony . He wanted to fuse with Little Black and Little White, but his spiritual beast was not a mutated big turtle but two small fishes . Although their combat power and agility were good, they had no advantage in defense .

But there were already thousands of fish bones on the ground, and Han Fei felt a bit relieved . As long as I don’t die, I won’t lose!

One day later .

Han Fei almost got used to the impact of these fish bones . His only purpose was to take away one bonefish’s life every time he attacked .

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Two days later .

The bonefish in this space had been reduced by more than half .

Three days later .

Only sporadic bonefish rushed at Han Fei . He didn’t dodge them, but chopped them to pieces .

The moment he smashed the last bonefish, he was suddenly ejected out of this space .

The Hexagon Starfish was excited to see him . You survived! You survived! You must be that person’s disciple . You must be!

In fact, on the first day he entered the space, he guessed that these bonefish’s existence seemed intended to specifically help him practice the Indestructible Body . They couldn’t break his defenses but could stimulate all-round progress and improvement of his body . He didn’t believe this had nothing to do with Ren Tianfei .

Han Fei was lying on the ground, glancing at the Hexagon Starfish . Provide enough air for me . I need to sleep . Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that I can still stand after entering the second gate .

The Hexagon Starfish immediately said, OK, OK, no hurry . Take your time .

Han Fei slept all day and night, and in his dream, he felt his muscles were beating as if being hit by something . His body twitched from time to time .

When Han Fei opened his eyes again, he held the bubble and took a deep breath of air before saying, Send me to your treasure first . I need to see if there is anything suitable for me so that I’ll be more motivated to enter the second gate .