God of Fishing - Chapter 109

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Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Like the Best Actor

Han Fei threw the Purple Bamboo Rod aside, activated Wandering Dragon Art, rushed up, and punched the shrimp .


The Mantis Shrimp King quickly punched back . Underestimating the shrimp’s punching speed, Han Fei was thrown to the ground and rolled dozens of times on the ground .

“Humph! You’re faster than me, but so what? If I hadn’t become a fatty, I would have beaten the hell out of you . ”


One person and one shrimp were locked in a dogfight . Of course, at first, the shrimp took the upper hand . But he had learned the 108 strange stances not to mention that now his evading ability had been further strengthened and was no longer limited to the 108 stances .

So after only one hour, the Mantis Shrimp King could no longer take the upper hand . Han Fei was quite proud . No matter how fast you punch, you can’t hit me!

At this moment .

Han Fei hit his fist on the Mantis Shrimp King’s outstretched leg and threw Mantis Shrimp King out upside down .

“Do you surrender? Call me daddy…”

The Mantis Shrimp King seemed very angry . His six little legs crawled fast and he charged at Han Fei . However, Han Fei turned around and jumped onto his head .

Dum! Dum! Dum!

One punch after another, Han Fei didn’t know how many punches he had hit . Even his hand began to ache, but the shell of this Mantis Shrimp King was still intact .

Han Fei immediately took out two daggers and thrust them down hard, which was still useless . In the end, he had to take out the Water-Stirring Seal and he crushed the Mantis Shrimp King to the ground .

Putting away the Water-Stirring Seal, Han Fei walked slowly to the Mantis Shrimp King . “Now will you surrender to me? Unfortunately, there is no way to make a fire here . Otherwise, I’d roast and eat you …”

“Oh, right!…”

It suddenly occurred to Han Fei that he had turned on the function of demon refining! This mutant Mantis Shrimp King was an exotic creature . Perhaps I can refine it?

As soon as he thought so, a green light flashed across the calabash on his wrist, and the huge Mantis Shrimp King disappeared in front of his eyes .

Han Fei quickly looked at the Demon Refining function, only to find that a mantis shrimp was on it, but unfortunately, there was only one which didn’t seem to meet the conditions for refining .

Strange, shouldn’t you be my pet after being absorbed? Why did you become a picture?

Han Fei scratched his head, picked up the stick, and walked slowly towards the exit .

Huh? No, I can’t just go out like this…

After a few minutes

The Hexagon Starfish saw a hand stick out of the gate, a bloody hand .

The six big eyes of the Hexagon Starfish kept blinking . Is this human seriously injured this time?

Soon, Han Fei stuck out his head and both hands, all dripping with blood .

Master Hexagon, help… I think I’m going to die, Han Fei pleaded .

Why is your skin gone?

It’s so horrible inside . Hurry up, give me the spiritual spring .

Even the Hexagon Starfish was horrified! Han Fei seems to be seriously injured indeed, and this time he came out in only one hour . Is there something different inside this gate?

Finally, Han Fei crawled out of the gate, blood staining along the way .

At this time, a mass of the spiritual spring appeared above Han Fei’s head . The Hexagon Starfish didn’t want Han Fei to die . He had already passed four gates with only one left . If he died, the spiritual spring he accumulated for one hundred years would be wasted, not to mention that the seal had not yet been broken .

Han Fei sucked the spiritual spring in big gulps, and every time he sucked, the skin on his body regenerated a bit, and his bloody body was recovering at a rate visible to the naked eye .

It wasn’t until the entire mass of spiritual energy had been sucked up by him that most of his injuries recovered .

Han Fei looked at his 240,000 points of spiritual energy with satisfaction . This big starfish was really generous this time . He gave me 100,000 points of spiritual energy!

But on the surface, Han Fei finally struggled up from the ground, staggering, as if he could fall at any time .

Han Fei wore a worried expression . Master Hexagon, I feel the last gate will be a bit difficult . I’m afraid I can’t get past it!

Human, no hurry . I can wait .

Han Fei was realizing how much time was passing . But I can’t! Hundreds of my men are waiting for me to return . Their children are wailing and their parents are waiting for them to feed them . If I don’t go back, they will all die .

The Hexagon Starfish remained silent for a while . How about taking something from my treasury again?

Han Fei snorted and secretly thought to himself, Your good stuff has all been robbed . How can you call it treasure? It should be called a garbage dump .

Master Hexagon, I think if you can give me another 100,000 points of spiritual energy and help me return to my peak state, maybe I can pass the last gate .

The Hexagon Starfish fell silent for a moment before questioning, Human, you hurt yourself, didn’t you?

Han Fei was shocked . Could this guy see the situation in the gate? Did he discover I learned the Indestructible Body Art? No, no, if he did find out, why did he still give me 100,000 points of spiritual energy?

Han Fei looked indignant . Are you suspecting me? I worked my butt off for you . How can you doubt me? Do you know what’s in the gate? Three hundred fire-breathing big fish! Look at my skin! It’s all burnt out . Think about it, what would happen if your skin was gone?

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The Hexagon Starfish stated, But you want too much spiritual energy . In just a few days, you spent 100 years of my savings . How could a human need so much spiritual energy?

I’m not an ordinary person . I tell you that there is a ten-thousand-year-old grandpa hidden in my body . Do you think it’s me who needs so much spiritual energy? No, I borrowed his power to pass the four gates in a row . Do you think just a few hundred thousand points of spiritual energy is enough to invite a 10,000-year-old guy to help you?

Looking at Han Fei’s sincere and sad face, the Hexagon Starfish thought for a while . There does seem to be something in your body . Otherwise, your body would have exploded with only thousands of points of spiritual energy, let alone hundreds of thousands of points . But can I see the one in your body?

He is in my soul . How can you see him? If you can give me 150,000 points more, I can show you his strength .

Han Fei staggered and seemed to almost fall at any time . Come on, give it to me . Then I will show you Rage, he thought to himself .

In the end, another big mass of spiritual energy appeared above Han Fei’s head .

The Hexagon Starfish was annoyed . That’s all I have . I can give you no more . Otherwise, I will be killed by other mysterious or legendary creatures even if I go out .

Han Fei didn’t mind . It’s okay . Let me eat these 100,000 points first .

After a while, Han Fei looked at his data .

: Han Fei

16 (Junior Fishing Master)

340,006 (799)

Level Three, High Quality (Upgradable)

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

: Purple Bamboo Rod

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: The Second Volume of “Void Fishing”—-“Hook God” (Mysterious Level, Divine Quality)

Han Fei estimated that he would not get any more of the spiritual spring, but he remembered that he was ‘seriously injured’, so he hurriedly sat down and his skin grew back again . After a while, he was intact .

Han Fei twisted his neck and made snapping sounds . His momentum suddenly skyrocketed and he exclaimed, It feels so good to have the spiritual spring . Master Hexagon, I’ve recovered . I’m going into the last gate .

Don’t you need to cultivate a bit? According to your situation just now, the last gate may be very difficult for you .

Han Fei said solemnly, Master Hexagon, you can rest assured . I’m a kind-hearted person . I can’t bear to see you suffer more than 300 years in this abyss of misery, so I can’t wait any longer . Wait for me .

The Hexagon Starfish kept blinking his six big eyes . Is this human really a kind-hearted person? Why do I feel something is wrong?

But Han Fei entered the fifth and the last gate with a stick and no hesitation .

As soon as he entered the gate, he made a precautionary stance and immediately looked back, only to find nothing and even the seawater was no different from ordinary seawater .

He saw a stone table in the middle of the space from a distance .

Huh? Strange! How can Ren Tianfei be so nice to me? Is there really no danger in this gate?

Han Fei walked tentatively towards the stone table step by step . After a while, when he made sure that there was really no danger, he quickly walked over .

There were some papers on the stone table, as well as two stones, one black and one purple .

Han Fei looked down, and there were four big words on the paper, “To My Dear Disciple . ”

“F*ck off! I’m not your disciple! Who do you think you are? You almost had me killed! I don’t want you to be my master…”