God of Fishing - Chapter 111

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Chapter 111

Han Fei was quickly surrounded by a group of members of The Fish Dragons, but everyone was wary . This fatty seemed to be quite strong .

 Han Fei shouted, “Hey! Can’t you recognize who I am?”

 One member shouted, “No matter who you are, you’ve gotta behave yourself here . Besides, we don’t have such a fat person in the entire Heavenly Water Village . Are you a spy from another village?”

 Han Fei pulled the fat on his face aside with difficulty . “Now can you recognize me?”


 The members were all stunned . They seemed to find something horrible .

 “Le… Le, leader?”

 Han Fei asked, “Did you just find out it was me? Do you want to revolt?”

 “Gosh, Leader… How you’ve changed!”

 “Young Master, what happened to you?”

 After a while, Li Gan, Li Gang, and Li Qing all came back . When they saw Han Fei, they couldn’t believe their eyes . Li Gang even stuck out his belly and patted it .  Oh, I’m no match for Young Master in the figure! I’m almost skinny compared to him!

 Han Fei pointed to Li Gang angrily . “Li Gang, hold your belly back!”

 Li Gang: “???”

 “During the more than half month since I left, has anyone asked for me?”

 Li Gang replied, “Young Master, the village leader has looked for you, so have those people who you took to our hot pot restaurant for dinner last time . But they all thought you went to the mixed zone to cultivate . ”

 Han Fei was puzzled . “Didn’t anyone ask why I hadn’t come back for half a month?”

 Li Gang scratched his head and said, “Well, the two female fishing masters said you must be fine, saying that the mixed zone was not dangerous for you at all . ”

 Han Fei: “…”

 Han Fei didn’t want to speak . He waved his hand . “Okay, go about your own business! I have to go to the plantation…”

 It was getting dark . Han Fei thought that he should quickly turn to Old Jiang for help . Perhaps in the entire Heavenly Water Village, only he could help him lose weight .


 Old Jiang and Jiang Qin had just cooked their meal . Jiang Qin brought a bunch of barbecue from the barbecue stall . Old Jiang was fiddling with the hot pot .

 Old Jiang frowned . “Why can’t I make it so delicious like that kid could?”

 Jiang Qin simply stated, “This may be his talent . ”

 “I don’t know where the damn little b*stard went . Does he think he is invincible? How dare he go to sea alone… Come on, let’s eat . ”

 Jiang Old Man had just drank three glasses of liquor and Jiang Qin had just eaten a small piece of roasted sea mussel with her hand when they saw a huge meatball rolling in .

 “Hey! Fatty, who the hell are you?”

 “Grandpa, help!”


 “Cough, cough… Cough, cough…”

 Jiang Old Man immediately spewed out the liquor in his mouth and Jiang Qin choked . Their eyes almost popped out . What the hell! Why did this meatball have Han Fei’s voice?

 Han Fei bounced in and every step he made, the ground trembled .

 Old Jiang gasped . “Han Fei?”

 “Can’t you recognize me? Grandpa, do you have a way to help me lose weight? You must have, right?”

 Jiang Qin was shocked . “Han Fei, how did you become a big fatty?”

 Old Jiang mocked him, “Is this just a fatty? This is clearly a ball… But how did you become like this, Han Fei?”

 Han Fei had made up his lie earlier . He said sadly, “I was practicing in the mixed area and found that fishing is not enough to satisfy me anymore . So I went into the sea but the seabed was really dangerous . I got chased by a school of fish, so I tried to run away and accidentally swam into a sea grotto, and suddenly the water in the grotto turned red and I felt as if I was roasted . When I woke up, I became like this… Grandpa, can I still be thin again?”

 Jiang Qin narrowed her eyes . “Seabed grotto?”

 Old Jiang narrowed his eyes too . “Red seawater?”

 “Yes! That red silk penetrated into my body like spiritual energy . ”

 Old Jiang questioned, “Then how do you feel? Do you feel anything wrong in your body?”

 So the old man does know what it is! Han Fei quickly said, “Grandpa, there is a ball in my Dantian, which is mixed with my spiritual energy . ”

 Jiang Qin was still at a loss, but Old Jiang took a deep breath and muttered, “Impossible! How could Candle Dragon Blood appear there?”

 Han Fei looked panicked . “Grandpa, what is Candle Dragon Blood?”

 Old Jiang’s face became serious . “This is just something rumored, I have never seen it . But according to your description, there should be a drop of candle dragon blood in that place, which was accidentally absorbed by you… No, if it is really Candle Dragon Blood, your body should have exploded . Why did you only become fat?”

 Han Fei: “???”

 Han Fei was shocked . So ordinary people would explode after absorbing the red seawater?! Although he did feel he was about to explode at that time, he survived in the end .

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 Old Jiang instructed, “Qin, punch him in the stomach with the power of a junior great fishing master . ”

 Han Fei was astonished . “Huh?”


 Han Fei rolled seven or eight times on the ground, then stood up ten meters away and scratched his head . “Grandpa, why did you ask Sister Qin to beat me?”

 But Jiang Qin was stunned . “Why has your body become so sturdy?”

 “Is it? Well, it seems to be sturdier!”

 Jiang Qin: “…”

 Old Jiang’s eyes flickered . “It seems that you will remain fat for some time . ”


 Han Fei pleaded, “Is there really nothing you can do to help me, Grandpa? How can I go out to meet people?”

 Old Jiang sneered, “What’s wrong with being fat? This is your bliss . If becoming fat can make a fishing master’s body so strong, I swear that the Heavenly Water Village would be full of fatties . ”

 Han Fei didn’t accept this . “…How soon can I lose weight?”

 “You have a huge energy backlog in your body . When this energy is exhausted, you’ll lose weight . ”

 Han Fei’s eyes lit up . “How can I exhaust it?”

 “Well! Every time you make a breakthrough, the greater the body’s ability to withstand energy and the more energy will be consumed . So, every time you make a breakthrough, you will lose some weight . As for the specific level at which you can be thin again, I think when you become a peak-level great fishing master, you may lose half of your weight . ”


 Han Fei was speechless .  So I will only lose half of my weight when I become a peak-level great fishing master? But I’d still be a fatty after losing half of my weight!

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 Old Jiang clicked his tongue . “If you continue to study to be a soul warrior, you might be thinner . ”

 Han Fei immediately turned to Jiang Qin . “Sister Qin, can I continue studying?”

 “Sure, but from now on, you’ll have to stay on the plantation for at least 20 days a month . If you agree, you’d better complete your task in the level-one fishery tomorrow, and then come back quickly so that you can spend the entire next month in the plantation,” she agreed .

 Han Fei scratched his belly . “Okay, let’s eat first!”

 Old Jiang shouted angrily . “You are so fat . Why do you still need to eat?”

 Han Fei shouted back, “I haven’t eaten for half a month . A hot pot meal shouldn’t make me fatter . ”

 Yes, Han Fei kind of gave up on himself now . It seemed that it was impossible for him to lose weight in a short time . He decided to turn his grief into appetite .


 The third day, the home of the village leader .

 “Poof… Are you Han Fei?”

 Distressed, Han Fei re-told the story, but the village leader was amazed . “God! This is Sea God’s gift to you . Han Fei, you are so lucky! We haven’t had another one as lucky as you in the Heavenly Water Village for 100 years except for Tang Ge!”

 “Hoho! Grandpa Leader, can you please not be so dramatic? I want to ask where Uncle Cao Fei and the others are, and I want to ask them to go to the level-one fishery with me . ”

 “Oh! They had set off the day before yesterday, but the two girls Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling haven’t . You can ask them to go with you . ”

 “Not girls, OK?”

 “Relax, even if you were not so fat, you are only 12 years old and they will not be interested in you!”

 Han Fei: “…”