God of Fishing - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114

Han Fei wanted to reach out and scratch his head, only to find that he was too fat to do it now, so he scratched his stomach and asked blankly, “That’s a fish, and it’s swimming in the sea . How can we catch it?”

 1Han Fei certainly knew the Treasure Digging Fish that was also called Squirrel Fish . It was the slyest fish in the level-one fishery . It was called a Treasure Digging Fish because it had a big bump on its head, in which there was a piece of treasure . Sometimes it was a spiritual bead, sometimes a piece of refining material, sometimes a spiritual fruit, and it was said that someone even dug out a cultivation art from a Treasure Digging Fish’s head .

 But in any case, this fish was quite difficult to catch . Han Fei thought the fish was provoking them by hopping on the sea’s surface .

 Chen Jia’er asked, “Do you think that fishing rod is only used for fishing? A strong person can do anything with his fishing rod . In legends, heroes can catch all the fishes within a thousand miles with a wave of his fishing rod . ”

 Han Fei replied, “Those are just legends . ”

 But Han Fei thought that it was not impossible . If someone could move floating islands, what Chen Jia’er said was possible too .

 Chen Ling immediately said to the people from the Heavenly Fire Village, “Hey, set sail and leave now . Do not stand in our way . ”

 The people from the Heavenly Fire Village hesitated . That was a Treasure Digging Fish! A rare fish that they hadn’t even seen before! Now they had finally met one, but they had no chance to touch it!

 But the two fishing boats from the Heavenly Fire Village still took off right away . They certainly wanted that rare fish, but their lives were more valuable! Besides, it wasn’t certain that this Treasure Digging Fish had a treasure in its head, not to mention that Han Fei might not be able to catch this fish .

 Han Fei scratched his belly again and said, “Remember to side with us next time! Otherwise, I’ll throw you into the sea to feed the fish . ”

 Everyone: “…”

 Han Fei muttered, “What a pity . I liked that guy, Ding Yu . ”

 Chen Jia’er and Chen Ling: “???”

 They set sail .

 Chen Jia’er operated the fishing boat and shouted, “Chase! Ling, you’ve mastered Instant Hook better than me . You try first . ”

 Neither of them counted Han Fei in . Although Han Fei learned fishing skills quickly, this was only his second time at the level-one fishery . Han Fei could only serve as a navigator .

 “300 meters forward… No, 50 meters to the right… Wow, the fish is so fast, chase it in a straight line… Turn the corner and accelerate…”

 Chen Jiaer’s face was all black, and she shouted, “Shut up, there is no ‘corner’ in the sea!”

 Han Fei scratched his belly . “Don’t you think that the fish has always been a hundred meters away from us?”


 Chen Ling’s fishing rod flashed and she threw the fishing line a hundred meters away, but this speed was still too slow . Her hook was always 20 meters away from the Treasure Digging Fish .

 “You’re too slow . This fish is teasing us . Yes, he is bullying us,” Han Fei observed .

 Chen Ling stared at Han Fei and gritted her teeth . This was the sixth time she cast her fishing hook but she failed again .

 Han Fei thought it impossible to count on the girls to catch the fish especially since he had a feeling that this fish was teasing them .

 Han Fei sat down on the boat . With a flash between his eyebrows, Little Black and Little White came out . Little White kissed Han Fei’s face and spat out a mass of spiritual energy .

 Chen Jia’er had given up, so she quipped, “Hey! Han Fei, can your Spirit Swallowing Fish feed you spiritual energy?”

 “Yes! Occasionally, provided that you feed it with spiritual energy first . ”

 Chen Ling made a funny face . “Then what’s the point?”

 “The spiritual energy can be purified and condensed . ”

 When Han Fei said this, an idea popped up in his mind . “Little Black, catch that damn fish . Don’t bite it to death though . ”

 Just then, Chen Ling threw the fishing hook again but still missed .

 Han Fei asked, “Are we in the middle of the level-one fishery? I saw fishing boats . ”

 Chen Jia’er looked at the dark shadows in the distance and frowned . “Damn! Fine, Ling, let’s give up…”

 “Wait a minute . We’ve chased it all the way here . How can we just let it go?”

 Han Fei lunged to his feet . “Ok, let me have a try . I’ve given you girls the opportunity, but you just can’t catch this fish . ”

 Han Fei injected his spiritual energy into the fishing line of the Black Iron Rod . Chen Jia’er thought to herself, Ok, if you want to have a try, try! Anyway, it won’t take us long .

 “Wow! You got it!” Chen Ling exclaimed . She failed after trying 7 times, but Han Fei had caught it so easily? What a shame!

 Chen Jia’er was also startled . Were her eyes dazzled? Did Han Fei catch the fish by a fluke?

 Although the fish wasn’t caught by them, the two girls were still very happy . After all, Han Fei was from the same village as them .

 Han Fei retracted the fishing line and the Treasure Digging Fish didn’t struggle at all but was dragged to the boat like a dead fish . As soon as it was taken onto the boat, Chen Jia’er started the boat . She looked at the big fish in Han Fei’s hand from time to time as she steered the fishing boat .

 Han Fei touched the bump in the fish’s head and knocked on it while the fish was flopping about in a panic .


 Han Fei stunned it with a slap, thinking whether he should break open the bump on its head or throw it into the Demon Purification Pot to accompany the mutant Mantis Shrimp King .

 Chen Ling inspected the fish . “Huh? This Treasure Digging Fish has been bitten . Look, a piece of meat is missing from its back . ”

 Han Fei thought of a quick explanation . “Yes! Otherwise, why did it jump out of the sea?”

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 With that, Han Fei glanced at Little Black whose mouth bulged . It must’ve been him who bit the fish .

 Chen Jia’er was eager to see the treasure . “Little Brother Han Fei, do you want to break open the bump on the fish’s head?”

 “Will it die if we open it?”

 “No, but it will lose its value . Once the Treasure Digging Fish loses the treasure bag on its head, it will change from a rare fish to an ordinary one . ”

 “Then… I think I’d better not open it!”

 The two girls both nodded . After all, this was a rare fish . Although it didn’t have much combat power, it might have treasure hunting capability . Many people tried to find a Treasure Digging Fish to sign a contract with but couldn’t find any, but Han Fei had caught one so easily .

 Chen Ling agreed . “Alright, you can make it your contractual spiritual fish, but unfortunately we missed this opportunity . There must be few fishing masters who haven’t got a contractual spiritual fish in the Heavenly Water Village . ”

 Chen Jia’er added, “It is not suitable to sign a contract here . Someone must have seen us catch the fish . I suspect a fishing boat might be following us . ”

 However, Han Fei didn’t want to sign a contract with this fish .  If I have the ability of refining monsters, why do I need to sign a contract with them?

 Han Fei thought of an idea . “Then I’ll take it home first . This fish is so ugly . Maybe I’ll still knock its head open . ”

 Chen Jia’er steered the fishing boat forward more than 300 miles before stopping it . Then she asked Han Fei with a smile, “Little Brother Han Fei, are you always a lucky boy?”

 Han Fei shook his head . “No, instead of luck, I rely on strength . ”

 Chen Jia’er curled her lips .  Strength? Do you think we don’t know what happened to you? Until now, apart from the fact that you killed Li Jue, everything else you’ve achieved was because of Tang Ge .


 Just as they all relaxed, suddenly five rays of spiritual energy shot down from the sky .

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 Chen Jia’er shouted, “Not good . Fishing hooks!”


 A green light shot through Chen Jia’er in a flash . Han Fei saw it clearly . It was an arrow that directly penetrated Chen Jia’er’s left shoulder and nailed her to the deck .


 Then Han Fei saw four or five figures jumping down from the sky, and one of them was already prepared to launch a spiritual energy explosion attack .

 “Watch out, Sister Ling!”

 Han Fei’s face changed suddenly . His fat body jumped forward like a tiger and shielded Chen Ling behind him with his body .


 “Han Fei…”

 Chen Ling was flabbergasted . She knew that Han Fei had a strong defense power, but wouldn’t he be injured if he blocked this attack with his body?

 However, before she figured it out, Han Fei had pushed her away, and she saw a smile hovering on Han Fei’s lips .

 The man attacking Han Fei seemed to be surprised . They had paid attention to this fatty for a long time, but he didn’t understand how this fatty could be so agile?

 The man only felt two cold lights flash past his eyes, and at the next moment he heard a scream from behind . “Dodge that fatty . ”

 Han Fei sneered, “Dodge? Let me teach you a lesson!”